How To Homebirth - Best Natural Birth Tips

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hey guys and welcome back today we're

gonna be chatting about my best tips for

an amazing and successful natural birth

now if we've never met before hello my

name is Brittany and I'm a natural

minded mama of four my oldest is six and

a half and my youngest my daughter is

one and yet we've had four different

birth experiences I'm gonna pass along

my best tips from one family when mama

to another what I've learned also just a

little bit of background surrounding my

births with my oldest we have a planned

Hospital birth it didn't quite go to

plan and I had a really rough recovery

ended up with an infection was in the

hospital for almost a week and I knew

for subsequent births the best option

for our family was to do home water

births I really wanted to do a birth in

the water and honestly it was so much

more gentle and for me a lot easier

helped with pain relief so that's my

experience one Hospital birth and then

for subsequent babies for my last three

we had those all at home in the water

attended by midwives so that's a little

bit more about my background alright

let's get into it with my best tips my

first tip is don't worry and I don't

mean this and like an irritating like oh

don't worry it'll all be fine like that

annoying kind of way what I mean is

don't doubt your body or don't let

anyone allow you to start that little

voice in the back your mind thinking I

don't know if I can do this or I don't

know if I can handle this or I'm gonna

try if you genuinely want to have a

natural birth you want to do it

unmedicated or if you're planning a home

birth and there's a little voice in the

back of your mind thinking I don't know

if I can handle the pain like all of my

friends or family members around me have

had epidurals or you're just not sure if

you can handle the pain of childbirth

don't worry you were made to do this and

if that is what you want to do you

genuinely want to have an unmedicated

childbirth where you want to have your

baby at home don't worry if your body

can do it because you can totally do it

you were made for this and by addressing

those worries you can just knock them

out of the way I know when I was having

my second birth with my son we were

doing a home water birth but I had come


the experience of a really rough labor

delivery situation I didn't have a lot

of support I ended up getting pushed

into an epidural so I was afraid I ended

up getting an epidural at 8 centimeters

because I didn't have any support didn't

have anybody to say let's do maybe some

practice bushes and see if we can you

know stretch a little bit more or let's

you know try some positions or anything

so coming to my second birth I was

afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle

past 8 centimeters dilated or passed

transition to pushing one fear that I

expressed my midwife with my second baby

was I just didn't know if I could handle

like I've never experienced the pain of

pushing because I had had the epidural

but by telling her that by voicing that

by saying what I was thinking and

feeling she was able to address that and

tell me basically

Britany contractions you know they start

here and they get to a certain intensity

and they don't go more than what you can

bear like you are made to do this you

are made to birth your baby and that

intensity of contractions it goes up and

up and up but it's never gonna go more

than what you can bear and pushing it's

the same thing you're when you're

working with your body you can do it and

the more you work with your body the

less painful it is going to be I so wish

someone had told me that with my first

and I wish I had had someone that I had

more time to talk with and to address

those fears with my hospital birth or

with the physician so I guess you live

and learn but I can pass that on to you

guys if you have fears in the back of

your mind or you're doubting just don't

even let that take root and push those

worries aside because you can do it my

next point goes hand-in-hand with the

first and that is to talk it out with

your provider whether you have an OB and

you're planning a hospital birth even

though you'll typically have a shorter

appointment time when I was seeing at OB

my appointments for about 30 minutes

versus when I was seeing a midwife her

appointments were about an hour so

you've got you know half the time when

you're with an OB but if there are

things that you really are worrying

about or you want to talk about bring

them up and see what she can offer and

if you feel like you're not getting

support you can always decide to switch

to a different one in the office

that might work better for you or give

you more confidence I know an issue that

I had was my doctor that I had for my

visits she wasn't actually there to

deliver me so that was kind of hard to

you have a break in communication based

on who's on call when you'll be

delivering or when you happen to go into

labor so that's difficult but if you

have somebody that you feel relates to

you and can understand you that will

prop you for the best mindset and the

best birth overall and the same goes for

if you have a midwife if you've got

things that you're thinking about just

voice them bring them up in your

appointments she is there to support you

emotionally and if you've got doulas or

friends who've also given birth bring it

up to them anybody that you're

comfortable with just let it out talk

about it address those fears or things

that are in the back of your mind and if

you have someone who has brought up I

know everybody likes to give their birth

horror stories to pregnant women and I

don't know why they do that I'm sorry of

people who've done that but if you have

somebody close to you let's say your

mother where someone has had an awful

birth experience or something that went

wrong address that with your provider

