My 11 month old baby is constipated. What can I do to help?

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if your child is between the age of 4

months and a year and you suspect that

your baby has issues with constipation

here's a few things you can try it is

normal for children to develop

constipation at certain times in their

lives and the introduction of solid

foods is one of those times so just

changing the type of food that they're

eating can help or if your child's been

eating solid foods for a long time then

just try introducing foods that are high

in fiber juices can also help too so

juices such as pear apple prune juice

are all going to be great so give your

baby a bottle of this or a sippy cup and

hopefully this can help regulate things

you can do this on a regular basis every

day until the stool becomes soft and the

child stops having symptoms of

constipation if your child continues to

have issues after increasing fluid

intake changing diet getting things that

are high in fiber into their diet then

contact your baby's doctor who can then

give you suggestions

sometimes they recommend corn syrup and

they can tell you what dose would it be

appropriate and there are other things

such as laxatives but those those types

of things should be done under the

direction of a doctor if you have any

other questions for me feel free to ask

them on our Facebook page and recommend

it to your friends and family too