5 Signs of a Speech Delay | Speech Therapist Explains

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hello let's talk about the five signs

that your child has a speech or language

delay thanks for watching by the way

let's get into it and you can click

below to get a free downloadable PDF

list with full descriptions of these

five things so that you can use them for

reference later and use them to go over

with a doctor or speech-language

pathologist who explained to them what

your concerns are so here we go number

one kind of obvious but it's that the

child is not using as many words as

other children their age they may not be

aware of what those numbers are so look

down below in the description for a list

of the number of words based on a

child's age if your chats not near the

normal range of words then consider a

switch language pathology assessment

number two is not understanding language

like other children their age and this

is way overlooked and honestly most

parents have a hard time identifying

this I find a lot of parents I interview

in the initial evaluation with their

child they say oh my child understands

everything he just can't talk to me and

you know what 90% of the time that ends

up not being true the child actually

doesn't understand the language the

directions of the parents are giving

they're using hand motions and body

gestures like go get that and give it to

me and they don't realize that the child

understands the direction based on the

hand gestures the parent use but not on

the words because if you put your hands

behind your back and you say give that

to me would they be able to follow

through with that a lot of times no and

it goes way beyond that and the speech

therapist really knows how to evaluate

that to the fullest but if you find me

I'm talking to my kid they don't seem to

get me or they only get me when I use my

hands and I use visuals and I point to

things etc then that's definitely a sign

so it is a child who's not engaging with

people as much as other kids now that

means a lack of interest in people that

may mean lack of eye contact it may be

they're just not interested in playing

with other people and then they always

want to be by themselves they turn away

maybe they're antisocial if you feel

that word at all for your child yeah

that's a sign something's going on they

should show an interest when a new

person walks into the room or is leaving

the room to say or wave hi or bye

if that's not really happening then

that's a sign number four is this all

the time is that the child may be

talking as I'm using their voice to

attempt to communicate but it's mostly

grunting and babbling okay did we talk

about number of words it's important

that try to use this their voice woohoo

that is a pre skill to using actual

words but if it's only grunting and

babbling okay that's not enough

most commonly I find that toddlers are

using the UH sound they'll use up as a

word for everything they'll go oh uh uh

uh uh uh you know it's like wow that is

the only sound that they have oh man

there's so many other vowels and so many

other consonants that they're missing to

create words so if you find that that is

kind of sounding like your kid or that

they have their own language it's all

babbling okay mm-hmm that's a sign that

is normal up to a certain age but by

twelve months you should be hearing that

child's first real word and continue to

hear more words after that number five

is that your child is highly frustrated

highly frustrated by the inability to

effectively commute

Kait with people in his or her life I

really hate seeing that and it's really

common for kids who are behind in

language they can get really aggressive

and just really cranky and cry and have

really extreme Tantrums almost every

toddler I've worked with who is delayed

has hit to me or has hit their poor

mother right in the face okay and and

that's a really frustrating spot to be

in and so if you're seeing and feeling

and noticing all of these five signs

well then definitely seek an evaluation

in your area if you're in San Diego you

can work with my company in walkie

talkie speech therapy you can contact us

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would be amazing if you're in California

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a pleasure i'm kayla from walky-talky

speech therapy and happy talking with

your little toddlers bye-bye