How to instantly relieve trapped wind (gas) in infants.

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so today we're going to show you how to

relieve trap wind in baby instantly so

first we're going to do the tummy hold

so we just run our hands and we just

place them on baby's tummy now this

brings warmth to the area help him to

comfort baby and relax the baby's

intestines allowing any trapped wind to

be released then we're going to move

down to baby's legs and we're going to

do both the girls so we're going to work

with the baby never put any pressure on

baby's legs go at their own their own

speed now this move is gray it

stimulates the digestive tract allowing

any trapped wind to be released all that

is straining out complete after you

popping out


hey boy now they're going to do a knee

cuddle so we're just gonna switch time

to use that I give you all that trapped

coming out and then we're going to

release then we're gonna soon Avenue

cuddle say come up this really gets the

gas moving eliminating it from baby and

release and then we're going to come up

well it can you it'll pop it and then

we're gonna release and then we're just

gonna do our bicycles again to really

stimulate the digestive tract

and can even hear it's like two strains

try to play it's great for constipation

I'm gonna do our meetups again so just

push the needs that really stimulate

that bow and we're just gonna straight

baby's belly


and then which time to do a half Lotus

oh they're gonna baby's leg up no push

ready getting all that gas out and down

and the other leg and push and down and

we're gonna finish off with our bicycles

get we're gonna release the legs down

and finish off without tummy heart