How to Get Your Newborn Baby to Sleep Through The Night! | Experience with Sleep Training Baby #2

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so a

couple of years ago actually it's

probably been more than that maybe like

three years ago I did a sleep training

video which I will link down below for

you but a lot of you have been asking me

since then to do an updated video with

my daughter baby number two so I did the

routine again exactly like it with

Camden however they are like total

opposite kiddos so I totally had to kind

of change a few things

than I did with Camden she is just

totally different than he was so there's

a few things that I did differently

so I just kind of wanted to share my

experience with you on how I sleep

trained my daughter even though now

she's a year and a half I'm finally

getting around to this video so I hope

that you will enjoy it and be getting

your babies to sleep all night very soon

so if you've watched my first sleep

training video that I did a few years

back you know it was based off the book

of the 12 hour sleep by 12 weeks old and

a lot of people had some varied opinions

about this I was kind of surprised

because originally I just did the video

because so many people were asking me

how did you get your baby to sleep at

night that's awesome so I just decided

to make a video about it and share it

with others that we're looking to get

relief on getting their babies to sleep

at night but I also along with that I

have a lot of people that want some

strong opinions about sleep training and

how terrible it is for your baby and

this and that so if you are one of those

people that's against sleep training in

this video is not for you I'm strictly

helping people who are trying to get

their baby to sleep at night and I did

not write this book it's just what I did

with both of my babies and some things

were different so again I'm just trying

to help all of the moms out there that

are needing some sleep okay so like I

said brinly is totally different than

Camden was as a baby and still is she is

more of like a snacker as a baby she

would just want to snack every late

two to three hours whereas Camden he was

just happy as long as he was full he was

chill her not too much used a little

sassy and different so it was

interesting to see how the sleep

training varied from both of my babies

Camden was naturally just a better

sleeper at night from the start

where Brinley wasn't we really had to

work at it and you know work on the

training with her to get her to sleep at


so pretty much Brinley after she was

born from birth to about four weeks she

would just want to eat every two to

three hours as do most babies but it was

literally on the dot every two to three

hours I mean she was ready to eat so

that was a little bit different whereas

Kinmen he would eat more at each meal

and you know then be satisfied for a

longer in between also around for weeks

she would cluster feed so bad in the

evenings and in the book 12 hours sleep

by 12 weeks old which I faced my other

slip training video on which I will also

link down below you know it would say

don't feed more often than every two to

three hours well with friendly-like we

had two so that is definitely something

that I changed with Camden you know I

stayed pretty much to the book as much

as possible and with her

I let her cluster feed as much as she

needed to in the evenings because she

would get a little crazy by six weeks

old four friendly she was still up like

every two to three hours at night

wanting to eat so you know there are

different growth spurts they go through

as well but she she was up every two to

three hours at night ready to eat and

she would have some longer stretches at

6 weeks here and there but for the most

part like it was pretty consistently

every 2 to 3 hours so by eight and a

half weeks she was sleeping 7 and a half

hour stretches or so and just down to

one night time feeding and it was

usually around 2:00 or 3:00 in the

morning so she had gotten a lot better

by this point so every night at that

point with her that one night time

feeding I would just make sure that her

nighttime feeding was never earlier than

it was the night before so example you

know she ate at 2:30 a.m.

