Anxiety TEST: do you have anxiety? Are you prone to panic attacks?

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hey this video includes an anxiety test

and some important strategies to follow

if you suffer from anxiety you will get

eight questions that are designed to

help you determine whether you suffer

from anxiety or not my name is Heath

born and raised in Europe in Brussels

and the author of this book bad ass ways

to end anxiety and stop panic attacks

I'm also the creator of an audio course

followed by thousands of people on my


I love panic attacks calm and those

people follow my audio course because

they want to overcome their anxiety and

their panic attacks I overcame my own

anxiety issues in 2004 and I've been

helping people ever since now if you

suffer from anxiety please understand

that you're far from alone

according to the official National

Institute of Mental Health so from the

government eighteen point one percent of

the population suffers from anxiety

that's a lot of people right twenty two

point eight percent of those people have

severe anxiety now that means that if

you've been in a room with say a hundred

people you were definitely not the only

one with anxiety there you've probably

already been in the immediate vicinity

of someone suffering from a panic attack

but that person was simply really good

at hiding their anxiety that's why you

may not have noticed it anxiety can

limit our lives in many ways first of

all there are many types of anxiety and

anxiety disorders you can have a

generalized anxiety disorder simply put

that's when you feel anxious most of the

time so the anxiety seems to accompany

you the entire day there can be peaks of

anxiety like a panic attack but you will

feel anxiety multiple times per day and

you will be checking in on your anxiety

on your feelings for some people their

anxiety is there from the moment they

open their eyes in the morning until the

night when they fall asleep and then the

anxiety is going to make it difficult to

sleep social anxiety is another form of

anxiety that a lot of people suffer from

and I did too I even got a social phobia

because of my social anxiety now social

anxiety starts when other people seem to

give you a feeling of this

Comfort you may not like being in a

place with a lot of people or get

anxiety when you have to speak in front

of a couple of people or a group of

people you may feel like you don't have

a lot of self-esteem and all of that is

linked to social anxiety and when

because of that anxiety you start to

avoid social activities to not feel the

anxiety that's when it becomes a social

phobia there are other forms of anxiety

like hypochondria derealization

agoraphobia and more but the primary

question is do you suffer from anxiety

it's an important question because it

took me a couple of years before I

finally realized that all that I was

feeling and experiencing was in fact

anxiety I knew something was wrong with

me but I didn't know it was anxiety

because nobody had told me so

let's get to the anxiety test take out a

piece of paper and write down how many

times you'll say yes and no to the

following eight questions ready question

number one in the last week have you had

a feeling of intense discomfort or fear

even though you were not in imminent

physical danger write down yes or no

question number two do you suffer from

worries that you cannot seem to get out

of your mind

recurring worries about a future event

or something else and they keep coming

back yes or no question number three

have you have you had a hard time

sleeping in the last week falling asleep

you wake up at night or you wake up way

too early yes or no question number four

do you feel restless on edge often yes

or no

question number five is the reason or

one of the reasons why you found this

video making it hard for you to focus at

work or during class for instance yes or

no number six in general do you have

problems concentrating does your mind

keep jumping from one thing to the next

and then to the next yes-or-no question

number seven an important one have you

recently experienced symptoms like a

racing heart shortness of breath chest

pain dizziness hot flashes or chills a

tingling sensation on your skin

faintness or sudden digestive issues yes

or no if you answer yes to this question

then it's important to talk about these

with and to your doctor obviously

question number eight in the last week

have you felt afraid as if you as if you

thought something awful might happen yes

or no okay so now please add up the

yeses how many times did you reply yes

if you replied yes less than once then

you do not suffer from debilitating

anxiety and you're probably fine

if you replied yes twice then there is

some anxiety in your life but it doesn't

seem abnormal to me and probably not

even to you if you replied yes three to

four times then it's clear that anxiety

is starting to limit your life and it

may be worth learning how to overcome

anxiety because overcoming anxiety is

not that hard if you're willing to put

in an effort that's what's required the

effort if you replied yes five times or

more then you where I was at when I

suffered from generalized anxiety

disorder and panic attacks and when

anxiety controlled my entire life in

fact as soon as you're over four yeses

then I think you should take action I've

suffered from anxiety and panic attacks

for 14 years for that long

partially because I always believed that

the anxiety would end on its own but it


I tried therapy they simply wanted to

talk about my past then myths were

prescribed but I didn't want to take

them because I wanted to find a natural

cure for anxiety so take action do

something get help to overcome your

anxiety you can go find a therapist you

can read books you can follow a course

and if you want my help then you can

start by reading my book badass ways to

end anxiety and stop panic attacks you

can come on over - I love panic attacks

calm where you will find more videos my

free newsletter and the audio course

that my clients follow from home

whatever you do take a first step today

don't wait for it to end on its own take

that step fear is normal but unwanted

anxiety is not anxiety is an emotion and

when it starts to dominate your life

your brain is making a mistake if thinks

that there is an imminent danger

that's why launch is anxiety when there

is no danger and we simply need to train

our brain so it doesn't respond with

anxiety unless you've just met an angry

tiger that has been drooling over a

picture of you for months because that

anxiety is fine but in most of the cases

where you feel anxiety now it probably

isn't there you go

I hope you've liked this video if you

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so much more in store for you I know how

difficult it is to have anxiety to

suffer from generalized anxiety disorder

social phobia social anxiety panic

attacks and more because I've had it and

I've been helping people since 2005 I

overcame it in 2004 feels like

essentially ago but I've been doing it

because that's my mission on this planet

and I hope that this video has already

helped you a little bit

I love making it for you and I want you

to know that we're in this together