Baby sleep tips: 11-12 Month Old

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hi I'm Julie from baby sleep made simple

the video you are about to watch is me

answering a question sent in by a tired

mom on our Facebook live Q&A call I hope

you enjoy it so for your eleven to

twelve month old I would expect him to

get about 11 or 12 hours of night sleep

and ideal bed time for your eleven month

old is between 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. for

nightly he's I would expect your 11

month old to be able to sleep the whole

night through or maybe have one super

quick night waking where he might get a

quick feet and you want his awake temps

to be anywhere from two and a half to

three and a half hours and the way that

it tends to work is a little bit

counterintuitive but typically the first

wait time of the day so that the time

between your babies in the morning

wake-up time and the first nap you would

think would be maybe a long awake time

right because he's been asleep for so

many hours

but it's complete opposite so the first

weekend of the day you want to be the

shortest so I would probably stick to a

two and a half hour or wait time for

this first awake time Raquel then in

between nap 1 and nap - you may be able

to go with about three hours and then in

between that to in bed time you could go

three maybe three-and-a-half hours and

then the second thing that I recommend

you do is definitely start white noise

today for all of his naps and deathly

for his nighttime sleep because white

noise it blocks out you know

environmental noises from waking up our

babies it blocks out older siblings it

blocks out barking dogs the doorbell the

trash guy you know the garbage man at

5:00 a.m. any sort of noises that would

come and that would be sudden and that

would wake up babies and I would also do

a blacked-out bedroom for both his

nighttime sleep and also for his naps

blackout curtains are great but unless

they are doing a full 100% blackout then

any light that's gonna creep through

your baby's window and kind of just like

shine just a little bit behind this

blackout curtains for some babies that

are lighter sleepers it's like the light

interest of the room and then bang

they're out for the day and I have so

many clients especially ones that are

living up north like in the UK and in

Scandinavia saying oh my gosh my baby's

waking up at 4:30 in the morning all of

a sudden and when we get a full blackout

on the room so couldn't the parents put

my cardboard in the window overnight

they instantly sleep later after that

you really want to begin our just a

peaceful nightly ritual for him and what

that is is it's a bedtime routine it's a

series of activities that you do every

evening that are proven to relax and

calm your baby so that he can settle

down for sleep easier and this is what I

walk parents through in my free

exhausted mom's survival kit and I will

post a link to that below this video

once you're doing that Raquel then I'd

work on getting and falling asleep on

his own at bedtime because once you do

that he'll be able to resell himself

during the night he'll be able to take

longer naps if he needs to it's really

the missing piece once you've set a

healthy sleep foundation for your baby

and I wouldn't worry about him

transitioning to one nap until he's

sleeping really really well at night and

he's about 15 months or older and what

I'll do is I'll post under this video

I'll post a god that I wrote on when and

how you can transition your toddler to

one daily nap so you can kind of look at

those criteria and you'll probably see

that it's a bit early for your little

guy but if someone else is watching the

video and they're curious because maybe

they're toddlers fortune or 15 months or

older and he's starting to refuse naps

then this guide walks you through

exactly how you can drish transition him

to one map so I'll post a link to that

under this video one or two weeks of

being really consistent and really

working on this I think you'll see a big

improvement and 11 to 12 months we can

expect more from our former little ones

we can expect them to start sleeping all

night so these tips will definitely get

you there and let us know what's going

and if you have any questions then feel

free to post them and I'll be happy to

answer them for you