HELP! My Newborn Won't Poop? | Dr. Paul

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do you have any questions at this point

um she had a little bit of

constipation um a couple days ago

i think she worked it out we had like

gas relief drops and gripe water but i

was just

is there anything else because we tried

working the feed and

pressing the abdomen so when you say

constipation you're meaning that she

just wasn't going

okay so that's a great thing to discuss

newborn babies

at first they have that thick tar stuff

what we call meconium

yeah and you're gonna pass one two three

four stools like that and then it starts

turning greenish

and then eventually it starts turning

yellowish with

little flecks of cottage cheese

and then what happens is so

you can go from having 10 or 12 watery

yellowish stools a day

to maybe once a week and what happens is

when you're just giving breast milk

which is what you want to do

the breast milk is so completely

absorbed there's nothing left to come


the other thing that can happen is you

know they were fed through the umbilical


for nine months and then at birth you're

disconnected and you said here you got

to eat through your mouth now

yeah and so the intestinal tract is

getting used to

this need to move things along and

sometimes things will back up a little


right and so do you have a little

blankie i could borrow

what i wanted to show you was um

sometimes when they're having a hard

time moving things along

all right honey it's okay it's okay are

you hungry is that what the problem is

yeah so this up and down back and forth

called the new parent dance

yeah and you support their head and i'm


holding the the bottom there to support

weight and

usually they'll settle down yeah right

so if they're having a hard time moving


milk through the intestinal tract

they'll periodically maybe i think the

the intestines get a little distended

and then they'll just like draw their

legs up and scream

yeah um this is the solution for that

okay okay have you figured this one out

yet nope nope

will we fit on a yoga ball and we found

try that

yeah so with my first grandson i only

have one grandson

um ten kids only one grandson so i

thought i'm gonna be really sneaky right

so you see how we're sort of doing okay

here yeah so i was tired i'd worked all


grandson comes home and he's fussy i

thought oh i'm

i'm smart i can cheat i'm gonna sit down

and bounce this little kid on my

leg it didn't work now in this case

we're doing okay

but sometimes it's just i don't know you

have to have the

the the back and forth and the up and


yeah i know the other so i wouldn't

worry about

how frequent the bowel movements are

okay long story short it

it's just that it looks soft right if

it's coming out

hard clay or little pebbles that's


okay but otherwise it's just normal

they're trying to

work it out gotcha yeah