Dealing With Jet Lag

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hi I'm Dana welcome to this week's video

today I want to talk about jet lag I

know a lot of people are planning trips

over the Christmas season and I get a

lot of emails around the holidays asking

you know what do I do about jet lag I

have a 8 hour a 10 now or a 14 hour

flight and everybody shudders to think

of how that will affect their children

and so I want to give you a few tips

here today to handle jet lag and air

travel first of all when you're flying

with a child it doesn't matter what age

what you need to keep in mind is that

you are flying with a child right and

it's not going to be a luxurious trip

where you're having you know martinis

and watching your iPad you have a child

so my advice is to just survive it you

know I I don't care I sort of throw

rules out the window around air travel

if it means you're getting more treats

than you normally do fine if it means

you're watching your iPad or you're

watching movies on the plane for the

entire trip fine right you just have to

get through it so make sure you plan

ahead what are the things you're gonna

need to keep this child occupied as much

as possible through plane ride snacks

books coloring music you name it plan

ahead for it and just get through if

that also means that there are times in

the flight where you have to rock her to

sleep nurse her to sleep put a pacifier

in her mouth until she falls asleep I'm

gonna give you a go-ahead on that just

get through it right there's no point in

trying to force her to fall asleep when

she's not in her crib or endure an

hour-long screaming fast on the plane

when if you just pop that soother in her

mouth she might fall asleep pretty

quickly so I'm gonna give you a go-ahead

on that one and now once you have landed

now most people have a sleep debt right

most adults have sleep debt where we as

adults tend to mismanage our sleep

schedule and therefore we start a trip

already in debt

so that makes jet lag even worse for an

adult because you're already in the debt

you travel you drive yourself into a

deeper debt and now when you get to your


you're just shattered for the next five

days because your debts so huge but the

good news about children is that

especially children who sleep well is

that they don't have a debt right their

debt they're almost essentially debt

free when you start a trip and yes they

will push into a little bit of a debt

because no one sleeps as well as they

should on an airplane you know I can't

think of a less comfortable place to

sleep than an airplane so nobody's

getting a lot of sleep there and so they

will land with a debt but that is in

your benefit actually to have a little

bit of a debt accumulated by the time

you land because now you can quickly get

into the new time zone as fast as you

can and that's my advice around that

don't try to hang on to the time zone

that you just came from our bodies are

aware on some level that time has

changed and they will gravitate towards

that change no matter what you do so

it's better to just jump in as fast as

you can on day one try to adjust her

schedule as quickly as you can to the

new time zone and that debt will help

another thing to do is make sure that

child is getting a lot of daytime light

during daytime hours so go for walks go

to the park get her out in the sunlight

that'll help the body clock daytime

light really is a huge player in our

circadian rhythm our our body clock and

so lots of daytime sunlight and then

when evening rolls around I'd like you

to give at least two hours of of dim or

dark room lighting so that melatonin can

start to kick in and get the body clock

in line with bedtime so shut those

blackout blinds turn off electronics and

just give your child at least two hours

of kind of melatonin kick in let's call

it so that they can get themselves onto

the new schedule as quick

possible now will this mean that baby

might need a little oddly time nap just

to kind of get you through the first day

or two that's fine

right we don't need to we want to always

be cautious that we're not driving our

children too far into over tiredness but

a little bits gonna be actually in your

benefit here all right so you know

that's about it as good news as I can

get for you jet lag is jet lag we're all

gonna have it everybody's body clock

takes a little bit of a hit when we

travel through time zones but the good

news is that it should only take a

couple of days to get her body clock in

line with the new time zone and then

just do it in Reverse when you get home

and quickly adjust back into your

schedule and just do the best that you

can all right thanks so much have a

happy holiday

sleep well