Tips for Toddler Jetlag

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hi guys welcome back to my channel this

is Eloise be right and Who am I yeah and

I'm mommy and today we're making a video

for you about how to overcome toddler

jetlag yeah so we're gonna give you some

tips of what we do when we travel Ellie

how many airplanes have you been on 1 2

3 and over a hundred maybe a hundred and

fifty and she's two and a half years old

so we're really familiar with jet lag a

lot of the times arm trips are over 12

hour flights from Los Angeles to

Barcelona we just did it recently

actually so we're gonna give you all our

best tips and tricks let's go

can you say let's go what did you think

shifting the routine really only works

if the time zones like you're switching

are only like 2 or 3 hours different so

say you're going from the west coast to

the east coast then you could start

switching up their schedules several

days before you fly so that when you get

there you're already ready to be there

if you're traveling overseas like us

going from California to Spain the time

change is so huge that it's really not

worth your time to try and switch

anything ahead of time because it's

probably not going to work you fit just

get me through the flight ok now look at

me and say it is it takes play I don't

really care what she does on the plane I

just want to keep her from crying so

she'll sleep the whole flight that's

fine if she stays awake that's fine too

as long as she's okay so I don't really

aim for anything in particular I know

that some people give their babies bed

before they fly to help them sleep I

think I've done it before but some

little ones react differently and ends

up waking them up more so you just do

whatever you need to do to keep them

content through the flight EE when you

leave your place

this is really just because their bodies

are going to be exhausted when you get

here and if you jump right into trying

to organize their sleep and keep them

wide awake during the day you might just

have pre miserable children and you'll

be really miserable to plan for that

first day to be kind of a crazy one

where you sleep whenever you need to

sleep or they sleep whatever they need

to sleep and then start working a

routine into their life day to make any

time you're like animate like everything

make my day time right and my nighttime

dark like my nighttime don't give my

candy whether they're awake or asleep so

they're gonna be not baby during the day

try and keep it light in the room that

they're napping in or have them nap in

their stroller when you guys are outside

and then at nighttime even if they're

awake in the night try and keep it dark

don't don't turn on the bright overhead

lights maybe do lamps or no light at all

if you can whatever you can do to

retrain their bodies that this is day

and this is night kind of like we did

when they were newborns number one they

came out and they totally didn't know

when to sleep and when to be awake it's

the exact same thing when they're done I

take me outside and heal their bad pick

me a pill okay

okay take them outside how about that

thinking about side is super important

because even if it's for part of the day

it's gonna help their insides know that

it's daytime so I know in the beginning

Eloise sleeps a good chunk of the day

but I just try and get out in the

sunlight for a good portion of time so

that your body can do benefits daytime I

mean the active yummy felt I'll just

sleep better on full tummies and

especially because if they're switching

time zones like really dramatically then

at the middle of the night it might

actually be the time that they're used

to eating breakfast lunch or dinner

and so we cram a little tummy full of

food as best we can before nighttime

sleep in hopes that she'll sleep longer

when a man's Apple computer and I know

that that's controversial because I know

that some parents don't even want their

kids watching the shows at all and then

I get back also I know that some kids

can't be trusted with electronics in

their bag and Louise is a pretty gentle

soul so she can have a laptop in her

crib and she doesn't touch it she just

lets it happen but before she could do

that I would also prop it up against

something like not in her crib maybe set

it up on something when it was desperate

these are really only for desperate

moments it happened recently we came

back from LA I was dying of lack of

sleep she was going crazy wanting to

play and so I turned on some Peppa Pig

in her crib gave her a bowl full of


she was happy I slept for another like


I was happy it was great you could also

skip the electronics all together and

give them some toys in their bed some

books I don't know some things so that

your kid can be occupied and you can be

resting and it can go well with your

soul last thing is you don't make it

through this I personally know what it's

like to feel tortured by toddler jetlag

especially when you're jet-lagged

yourself it's pretty much the worst but

it doesn't last very long you're gonna

do great drink coffee in the morning ask

for help if you're you know if you've

got your spouse there you guys can trade

off at night so that one of you sleeping

while the other ones tending to your

kids you got it babes just do your best

it's gonna be fine you're doing great

thank you so much for watching if you

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