How To Get Real Auto Likes On FACEBOOK Photos | How To Increase FACEBOOK Likes In 2020

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hi people so what's a welcome back

another amazing video so today I will

tell you something about Facebook bricks

you can gain free likes on Facebook so I

tell you life proof and I hope this one

for you

so before I start my video so I want to

show you something go to your Facebook

setting and open the settings and there

you can see public post so your public

posts must be public not friends of

friends or private so you can see my

I'll post in public

ok so before I start my video ie request

you so please don't forget to subscribe

or like this video so I have a website

so this website link in my video

description so you can go to my youtube

channel or find this link on this video

description so before any time less

let's get started


okay guys so firstly I post something

here for your proof

so I post this this picture you can see

my video terminal so I have here likes

so I post this picture so it's uploading

okay so now you can see this is are a

fresh one I just upload it now

so I now go to website this website link

in my video description you can easily

find this so you can see errors

this youth website name auto likes for

words so I open this website okay so

when you open this website so this

website interface look like this

so here you can see tic toc service

Instagram service auto exchange so there

are a three service you can also use

dick Talk Instagram Facebook so I

already cleared many Instagram videos so

now I make a facebook video and then

tik-tok ortho likes always many more so

I want to use your Facebook like so use

it and here you can see options open

facebook.com slash device intercourse so

you don't know what is our code so here

you can see I change this page


go big again open this


so I again let's go on use button you

can see here is the option I agree to

thermo turns off service so click there

ok so here you can see code so you could

copy this code and now go to step one

facebook.com set device so I go there ok

so here you can see the cold is here tap

on continue ok so now you can see here

is a continue as our key my profile name

so I continue login successful so now

close this tab and go back to this

website ok so finally I log in to this

website here you can see my profile name

showing so now you can see it is are

your total credits 18 so you can also

Iran more credits freely so this have

this website did not ask for money and

many more things so this application

also give you 40 50 free at least daily

so I already used this credit so here

you can see option and credit so you can

also Erin discredit by stop or pause so

it's loading so here you can see it's

again I wanted it coming so go again

start again and it's a complete 20 ok so

you can do this many times and Erin many

credits so now I go back to my facebook

I simply copied in my last uploaded



Koya and copy link coke easy link image

go back to website and here you can see

option add new job tap on it and air you

can see status likes or comments i but i

want for two likes so I got there and

paste my picture link and here or air

you can see option add so simply add so

air you can see job added it will start

sending so on so I wait two or three or

two minutes so I wait until it's done

you can see here is ass successful so

it's it's take three or five minutes

hey guys I saw two or three minutes

complete now I go to we press this place

so here you can see likes coming

he likes come so this website did not

did not fake its give real likes so you

can wait until you complete your time

five minutes so my credit is you can see

18 left so I keep refreshing this page

this is not a fake website or anything

so this is a real website so I always do

this so now I go back and keep

refreshing this page


so by another light it's coming soon so

you can see they are not my friend so

the people are not my friend I don't

know you can see here is there is not my

friends so he likes coming so keep

refreshing this place so I hope you like

this video guys so see you in next video

so please don't forget to subscribe and

like this video so see you guys in next

video I will tell you about it talk

Instagram here you can see the talk and

Instagram I will make another another

video tomorrow so cya next video bye bye