How to Stop Dogs Fighting in the House | It's Me or the Dog

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back inside huggy finally has a chance

to have a go at me lock she but she

huggy fights with me like yeah let's

take so that happens every time you pick

up me long yes this is what you get and

she still stare at her and so you're



what so what have you done before to

discipline her um I mean separator she

has to follow her until she's finally

had enough I think you're a bully I

don't think you're out for at all you're

a bully it's really important that huggy

associates me lags presents something

positive rather than a negative so good

things happen to both dogs when both

dogs are together this technique is

called positive Association you teach

huggy and me lack but huggy in

particular the good things happen to hug

you when me like is around I'm gonna

take huggy and I'm going to walk her out

and then when she comes into view again

could you treat her and Scott could you

do the same with me like oh all right

huggy comes in


oh girl how I've had to bury good sit

now Scott if you get me legs leash and

do exactly the same thing good girl

hugging lovely alright pick me like up


and keep that said keep feeding and sit

on the sofa with me leg oh that's ok

that's a good leg we like that leg let's

try you giving me like some fuss and

Scott that hug you have a look if you

think huggy is gonna go take her out

first if we wouldn't bring me lag down

all right you're gonna be in the middle

of that with me like let the leash be

relaxed that's alright looking good

huggy looking good now Scott if you

could drop the leash and sit on the sofa

always be ready but let's just drop the

leash and see now normally when you

release me like that's another trigger

huggy goes over and nails her so release

me lag so Mila I can do what she wants

very good that's all right showing the

but that was lovely we like that hug he

responded incredibly well there was none

of this psychological domination that

she does when she stares she offered her

but actually to me like at one time

which is a great pacification signal and

I was surprised piano hey parks it

pretty intelligent