night the next night she was not allowed

to eat earlier than 2:30 a.m. we would

push you know as closer you know even to

45 or 3 if we could if she was waking I

would just go in her room and kind of

use the night time toolbox that they

talked about in the book to soothe her

so I would just give her a posse patter

tummy or forehead anything to kind of

soothe her back to sleep and push her as

long as we could also at this time

around eight and a half weeks old she

would usually wait around 6:15 in the

morning like ready to eat for her

scheduled feeding we did schedule

feedings at 7 a.m. 11 a.m. 3 p.m. and 7


so that was her eating schedule that we

established at 8 weeks old so when she

woke at 6:15 a.m. and wasn't supposed to

eat you know her first bottle until 7

a.m. I would just go in and give her the

Pasi and try to soothe her you know

powder tummy her forehead rub her

shush her the shushing was always

awesome always helped but you know I

would just sometimes have to do that

like every 10 minutes or so to get as

close as we could to 7 a.m. and then go

ahead and start her first daytime

feeding so what's the daytime feedings

after 8 weeks old that's when you

establish your feeding schedule like I

mentioned our times that we established

before starting at 7 a.m. their target

free time should be every 4 hours which

was so easy with Camden I mean he he was

always hungry but I like he had no

problem kind of stretching to that every

four hours so he would eat every four

hours on the dot Brittany we couldn't do

that she would sometimes go you know

even sometimes three hours three and a

half usually it was around three and a

half so she just couldn't make it to

that four hour time and that's fine and

I feel like all babies are different and

you have to do what's best for your baby

so no matter what just listen to your

baby's cues and what you feel is best

for your baby so that's what we did we

would just feed around every you know

three and a half hours or so instead of

every four hours but sometimes you know

times that she would make it to the four

hour mark no problem so we kind of just

have a loose schedule

we were very lacks about the daytime

feedings and especially you know having

a second child it was very hard for me

to get lunch for my toddler son ready

while you know feeding my daughter too

so you know we just kind of rolled with

it and did the best that I could

so when Berlin is ten and a half weeks

old that's when she had her very first

12 hour stretch at night with no

feedings and after a while you know this

like that two-week span she just kind of

gradually dropped it on her own and we

just decreased the feedings as we went I

at this point I did still have to go in

and soothe her a few times so she wasn't

you know I I was still going in her room

at this point to soothe her she wasn't

just sleeping solid she would just kind

of wake up and stir a little bit so I go

in and give her her Pasi before she

escalated to a full-blown cry and soothe

her and she'd go back to sleep so it was

around this time around like three

months old she was eating about five to

six ounces at all of her daytime

feedings and then her last bottle before

but she would eat about eight ounces

canden always ate more than her so I

think maybe that's why he was always

more chill and happy and satisfied where

she you know she doesn't want to eat

that much at each feeding she would

always eat more before bed because she

knew you know it'd be the full night

before she would eat again also really

never really liked to swallow much so we

just used a sleep sack one of those

muslin sleep sacks I'll link one down

below for you too we use that with kim

yuna as well but not until much later

she just was not a fan of the swaddle

so around twelve to twelve and a half

weeks is when Brinley finally slept

through the night and I didn't have to

go in her room so by that point I was

finally all my hard work had paid off

and I was getting some good rest finally

so we didn't establish the daytime nap

schedules until around four months where

they should be sleeping one hour in the

morning and around two hours in the

afternoon but she would always sleep

more than that and came in did too for a

while it took us a while well after four

months until they were like strict on a


that and at this point - she would

always take a little catnap after her

third feeding look about an hour after

her third feeding she take a little

catnap which you know in the book it

says to keep them awake and active well

like when I'm in the kitchen trying to

cook dinner for everyone else it's hard

so she would always take a catnap and I

felt like it you know whatever whatever

kids your baby happy that's what you

should do

also at this point most of her naps

during the day were actually in the

swing she was not a fan of laying on her

back either she was very particular

about that as well so I just let her nap

in the swing that kept her happy and

that was fine at this point until later

down the road we established a strict

you know naptime routine where she would

nap in her bed once she finally got more

comfortable laying on her back so

bedtime routine every night I

established a strict bedtime routine

that I also did with Camden so that was

pretty much the same every night I would

start at about 30 minutes before the

last scheduled feed of the evening

before bed so I would go in her room

turn on her Baby Einstein music player

which I also use for Camden and I'll

link that below because you need one it

was so helpful and I still use it for

both kids to this day I feel like it

just helps relax them and kind of set

the tone for getting ready for bed if it

was a bath night then I go ahead and

give her a bath first before going in

her room and turning on her music I

always use nighttime diapers I feel like

they definitely help keep them a little

more dry and comfortable through the

night - so with friendly I'd always put

her down in like a slumber like state

after she would finish her bottle you

know I would rock her just for maybe a

minute at the most and then lay her down

in her crib and sometimes as soon as I

walked out of her room she'd start

fussing again so sometimes I'd have to

go right back in and soothe her or if

she didn't finish her bottle she would

do that a lot - just totally different

than Camden so I would have to let her

try to finish the rest of her bottle if

that's what she wanted or give her her

posse and just kind of rub her back and

soothe her and then she would chill out

and go to sleep

whereas with Camden he would

literally slam his bottle laying down he

was out but him being my first baby I

did rock him a lot you know now I

enjoyed it having two babies it's

totally different I'm like okay gotta

get you down girlfriend so I can go get

Camden down and deal with him so it's

totally different when you have two

babies I think so soothing at night so

this is where I feel like I really wish

I would have had the baby whispers sleep

aid back then when Brendan was a baby

because I would have come in so handy

and if you don't know what that is I'll

link my video on that down below but it

basically it has a cry sincer that will

sense your baby's cry and it

automatically go off and play your

recorded message to sue their baby back

to sleep pretty cool so I feel like I

could have used that so much but anyway

back then when I didn't have that I

would just have to go in her room and I

would let her cry a little bit but I

would never let it escalate into like a

full-blown cry so I could kind of sense

when she was getting to that point and I

was running her room also because I

didn't want her to wake candan up who

was down the hall maybe number two

problems and you know give her the posse

and I always like to just kind of place

my hand firmly on her tummy and then

like rub her forehead while she's on her

back though I thought that it was kind

of helped soothe her give her her posse

shush her tell her it's okay just kind

of whisper and tell her that it's okay

and that would always kind of help but

again sometimes I you know I would be in

and out of her room quite a bit

sometimes so for a daytime sleep with

friendly I would let her never go more

than thirty minutes past her scheduled

feeding time so meaning you know if her

target feed time is three o'clock but

she's still napping I would just let her

sleep I'd let her go to like 3:30 and

then you know maybe fiour then whereas

with Camden like I said I was pretty

much on the dot on the scheduled feeding

wise with him so I'd always kind of wake

him up with her like she was just a

little more all over the place and I

just kind of followed her cues and I

think that kind of worked better rather

than forcing her to get up right when

it's time to eat so again you know it's

best for your baby and

what you should do so again Brendon was

just a bad sleeper honestly from the

beginning from birth so she was just

totally opposite than Camden and still

is so for sleep training it just took a

lot of consistency and sticking with it

and you will get there you know like I

said she was just a lot harder than he

was so if you are trying to get some

rest with your baby just hang in there

keep at it you know it's best for your

baby so that's what you should do like

don't feel pressure to stick to a strict

schedule of every four hours or whatever

like just go with it roll with it do

what your baby needs and what's best for

you so I hope that this video really

helps you guys out and get some good

rest with your babies so if you like

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bringing you videos like these thank you

so much for watching get some rest and I

will see you in my next video