How can I help my 15 month old to walk?

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you mentioned that you have a 15 month

old little girl and you're wondering

what you can do to encourage her to walk

and just so you know first and foremost

she's not abnormal at all to not be

walking at this point many kids start to

walk around you know maybe 13 to 15

months and so don't stress if all of

your friends kids are walking but do let

the pediatrician know if she's not

making much progress bye-bye 18 months

so naturally kids start to pull

themselves up on things and once they've

pulled themselves up on things they

start to walk along things so you may

have noticed her pull herself up to the

couch or to an end table and then kind

of walk along and eventually they get a

little more event adventurous and maybe

want to let go and take a step or two

and you can encourage her to walk along

by taking her little hands and your

fingers and walking with her or with our

son he recently he's going to be 14

months in a little bit but he just

barely started walking a week ago and

for we've been working with him for

about the last four months and finally

he started doing it kids will really

just surprise you well up and start

walking one day no matter what you do

but you can't encourage it by doing a

few things we found objects that he

really liked or treats that he really

liked to eat and we'd stand we'd sit a

little bit apart and encourage him to

walk from you know light from me to my

husband and like my husband would hold

his you know favorite blankie or toy or

whatever and we'd give it to him once he

walked to us and so it kind of made a

game and one of the things about that is

that babies need to be distracted

they're a little bit hesitant taking

those first steps but if all they're

thinking about is the treat or the toy

at the other end then they're more

likely to just take the steps without

thinking about it and then when you

react and you get really excited over

the fact they took steps then they want

to do that again because it pleases you

so you can try those little games to

encourage her but basically she'll just

do it when she's ready if you have any

other questions for me feel free to ask

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