How to Make Your Face BETTER Looking | How to Improve Your Jawline & Be More Attractive

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Today, I’m gonna teach you how to make your face better looking.

This is all shit you can literally start doing right now, so take notes, because by the end

of this video you’re gonna be looking like a fucking snack.

Here we go.

#1 Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and breathe through your nose.

Now you’re probably thinking like WHAT THE FUCK?

How the fuck does that make my face better looking, but hear me out - here’s how it


When you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and only breathe through your nose,

it tightens your face and jaw, making your jawline look a lot sharper and more defined.

Interestingly enough, it’s actually better for you to breathe through your nose instead

of your mouth according to scientists and kinds of smart people and that’s how I designed

humans to breathe anyways back when I was creating the universe.

So by using this tip you’re making your face look better AND you’re breathing the

correct way.


I just hooked you up with not just a dating tip but also a fucking breathing tip to help

you breathe easier, what other channels are giving you unique shit like this?



#2 Use an eyelash curler.





#3 Wear less buttons on your shirt

Now this is another really unique thing you can do to make your face look better.

Wearing less buttons on your shirt will expose more of your chest, making the distance from

your chest to your chin look longer and therefore more aesthetic.

Ever notice how all those sculptures from Greek and Roman times have really elongated

features and it makes them look really aesthetic and proportional?

It’s the same idea here, showing more skin will make that distance look longer and create

more of a separation from your chin and your neck which will create a stronger jawline

at the bottom of your face and make you look WAY more attractive.

But one thing to keep in mind is that if you’re gonna be showing some extra chest, then you

want the skin on there to look smooth, seductive, and inviting.

Not dry or rough looking.

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#4 Differentiate your neckline from your beard by shaving just below your neckline

Neckbeard is a fucking disaster.

Yet so many guys are out there walking around with neckbeards that go so far down that they

basically have just one long-ass field of hair from their face to their balls

Fuck that.

Get yourself some kick ass shave butter and a razor from our sponsor Dollar Shave Club

and make sure you shave your neckbeard and more importantly, shave just above below your

neckline to make your face and jaw look more defined by your beard.

Here’s what your beard SHOULD NOT look like:

Here’s what your beard SHOULD look like:

#5 Wear a turtleneck.

When it’s colder out, an easy way to make your face more attractive is to wear a turtleneck

because it’ll elongate your features AND more importantly, since it goes so high up

on your neck, it’ll create a good separation between your neck and your chin which will

make your jawline and chin look a lot more chiseled.

Turtlenecks can also be really stylish and they make you look really masculine overall

if you wear it properly.

And if you don’t get the point by now, chiseled jawline and defined face equals better looking.


#6 Get a number zero on your sideburns every time you get a haircut.

If you don’t know anything about hair and you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking

about, basically a number zero is the shortest length you can get, basically like a skin


Getting a number zero on your sideburns or a really low fade will elongate your jawline

and make it look more defined and sharp, making your face better looking.

Got it?


On to the next tip.

#7 Get your eyebrows done by a professional

If your eyebrows are all fucked up, or you’re looking to clean them up, I highly recommend

going to a place where they can get do your eyebrows for you and telling them you’d

like for them to clean them up without making them too feminine or shaping them too much.

The eyebrows are the only part of the face you can change without cosmetic surgery, so

changing your eyebrows and making sure they’re on point is a really easy way to make your

face better looking.

And that’s it.

In summary: Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth

Use an eyelash curler Wear less buttons on your shirt

Differentiate your neckline from your beard with a razor

Wear a turtleneck Get a number zero on your sideburns when you

get a haircut And get your eyebrows done

And be sure to click the link in the description to check out our partner DollarShaveClub and

get their $5 Daily Essentials Starter Set right now.