because if there's something scary

that's happened with you know someone

related to you you kind of might start

feeling well that might happen to me

because we're build a life or we have

the same genetics but that is not

necessarily the case so bring that up in

your appointment talk it out and get rid

of that doubt my next tip and sort of

birthing strategy is visualization I

really really think this one is

important and it is so helpful

especially if you're going in with the

mindset of a non medicated birth or a

home birth because you know you don't

have medicine here but I think that

visualizing how your birth is gonna go

what it might look like where you might

labor even if you like let's say that

you're planning on breathing in your

bedroom visualize where the pool is

gonna go visualize what might be

comfortable to rock on or where you

where might be comfortable to stand or

squat or walking around the house even

if you're just relaxing like laying in

bed listening to some nice music and

thinking about that or maybe thinking

about it at night I think it is so

comforting to picture just a peaceful

birth and I can tell you for an

experience that it definitely helps you

when you're actually going through labor

and delivery to have those thoughts in


and have those positive thoughts and be

familiar with everything and I already

have pictured that and since you've

already got them you know you've

probably already got the big old

pregnant belly when you're watching this

and you feel you know when your baby's

kicking down there or maybe you're

already having some pre-labor

contractions you're feeling a little

glimpse of what its gonna feel like in

labor so don't belittle the fact that

you already kind of know what to expect

here if you've gone through menstrual

cramps it's kind of similar to that even

if you've never had a baby before don't

belittle the fact that you can

definitely visualize you can definitely

plan and you can do this you could

totally do it now I could go on and on

about this topic for so long I've

probably felt my own masterclass because

I'm just so passionate about birth and

pregnancy and the whole process is just

amazing to me and I loved it so much but

that would be a different video and a

whole series the next tip I have for you

is about relaxing just relax when the

process is unfolding so I mean like when

you're having either Braxton Hicks

contractions or if they're progressing

and you're starting to go into

full-blown actual labor contractions

through transition keep in your mind

that point of what your body is doing

like this is what is bringing your

precious little baby finally to you this

process if you can relax now I don't

mean just like relax and peace I mean

like in your mind release that anxiety

and allow your body to do what it's

doing so for those of you that have had

babies before a lot of people will

explain it as you know your belly is

suddenly tightening and it gets tighter

tighter tighter that's the uterus

contracting that's the baby being pushed

down if you can relax and breathe with

that and breathe your baby down it's

gonna help even if you start to feel

like it's getting a bit much after

you've gone through contraption after

contraption when you've got that little

break in between keep that point in your

mind of this is getting me closer this

contraction is so much closer than the

one before it and as you're waiting for

the next one to come just gain that

strength up breathe and get ready for

the next one because it's gonna bring

you that much closer and I think at that

point when you feel like you just can't

like I don't know if I could do this

I'm gonna be able to last much longer

through these contractions I think

that's when your life you're almost done

that is like the end of transition at

least that's what I've experienced and

that's when it's time to like start to

do some practice pushes now my last tip

in having a successful and an amazing

natural birth is to prep as early as you


even before you conceive to start

prepping your body to be strong and to

be healthy as early as you can even if

you let's say you haven't done any form

of exercise or you haven't been eating

healthy and you're already halfway

through your pregnancy the earlier you

can start the better for one for your

peace of mind just knowing how strong

you can be and how strong you are but

also obviously it's gonna help build up

some muscle tone in your body and it's

gonna help your baby to be healthy and

just overall promote success with that

so make sure you're getting enough water

make sure you're walking make sure

you're getting enough protein and folic

acid all of those are really important

vitamins minerals sunshine if you've got

it in your area all of those good for

you things make sure you're doing

everything you can to build your body up

and especially with your nutrition that

is probably the biggest thing that you

can control as a pregnant mama is the

nutrition that you and your baby are

taking in and that'll really help during

labor and delivery and even after

childbirth to with nursing and all that

good stuff well that's gonna be it with

my tips I also wanna let you guys know

if you are curious about my home birth

my experience I do have both my home

birth story and my actual birth footage

if you'd like to check that out I'll

have them linked up in the cards and

down in the description below I think

it's helpful to just see the experience

of other people and be able to feel more

comfortable with how birth can look

Hollywood often portrays moms and labor

as being helpless and screaming and

crying and in so much pain and just

unsure of what's happening to them so if

you need a little bit of extra help with

visualization and if you'd like to see a

natural real mama experience then I've

got my birth date down below for you

anyways guys thumbs up if you liked it

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