The doctor said my toddler needs to gain weight. How can I get her to eat more?

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if you've been to the doctor and been

told that your child needs to gain

weight there's nothing more stressful

than that especially when all you can

say to the doctor is that every single

meal turns into a fight and this is

really common for kids who are between

the ages of 2 & 5 for many different

reasons and it becomes a challenge for

the doctor and the parents to decide if

there's an underlying medical condition

associated with the with the inability

to gain weight or if it's just like an

environmental factor or psychosocial

issue or if there's just a little bit of

behavior modification that's needed to

get the child to eat better but

nonetheless if you leave the doctor's

office being told that it's very

frustrating if you have a toddler who

doesn't like to eat and refuses certain

things and gets fixated on different

foods and will eat breakfast but not

lunch and dinner know that your toddler

is normal those are normal behaviors but

of course if your child isn't gaining

weight then you're very concerned

examine what mealtime is like at your

house maybe there's a few things that

you could modify things that could be

changed in order to increase the desire

of your child to eat

for example kids get very distracted

especially young toddlers and so turn

off the TV get rid of all distractions

and have your young kids sit down with

you at the table and eat when you eat

give them a plate a fork and a knife and

a spoon and encourage them to eat with

you and encourage them to also eat the

foods that you're eating offer a wide

variety of colors textures and tastes

and do know that toddlers often need

eight to ten introductions to food

before their actions before they'll

actually eat it and sometimes even more

than that so if your child refuses it

and refuses it again that's normal but

just keep giving it and at the end of

the day all you can do is offer healthy

options and your children are going to

decide how much they're going to eat and

what they're going to eat there are

things however that you can add to your

child's meals in order to bump up the

caloric intake and hopefully help your

child gain weight as an example a few

things include margarine butter honey

syrups gravies creams even ice cream

after dinner cheese peanut butter and

avocados these all contain a lot of fat

and a lot of calories which for a child

who needs to

wait this is very important so often

things that we as adults think are bad

but for your child it could be very

important for them to eat these types of


there's also commercially prepared

formulas and puddings and preparations

that you can give your child especially

if it's been recommended by your

pediatrician and of course whole milk is

a good option encourage whole milk with

meals because it's full of calories and


if offering these things over time isn't

making a difference or you feel like

your child is refusing these things talk

with your pediatrician again and see if

they have any other recommendations but

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