Build An Athletic Physique - Do This 4 Days Per Week

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hey Thomas here coming at you with

another video here this is the second

video to our three-part series last

video we talked about how to lose belly

fat with four simple steps in this video

we're talking about how to get you that

athlete's physique here and we got an

awesome Black Friday deal coming up for

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down in the description now most of you

probably know us from our parkour stunts

or even ninja warrior however the core

of all this is our fitness method and

this is the same method we share with

our clients to get their athlete's

bodies and that's where we're gonna be

sharing with you today in this video so

let's join Jonathan outside and let's do

this so now it's time to show you how to

unlock that athlete's physique and so

we're gonna give you a simple formula

that you can do at home and all it takes

is doing this four times a week because

whether you want to be a high level

athlete or you simply want to move

better feel better and look better

you'll want to unlock things like

getting leaner getting stronger getting

more flexible and if you're gonna work

out why not try to reach your full

potential with your body so the secret

to getting that athlete's physique is

training the components of an athlete

and there's five components the problem

is most fitness methods only hit you

know one or up two even three and

they're leaving out a lot of the

components that's going to give you that

nice athlete body now this doesn't mean

you have to train as rigorous or as long

as an athlete but you do have to include

these crucial components and if you're

not this is where especially as we get

older and you've probably seen this

before where friend goes to play a

pickup game that haven't been training

all these components and so they're not

prepared for some of the movements or

some of the actions and they end up

getting injured blowing on knee

dislocating the shoulder or something

like that and we definitely don't want

to have it because injuries do occur but

by training and adding these components

we're gonna talk about it's gonna better

prepare your body for any sport or

discipline so here are the five

components that we'll want to add into

our training now these are based off of

the USA Track & Field coaching

curriculum here we go the first one is

strength so this is the ability to

create force

the second one is flexibility so this is

the ability to reach a full range of

motion with our joints touching the toes

the third is endurance so this is like

running a marathon or if we were jogging

for a long period of time being able to

the ability to resist fatigue the fourth

one is speed so this is the ability to

move the body very rapidly we're doing

some punches things like this and then

the fifth and final one is coordination

so this is the ability to move and

control the body to perform a task

multiple muscle groups working together

to perform different movements pretty

much putting all those together so it's

important that you add each of these

components into your training because

this is what's really going to give you

that athlete physique not only that

looks good but one that can perform and

one that is resilient to getting

injuries now again this doesn't mean we

have to be training hours a day like a

hardcore athlete all we have to do is

take the pieces of these from each

component and combine them together into

our workouts so here's what we're gonna

do your first word gets me focused on

strength and this is where you can

either use you know weights or body

weight the important thing is that

you're aiming to hit a low rep range and

you're doing about three to four sets

now I would recommend doing compound

movements such as squad push-ups things

like this that's going to give you an

additional coordination gain and also

help you hitting full ranges of motion

with your flexibility your second

session is going to be focused on speed

and stamina so we like to do a

high-intensity interval circuit for this

this is a great way not only to increase

your speed component and stamina but

also it's a great way to burn fat in a

short amount of time for your third

session this is probably gonna be the

most important this is where you're

really going to focus on that extra

coordination by using locomotor

movements now we like to use what we

call it primal movements

where we're doing things such as

crawling we're doing different QM and a

lot of different unique movement and

these type of moments are also being

great for building core strength and we

like to combine these into circuits to

add in some extra stamina now for the

fourth session you're going to be

primarily focusing on flexibility and

mobility this is gonna be a slow session

where you're taking each joint to its

full range of motion and working on

reaching further and further and then on

top of that what we just recommend is

adding in simple flexibility sessions

daily and if you see here this is Cal

and this is the formula that actually

helped him to get his first pistol squat

his first handstand and cut down some

extra weight all at the age of 61 all

right so that's your workout formula

you're gonna use in that four days a

week now remember we're just touching on

each component for each of those

training and we like to do do at least

15 maybe 20 minutes if you are a focus

to act like maybe you have a sport this

spring you're going to you want to be

adding your skill training on top of

each of those and usually about five or

six times a week and then if you really

focus mean you really did get some extra

strength you know you had the liberty to

add that on top of your hard days during

that week so really it's a flexible way

to make sure you hit all those

components but you can still get the

other training you need if you need to

be a focused athlete in different areas

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out all right so in your next training

be sure to focus on those five

components we talked about and I'll see

you next video alright so I wanted to

leave off with this question here

because me and my brother were talking

about this while we're shooting the

video and really who

you think is the best overall athletes

in my opinion I was saying MMA fighters

because the flexibility the mobility the

awareness the coordination the stamina

the endurance they have to possess

pound-for-pound strength let us know

what you think in the comments Jonathan

said gymnast he thought gymnasts were

the best all-around athletes but I'm

still thinking the MMA athletes are the

best in my opinion but let us know what

your thoughts are in the comments and

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