animated wallpaper tutorial free - how to get animated wallpaper on pc for free! windows 10 [2021]

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are you tired of your normal desktop

it's just boring it's just a still image

but yeah you want an animated image but

wallpaper engine actually costs money

on a free way to do it all right i did

this for completely free there's no

virus in this so

if you're interested

then keep

yes record it after the whole process is


right now i have nothing on even the


that's going to be used here it's not


so i'm going to show you guys how to do


well basically the entire thing so i'm

just going to minimize obs just open

your browser just search up lively


and now you there the top link this will

be in the description below

um in case you don't want to search for

it if you want to search for it go ahead

but the link to this will be in the

description anyways

so yeah uh once you're here just go to


and press installer setup

when you press this you will just get


it's only 100 megabytes not that much

but i'm not going to install it because

i already have it

but i haven't installed it on my

computer so

now once you have it all you just go to

your downloads folder

and it should be right here lively setup


86 full all i have to do

is just double click it and just press


whichever you want i'm just going to

press this off for me only

now it's just a language just use

english unless you want other languages

and press ok just press i accept the


press next press next again

and press next again and you can either

create a

desktop shortcut or you can't

not do it or you can not do it that

okay now next you just want to press

next button again

press install

now we just wait for it to install it it

shouldn't take a long time

i'm just going to close that and um

uh i should also note that around this

time you'll probably get another

like another pop-up of you gonna have to

install uh microsoft i i don't know

like it's like a redistributable

what pretty disputable what

okay i'm too dumb for this there will be

another pop-up for you

so unless you already have it um if you

don't then just install it if you

don't get the pop-up then just leave it


now once you have it just press launch

and just press finish

now wait for everything to launch and

this will happen

but normally it doesn't tell you to

launch normally it tells you to restart

your pc

but since i've already run it once i

don't have to do it anymore

so yeah just restart your pc

that's all you have to do and um you can

close the help

and now there will be um instantly a

couple of uh

selection of wallpaper that you can find


yeah there's um other wallpapers

and there's also some customizable

wallpaper which i have to

this and then you can get the intensity

speed brightness and swords

everything really

so yeah it's it's very it's it's very


and you can also have lightning 30 fps

look and turn it off

but if you want to use your own

per se you only have to do just go to


and then you can either get a video or

animated gif

now that is i

actually don't like that

no there's two ways you can either just

get like a

gif animate gif or you can get a video

now there i i i don't find it easy to

find jiff i

for some reason i don't know why i did i

just don't so i i just find a video

personally for me easiest way just go to

um go to youtube.com

so um yeah i obviously already

downloaded mine

all right so i got things properly set

up now

so you know you just just just load it

yeah just load it you don't need the

title you can put the title

it's not gonna matter really i promise

it doesn't matter

just press okay now keep this window is

focused meaning

like it shouldn't really like press


other things whilst it's processing now

once it's done

you you can just uh yeah just press your

start button or whatever

and it should work

i don't know if you can hear it but i'm

pretty sure you should be able to hear


yeah the music

you can change this in the settings of


where you can just change the

whether you wanted to output

audio or not now there is

the the one of the only unfortunate

thing about this i can

see is that

the audio out there is no

like there is no like volume setting so

you can't

change it out up and down you can you

need to do that with

the actual video itself

that's why i rent re-rendered it


because it was too loud when i got it

you can also get the wallpaper playback



so there will be like nothing and pause


so like if other uh application is

focused like this

per se as you can see the the

audio turns off but the this is still


so if i want to like make it pause you

know to save some power maybe

just press pause and then once you go to

another as you can see the

background is paused yeah so that's what

i did with the application full screen

because like if it's focused then it's

completely fine but it

but when it's on like full screen then i

don't want it to

also turn this off just so like because


apparently it doesn't um

it doesn't see a sony vegas as a

well full screen and

it just keeps playing songs when i'm

editing video and that's

not what i would like so yeah

you can use whatever video you want



so if you want to disable it if as you

can see i already like closed the app

but it's still going

so all you have to do is just you can

either just go to task manager

and um go down here to lively

wpf and just end task or

you can go to this here right click on

this and just press exit

so yeah well so if you

enjoy the video press like it every like

helps me

more than you think and um

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if that's what you're worried about

probably not if you never mind uh

i can't do this why