How To Get Rid of Canker Sores

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canker sores can be extremely painful

and can hinder your ability to eat as

well as speak if you are prone to them

in some cases canker sores can be an

indication of a lack of nutrients

mouth sores usually take seven to ten

days to heal using these home remedies

you can speed up the healing process and

also get relief from the pain it is best

to use a combination of home remedies as

this will ensure the best results also

when you have mouth sores you should

refrain from eating spicy foods and

foods that contain sharp edges such as

potato chips toast and pastries

home remedies for canker sores

regardless of the causes of canker sores

there are some home remedies that can

ease the pain and discomfort and helps

in the healing process most home

remedies to Jay tel sirs using

ingredients that are commonly found in

the kitchen which can provide quick

relief if you are suffering from painful

canker sores

one raw onions raw onion is full of

sulfur and this helps to treat canker

sores effectively for example make a

salad and add a lot of raw onion to it

eat it and leave the onions working it's


- orange juice

you can make fresh orange juice or buy

orange juice from the supermarket the

key is to get plenty of vitamin C in the

body it was seen that a lack of vitamin

C can lead to canker sores also vitamin

C strengthens the immune system and

helps the body to fight all types of

injuries including canker sores 3 basil


flock a few

fresh basil washed and chewing the

leaves with some water

essential oils from the leaves eases

discomfort as well as help heal ulcers

faster chewing the leaves twice a day

fast to ease for coconut milk

fresh coconut milk is a wonderful cure

for sore mouth has a calming effect and

can help to a great extent with the pain

gargle three to four times a day with

coconut milk and see how quickly the

pain subsides and allows you to eat

normally five gargling with water

you can gargle several times a day in

the hot and cold water it also has a

calming effect on the ulcer you can add

a little sea salt to warm water salt has

antiseptic properties and can help heal

canker sores faster six peppermint oil

peppermint oil generously to ulcers to

get relief from the pain and redness

seven berry juice

try to find fresh berries to make berry

juice and drink the juice because it can

help heal ulcers and reduce the

discomfort eight coriander seeds

coriander is a herb similar to parsley

has many therapeutic properties

including the treatment of mouth ulcers

add one small seed spoon in a glass of

water heat the water until it is warm

and then use warm water to garbling

mouth three to four times a day nine

small ice cubes

if mouth ulcers caused a lot of pain you

can rub it gently on the spot or rinse

your mouth with water ice this will not

make the ulcer disappear but it can help

reduce the pain 10 licorice root

licorice root has many medicinal

properties scientific studies have found

that it contains the same

anti-inflammatory properties

significantly which is responsible for

its work against the painful canker


studies and research canker sores is the

loss or erosion of the tissues of the

sensitive lining of the mouth mucous

membrane and the most common cause is

mechanical injury such as biting

accidentally in most cases canker sores

are harmless and resolve itself in a few

days without the need for medical

treatment and there are frequent sore

and mouth ulcers and with no known cause

that affects about 20 percent of the

population and if the ulcer is painful

you should consult your doctor because

it can be a sign of mouth cancer

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