Dealing with a Persistent Cough in Children

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today we're going to talk about cuff

cuff is a major concern amongst parents

the most important thing to understand

is that cuff is a reflex is the way your

body has to clear the lungs in children

the most common reason for cough is an

infection and usually a viral infection

that is very common during the cold and

flu season and children can have a lot

of infections in a year sometimes up to

8 or 10 infections in a year when should

you worry about the cuff you should

worry about a cuff when it is has been

present for more than about 3 to 4 weeks

if the casas cuff has been there that

long then you should worry that there's

something else that's going on and you

should talk to your physician and once

you go talk to your physician there's a

few things that they're going to ask you

so be prepared to describe the cuff is

it wet or is it dry when does it occur

does it occur at night or during the day

does it wake up the child from sleeping

does your child cough when they're

running or playing around the house and

when they get more excited and how long

has the cuff been present that is very

important also it's very important if

there are other symptoms associated with

your cuff like congestion runny nose

wheezing or in kind of noisy breathing

as long as you have answers to those

specific questions and you can describe

your child's cough your pediatrician is

going to be able to evaluate your child

and order the testing that would be