Sleep Training Tips for Your 1 Year Old

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Hi I'm Jilly Blankenship from Baby Sleep Made Simple. In this video I'm gonna

explain how you can get your 1 year old toddler sleeping amazingly. A lot of

parents think and hope that when their baby turns 1 that their sleep problems

will magically disappear. Like that they'll outgrow them. Unfortunately as a

baby sleep consultant I've not found this to be true. Your toddler's night

wakings, his fighting bedtime or refusing to nap will all continue until

you take active steps to teach him to sleep well. And at 1 year old this is

totally possible. Your toddler can be expected to sleep 10, 11 or 12 hours

straight at night and nap for 2-3 hours every day. You just have to

show him how. So in this video that's what I'm gonna help you do. My 3

big tips for getting your one-year-old sleeping well are to start a relaxing

bedtime routine, teach your toddler to fall asleep on their own and stick to a

consistent daily schedule. Let's go over each of these now. Start a relaxing

bedtime routine. Research shows that a consistent bedtime routine helps

children fall asleep easier at bedtime, sleep longer stretches at night and

improves maternal mood. And because it's a relaxing for your baby and helps her

sleep well it's something that you want to do every day. You can keep up with

your bedtime routine when your toddler is sick, when you're traveling, when she's

teething or even when she's going through a regression. It's a calming

ritual that helps her body relax so she can welcome sleep. So you want to make

sure you do it every day. You may be unintentionally causing your toddler to

wake during the night by having the wrong bedtime routine. The activities

that you do and the order in which you do them makes all the difference with

whether your toddler is going to sleep through the night

or not. In my free Exhausted Mom's Survival Kit I walk you through the

steps of a bedtime routine that sets your toddler up to sleep amazingly at

night you can check out the link in my description below if you'd like to get

your survival kit. Teach your toddler to fall asleep on their own. The way that

your toddler falls asleep at bedtime is the way that he needs to fall back to

sleep each time he wakes during the night. And waking or stirring during the

night is completely normal. If you help your toddler fall asleep at bedtime by

rocking or feeding him to sleep then he's gonna need your direct help each

and every time he wakes during the night. And you know this because you may be up

several times with your toddler right now which is really exhausting. But when

your toddler can go into his crib awake and settle himself to sleep on his own

at bedtime he'll be able to resettle himself

each time he wakes during the night. And when you see this happen it's pure magic.

In 21 Days to Peace and Quiet I help parents choose the right method for

teaching their toddler to fall asleep on his own.

I give parents a range of methods and then I help them pick the one that's

best for their family. If you're interested in this you can find the link

in the description below. A consistent sleep schedule helps your one-year-old

sleep well because their body clock is set to sleep at predictable times every

day. When you're a little ones naps and bedtime happen at the same time every

day sleep will come easier for her she'll fall asleep nice and easy and

sleep long stretches. Now sleep schedules don't have to be complicated. There's

only three things to remember. The first thing is to wake your toddler up at the

same time every morning. The second thing is to follow recommended awake times. If

your toddler still naps twice a day then follow awake times of

3-4 hours. If your toddler naps once a day follow awake times of 4.5

to 5.5 hours. And lastly make sure your toddler's bedtime

doesn't vary by more than 20 minutes every night. That's it! My one-year-old

sleep guide on my website gives you advice for common

sleep problems like: "my toddler's waking up at 5 am every day", "how can I

transition to one nap a day", "how can I switch my toddler from sleeping in the

crib to sleeping in the toddler bed", "my toddler is fighting bedtime or fighting

naps", "my toddler still wakes during the night" and the 18 month sleep regression.

So if you'd like any advice on these common sleep

struggles make sure to check out the link for my one-year-old sleep guide in

the description below. Remember getting your one-year-old sleeping well is as

easy as starting a relaxing bedtime routine, teaching your toddler to fall

asleep on their own and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule.

I hope you liked this video if you have any questions you can ask me below. Make

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it. I'll see you guys soon!