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hi everyone I'm Valerie and welcome to

my channel when Sophia was 14 months of

age we decided to night wean her I just

gone back to work and I was really

needed my nighttime sleep and I was kind

of tired of nursing at that point and I

wanted to keep nursing her until she was

at least 2 years of age so I thought you

know maybe if I try to wean her just at

nighttime for those nighttime feedings I

would feel a bit better and be able to

keep nursing her and also maybe we both

get some more sleep she was waking up at

least 1 to 3 times a night to nurse and

I knew she didn't really need to because

she was really sleepy and she kind of

really wanted to go back to sleep you

know she was in a very sleepy state and

it was just like oh and then she was

just nurse and I could put her down so

easily so I knew she didn't need to but

I also knew that her body was probably

hungry and kind of used to eating at

those times of night so I knew that it

wasn't going to be a simple process to

transition her the reason I thought it

was a good age tonight weaned and I felt

like she was ready and I was ready was

because at that point she was really

eating solids very well her you know her

time of fussy eating was over at that

point I mean it came comes back of

course but at that time she was leading

pretty well and she was had present a

day care at around 12 months so I knew

she was used to day care and she didn't

need as much comfort from me in the

nights because of that transition also

at that age she can understand a lot of

concepts so if I explained to her that

we weren't nursing at night maybe she

could understand it and would be a

little bit easier to night wean her then

if she was let's say 6 or 8 months old

and she has no idea what's going on

so basically when I started i just sat

her down and i talked to her about

nursing I said Sophia you know we're not

going to be nursing at the night anymore

we're only going to nurse during the day

we're going to nurse when the Sun is up

when it's bright out and not when it's

dark so at night we're just gonna have

water we're not going to nurse at night

so I explained that to her a few times

the first day that we started I feel

like doing it before that is kind of

confusing so that day I just explained

to her what was going to happen that

night I laid it all out for her in terms

of the plan what we're going to do so

that's my first first tip is to explain

to your child as best you can what is

going to happen and that explanation

will carry you through because at night

if if they're confused you can reiterate

what you talk to them about during the

day and hopefully they'll remember that

and it'll kind of you know you're kind

of setting their expectations so they

kind of remember oh that's what she said

she said no nursing during the night so

the other thing I would say is before

night weaning it's really important to

make sure that those few days before

they're eating very very well as well as

possible so offer them a lot of snacks

things they like yummy foods make sure

they're regularly eating and filling up

those two days right before night

weaning or three days before night

weaning and then make sure on the day

that you decide tonight when you give

them a really solid bedtime snack so

that's what we did the Sofie oh I think

we gave her some Cheerios at that point

we're really giving dairy at night so we

gave her some water at night time some

water and Cheerios right before bed the

other thing that's really important for

this whole process is to make sure your

partner's on board and involved with

this whole process if possible so

because there's no nursing involved your

husband or partner or whoever can get

involved with these night wake ups and

basically help to put them to bed on

those times or maybe you're getting

tired of doing it or you need sleep

because this whole process might involve

a few sleepless nights when you possibly

are working so it's important to try to

get your partner on on board so that you

can take turns and that way in the

future for example you know toddlers

don't sleep through the night

consistently forever they often will

have nightmares or things like that so

when they wake up at night sometimes

it's okay it's it's good to have your

partner involved so they can sometimes

take those wake up's and give you a

break you know just have both people

involved in the soothing and comforting

as possible although for us I did do

most of it because I knew that she was

more comfortable with me and more happy

with me at night in her case so it made

the process go a little bit smoother

because I could put her down more easily

but it in some cases though you may not

be able to do that because they may wake

up too much and you really need some

sleep so basically that first night then

we gave her the solid bedtime snack the

few days beforehand she was eating well

so when she went to bed we did our

normal routine and then the first time

she woke up I just went in and I just

picked her up and comforted her and when

she tried to nurse I I just offered her

a sip of water I said would you like

some water and so at that point she was

like oh she's really tired my chief

wants to go back to sleep so she's like

okay she says take some water and then

she goes back to sleep

so the next wakeup I did the same thing

offered her some water and if she

