How can I help my infant with constipation?

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your normal if you've just had a baby

and you obsess about the number of poopy

diapers your baby's having and sometimes

constipation is a concern you wonder if

what you're seeing is normal or not and

typically speaking of breastfed baby

will have many bowel movements each day

during the first month of life they

typically eat and poop and eat and poop

but as they get older maybe around three

or four months of age they may go

several days or even a week without

having a bowel movement because they're

using every single drop that they eat to

grow and so there's not much leftover

formula-fed babies typically have about

one bowel movement per day but again it

can vary slightly from baby to baby and

still be normal

signs of constipation include a dramatic

change the number of bowel movements

that you're seeing excessively hard

stool or if it's coming out in like

little pebbles babies who are

constipated also tend to be a little

more Spiti and fussy than usual and may

try for ten minutes to have a bowel

movement without success so if you're

seeing these signs and your baby may

truly be constipated and if your baby's

younger than three months of age I first

of all suggest calling the pediatrician

and talking to them about it because one

of the things you have to consider

especially for a brand-new baby during

the first month of life is that if

you're not seeing a lot of bowel

movements it may be because they're not

getting enough to eat so the

pediatrician will talk to you asking

more specific questions about your baby

and their routine how much they're

eating what kind of output you're seeing

and then give you tailored information

and advice about what you need to do

from that point going forward if a baby

truly is constipated some pediatricians

recommend one to two teaspoons of corn

syrup daily until the baby stools loosen

and sometimes they recommend apple or

pear juice and it's typically in one

ounce per every month of life up to four

months for example a two month old we

get two ounces per day of apple or prune

juice until it starts loosening the

stool once a baby is eating solid food

then you can try the good old standby

prunes which often get that gets

everything flowing well again and just

by simply making a few diet changes it

may help relieve the constipation but

again talk with your pediatrician before

Chinese things so that they can make

sure it's the right solution for your

baby good luck with everything

if you have more questions in the future

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