How do I get my 2 dogs to stop fighting? (Answering a Patreon Question)

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Alpha Centauri my dog he's showing with

us today I'm dedicating some time to

answering some patreon questions and I

just came across a really good one it's

a good example of a tough question and I

thought it would be really helpful to a

lot of you your feet are so big this is

Clarissa yes she says I'm a new patreon

member this is my monthly question

I got a rescue dog a month ago my dog is

resource guarding me call it guarding

behavior call it jealousy call it

whatever she sometimes gets really

aggressive if people or dogs approach

and she goes nuts if I interact with

other people or dogs for too long or and

this is why I'm writing if I get within

5 feet of my roommates dog if I leave

the house that you seem to avoid each

other or otherwise manage the house is

safe and the dogs are in one piece when

I get home but when I get through the

front door they go crazy and when they

go crazy near the door my dog starts to

attack my roommates dog and they won't

stop until I physically drag my dog to

another room and close the door I'm at

my wit's end she can't keep attacking my

roommates dog it's becoming a daily

thing where they fight with no blood

drawn yet thankfully and fight and fight

my roommates dog is afraid all the time

and tries to hide in corners but my dog

won't let out yelling at her mid fight

in a loud deep voice will make her run

to me and look really sorry but I really

really really don't like doing that and

after about five seconds my dog will be

ready to fight again unless I distract

her and manage to bring the energy way

down quickly

I feel awful when I yell but I can't

have her hurting other dogs it's the

only way I've found to break them apart

affirm ah when it looks like she's going

in for a squabble works sometimes but

not always

I've tried praising her for staying calm

when the other dog is potentially

visible but thus far this does not

appear to have any effect the

opportunity to praise her is also a slim

slim window

that's why praise and petting a dog as a

reward or as a currency isn't usually as

effective it's not a good enough reward

for a dog it's important to have the

proper perspective on something like

this it can take a lot of time to

resolve these issues so you need to keep

your expectations realistic there but

there are some encouraging things here

that I'll talk about in a moment but

number one you have to

step back on your training and you need

to do that primarily in one huge way

which is by regaining control of the

environment so your new dog hasn't yet

earned the right to have access to the

other dog and to the house they need to

be very reliable on leash before you can

expect your dog to be reliable off leash

this is gonna take a lot of work there's

a lot of management that you're going to

have to do so I'd recommend that you

have your dog attached to you when you

are in a position to directly supervise

your dog because number one we have to

prevent the outbursts from occurring and

that's how we do that by controlling the

environment it requires significant

effort sometimes when you have another

dog but I like that you have a crate so

if you have a crate in the main area for

example you can put your dog in the

crate for short periods of time when

you're not in a position to really focus

on training perhaps secure a bedroom or

a bathroom where you can easily keep

them separate when you're not in a

position to really focus on them that's

number one

take a step back control the environment

next you need to focus on doing some

counter conditioning exercises now this

is really simple you want to start to

create positive associations around the

other dog for example when he's behaving

well in the presence of the other dog

simple praise probably isn't good enough

you need to you know have tiny bits of

chicken so you can just reward you know

two and three times wait a second you're

being a good dog

look at me yes stay good oh you're doing

great you know really interacting with

your with your dog in the presence of

your other dog and creating that real

pleasurable association with being

around the other dog what are two

sessions of this not gonna work you have

to really focus on doing this over the

next I'd say you know weeks to months

could even be longer in some cases

depending how severe it is but I don't

think your case is that severe because

what's really encouraging to me Clarissa

is you said once they start fighting you

can interrupt with a verbal correction

and your dog will come back to you and

and I like that you don't like doing

that because you're right once it gets

to that point it's really too late to

have any meaningful training our goal is

to prevent the behavior from arising in

the first place since we know the

triggers you identified them you have a

pretty good idea of when your dog is

likely to act out unfavorably in

way the fact that you're able to get

verbal control of your dog once they're

in a fight says that it's the the level

of the squabble probably isn't too

intense the other example you mentioned

when they're both at the door and then

they stand to go at it really does sound

kind of like amygdala hijack you know

and when that's where a dog is in the

state of mind where they're just in a

rage and they're not gonna listen to you

this happens with people too if you've

ever lost your temper before or if

you've ever seen someone with road rage

you can probably bet that they're not

really in a good state of mind to be

communicated with at that time you sound

extremely dedicated and you just have to

put in the time and do the right things

with your time and of course exercise

early in the day is likely to make this

training go much easier as when dogs get

that energy out there so much better

behaved excellent question thank you

Kota sir