protested and cried

just comforted her I took the time to be

in there and comfort her I didn't let

her cry it out

I've comfort her and soothe her and say

no remember we're only nursing during

the day not at night and I just keep

reinforcing that rule but quietly with

the lights off you know you want to keep

them in that sleepy state otherwise

it'll be even worse if you think if they

really wake up it'll just be a nightmare

and try to keep them in that sleepy

state comfort them at some point after a

while if she was still kind of whining

but not really full-on crying I would

put her back in the crib because she

knew that sometimes she had to go to

sleep on her own so she was used to that

so she would cry for like bus for like

five minutes and then go back to sleep

so the first night we did that it went

okay like she had did not nurse during

the night and it was that was it so when

she woke up she wasn't getting the

reward of mommy's milk to kind of keep

her waking up so after a few nights of

that things were going okay but then the

third or fourth night it was extremely

rough she was really crying hard I think

that's just because it was a change big

change in how she was doing everything

for so many months so the third or

fourth night I remember she protested a

lot more there was a lot more comforting

there was a lot more wake ups and I was

really tempted to stop I really had a

lot of trouble because I was like oh

maybe she's hungry maybe you know maybe

she really needs to nurse because maybe

she's uncomfortable but you know she it

seemed like just it was the transition

so I just stuck it out I said no I'm not

gonna give in I'm not going to give any

milk just water

um and then I would just put her back

down so then after that like after about

a week she was you know not really

waking up very much if she was waking up

she kind of knew the routine and she

would go back to sleep

so she would still wake up get comfort

and put back to sleep but the reward is

not as great as getting milk so after

about a week she started sleeping

through the night a week or two I would

say and it was just amazing you know she

just was sleeping so that I don't her

own she would maybe wake up once for

some comforting or it should a nightmare

after that um but that transition was

done so my one of my biggest biggest

points in night weaning and I I've done

a lot of stuff on parenting forums and

tried to advise people before because a

lot of people want to know what it's

like tonight weaned and what to do and I

feel like a lot of people they give up

or not give up but they are inconsistent


they'll sometimes give milk or nursing

sometimes give a snack during the night

like give some food and then at that

point your child is kind of confused and

it kind of makes everything go

topsy-turvy and then the whole process

takes a lot longer so I feel like you

can do that if you want if you're more

comfortable with that but you're not

going to get the kind of clean break if

you know what I mean

so I think to some people it may seem

better tonight we kind of gradually like

taking out one or two feedings first and

you know eventually doing the whole

thing but in my case it seems like that

would be worse at 14 months I feel like

it would be confusing to her if only

sometimes she could nurse and other

times not so I wanted to make everything

very very consistent you know this is a

clean break that we're making we're not

going to nurse at night anymore and

you're gonna have to get used to it no

gradual things going on Oh every kid is

really different you know like some kids

will take a lot longer to get to the

point of sleeping the night but I think

you should try it for a week if you're

gonna do this kind of system I think

doing it for a week is good you can see

if it's working if it's not working then

you can change things up and reevaluate

but after a week or so they should be

used to not eating at night hopefully

and be kind of sleeping a bit better so

I think a week is a good a good baseline

definitely don't give up after just

three days or four days because that

third or fourth day can sometimes be the

difficult day that you have to push

through you set your own boundaries you

know if you're having trouble nursing

and you think I'd love to keep

breastfeeding but you know this

nighttime thing is making me not want to

breastfeed which is kind of where I was

then maybe think about night weaning

because just taking out those nighttime

wake-ups can make a huge difference and

I ended up nursing Sofia a little bit

past two years of age so I think it's a

it's a good way to kind of keep that

breastfeeding journey going in a way

that is comfortable for you and

comfortable and for them because really

if they can sleep through the night it's

going to help them to be to sort of grow

and change better as well so I really

hope this video helps you you know I've

gotten a lot of people asking me on

Facebook when I mentioned that I night

weaned at 14 months like oh how did you

do it I want to know information tips

everything so I really hope this helps

you and I hope it helps you and your

your child getting more sleep I know

it's really important for when you're

back at work or if you're not back or

even if just

taking care of the household you want to

have some sleep please please please

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