Dogs Getting Along

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hey it's fern and in this video I'm

gonna tell you how you can get two dogs

to get along okay here's today's

question comes in from Pam she says how

do I get my two dogs to like each other

when I've had four six years and a year

ago we got a we got a five month old

puppy just joined our family okay

so we have a new dog and an existing dog

how do we get them how do we get two

dogs to get along and if we just throw

them together we're just kind of hoping

that things will work out I don't like

to do that I like to set everyone up to

succeed so what we need to do is make

sure we bring them together in a nice

less confrontational way so how do we do

that number one if you're bringing a new

dog home I recommend they meet each

other a couple times before you bring

them home if possible or even if you

just maybe have a friend coming over

with their dog and they're just gonna

you're just gonna hang out together you

know they're not gonna be there long

term but we just don't know how can we

get them again what's how do we set them

up to be you have a fun time together so

what I would do is have the meet outside

you know typically on neutral ground and

that can be just the house next to yours

in the street and immediately go for a

walk the walk is so powerful two dogs

it's a great way to provide a positive

non-confrontational experience with one

another so instead of having two dogs we

unify them as kind of one unit one pack

as teammates walk doesn't have to be

long obviously the longer the better but

it can just be five minutes there's ten

minutes or so whatever you can do we

just want to start off their

relationship with that bonding

experience which is very positive and

very canine then we can bring them into

the yard or into the house together as

one unit otherwise you have this me

versus you new dog coming into the

existing dog's territory you know it's a

little bit difficult trickier doesn't

mean it's not going to work it just

means it's a little bit trickier and I

want to make sure we're doing everything

we can to ensure that they're going to

have a good time then initially as two

dogs are just getting to know each other

we want to be very careful around Reiss

so that's toys food sleeping areas

couches and stuff and it could be even

people we want to be careful about those

resources specifically if your dog has

any issues with resource guarding

because I don't know what these dogs are

going to value and how they're gonna

feel about one another especially if

they just met they haven't really

developed a relationship and they don't

know kind of where they stand with one

another so we want to control resources

completely as we learn about each

individual dog and how they relate to

one another

now if they do get into a scuffle does

it mean it's not gonna work it just

means we have to figure out some way to

maybe walk them a little bit more or

just engineer things so that they they

can get to learn to exist with each

other some dogs need a little time

especially if they've been in the only

dog in the house for years and years and

here comes the rambunctious puppy into

their life it takes some time to adjust

to that and and be okay with it so just

because you have some conflict early on

doesn't mean it's gonna it can't go away

so we just need to the more you walk

them together the better and also if you

have dogs with a mismatch in energy so

say you have an older dog and you bring

a puppy in the puppies energy he's here

and he just wants to play all the time

your older dog did not sign up for that

he just wants to chill so we have to

drain the younger dogs energy somewhere

in other constructive ways before I

bring them together because if you have

that mismatch in energy it's going to be

a clash so we want to try to level the

energy playing field there all right I

hope that helps if you like these you

know the deal

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