How to Make Dogs Get Along and Like Each Other

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my name is Samantha these are our dogs

molly is the beagle and it is the lab

and you can tell that they get along

very well how to get two dogs to get

along it can be tricky but it's not

impossible so if you want your notes to

get along like Sadie and I there are a

few things you can do first of all

introduce your dogs properly and I have

done a video guide for introducing pets

that you can watch if you click the link

below this video it will take you to my

written guide and there's information

there on introducing dogs properly

basically the gist of that is don't just

put them together and hope that

everybody gets along take your time go

slow both dogs should be introduced a

neutral territory on a leash so they

have time to get used to each other

before they're just allowed to run

together and play the biggest thing that

I can tell people who are trying to have

two dogs to get along is to be calm

yourself if you're anxious if you're

nervous when the dogs get together

they're gonna feed off that and think

that there's a reason that they should

be nervous or anxious and that's going

to fuel the fire so you want to try and

stay calm and relaxed yourself so that

they stay calm and relaxed with

remaining calm you also need to try not

to think about the next fight that's

coming a lot of owners get stressed out

about that and they think that the next

fight is coming every time the dogs get

close together very anxiety goes up the

dogs anxiety goes up because they think

there's a reason to be anxious and

nervous and upset and that just leads to

a problem so don't anticipate the next

fight try to move on and move forward

with everything my third tip would be to

try to figure out what's going on why

are the dogs fighting is a territorial

issue with your you know first dog that

had been in your home for a long time

you know is aggressive towards a new dog

coming in is it a respect issue are they

both really dominant dogs it might be

food aggression you know there are lots

of reasons why dogs will begin to fight


and a lot of people don't think about

this but one dog might be in pain so

when the other dog comes near or tries

to play with them you know that dog

might get hurt causing it to become

aggressive so try to figure out what the

issue is what's triggering it and help

with that situation if you can and then

also you want to let the dogs decide who

is the Alpha typically dogs have that

pack mentality and they'll all fall into

place and you'll have one dog that you

know is sort of the Alpha of your home

obviously you're always the boss you're

always the top dog as I would say in

your home but as far as the canines are

concerned you want to just kind of let

them work that out so don't try to you

know place dogs in certain areas make

certain things off-limits to certain

dogs or something like that trying to

establish that hierarchy they will do

that normally and then another thing

that you can do is to increase your

dog's exercise you know tire them out if

they're tired and they're busy and

they're doing things that are mentally

and physically exhausted they're not

gonna have the time to be arguing and

fighting amongst themselves you can also

vote back to the PX that needs to happen

when you have two dogs that aren't

always getting along go back to the

basics go back to command and obedience

training on your dogs need to learn that

you're in charge these are the rules

that we follow and you can start all

basically all over start fresh and get

both of your dogs in line where they

need to be and you know when in doubt if

that's not working seek the help of a

professional trainer aggression fighting

it's not something that you ever want to

let get out of control so make sure you

seek the help of a professional if you

feel like you can't handle it yourself

if you feel like you're really anxious

and upset about it and you can't get

that under control seek the help of a

professional thanks for tuning into this

video guys I hope this information helps