10 Tips You MUST Know For An AMAZING Relationship

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hey everyone this is stefan from

projectlifemastery.com from the lex

health and today we're gonna share with

you guys 10 relationship tips for having

an amazing relationship and these are

tips that have really helped us and

that's why we want to share them with

you yeah so let's dive right into it

tip number one is to have a vision and

goals for your relationship now I feel

this is really important because a lot

of people they're in a relationship but

they don't really have a vision that

they're moving towards they don't have

goals that together they can move

towards and be able to accomplish or be

able to manifest or create you know I

feel like oftentimes at the beginning of

a relationship people might have the

goal just to be with that partner or to

be in a relationship with them or to

maybe eventually start a family with

them but oftentimes as relationships

grow and as they go on a lot of couples

lose that vision they lose that goal and

they often you know may have their

vision for their business or vision for

their health and body but they don't

realize that their relationship is

something that you also have to have a

vision for a vision in the sense of

having a picture in your mind of how

great or how amazing it can be and when

you have that that's what you're gonna

put the work in for so that you can both

both grow together evolve each other

help serve each other so that you can

create an amazing family life more love

more passion more adventure maybe it's

traveling the world together maybe it's

to contribute together in meaningful

ways and just really have that that

strong communication that foundation I

think it really all starts with having

that vision those goals that you're

moving towards absolutely and it's it's

so important that you're aligned in that

realm because it's one thing for you

know one partner to have the vision for

their relationship with you and then you

would have a different vision for your

relationship with them but it's

important that you're aligned so you

know if one partner wants to have kids

and the other person doesn't want to

have kids well they're not aligned with

their vision for their relationships so

we recommend just you know sitting down

together having no distractions maybe an

hour of your day and just listening to

the other person coming up with ideas


just writing down a real vision for your

relationship and then goals maybe for

that year of things that you want to do

or activities that you want to do

together mm-hmm and we actually we have

a journal relationship journal or we

have this written down and every month

or so we go through this and we reflect

on our vision and we just remind

ourselves what we want to create

long-term this vision is 10 years 20

years even 30 years oh we're thinking

that far ahead and then planning out the

goals you know when we ever we plan out

the year we make sure that our goals are

in alignment so you know travel goals

contribution goals self development


health goals so that we're both moving

in the same direction doing the same

similar things because otherwise like

she said if one person wants to you know

travel the world the other person

doesn't then that's gonna be a conflict

and it's very important to make sure you

discuss that ahead of time in advance

you're on the same page in your

relationship moving in that same

direction supporting each other along

the way in order to make that happen

yeah absolutely and this brings us to

tip number two which is growing together

so by setting these goals and having

this vision together you really set

yourself up for an amazing future of

growth in the relationship so you know

we go to a lot of seminars and a lot of

events different kinds not just business

but most of those things when possible

we do them together and we do it because

we're both gonna benefit from the

content but we're also both gonna grow

you know sometimes you might have

experienced this where you go to an

amazing seminar and then you come home

and you're excited to tell your partner

but you can't really explain the depth

of what happened you know it's hard to

explain something you have to experience

it so for example Tony Robbins events

that we go to it's it's nice because we

don't even have to explain that we get

it we've been there we've experienced it

together we've grown so much so we

really put an emphasis on just growing

together in whatever way possible yeah

and you're either gonna grow together

are you gonna grow apart and an

important a lot of relationships a lot

of couples they grow apart you know if

one person is going off they're into

self-development and they're going to

seminars they're learning they're

growing and they're accelerating their

life like this but then the other part

is not into that they're not into

self-development they're not into

growing they're not coming to you to the

events or pushing their comfort zone and

then they may stay stagnant you know

they might feel like they're getting

left behind order they might be going in

a totally different direction as you are

and often times over several years you

might find yourself in a totally

different direction in that person and I

think growing together not just self

development but every aspect of life you

know we try to make sure that we're

growing together with health you know

we're both super into health we're

learning about it trying to become

healthier more fit more alive and we're

able to grow together in that direction

versus if you might be with your partner

where you know you're really into health

and fitness but they're not then what's

gonna happen you're gonna feel like

they're holding you back

or they're gonna feel like you know

they're you're going in a different

direction than they are and again that

can be the beginning of the end so

making sure that you're growing together

and you're also investing in your

partner you know invest in their growth

invest in their journey so that they can

be at their best and then they're gonna

do the same thing for you and then

that's that way you're both at your

absolute best in life and you're on the

same page and you're gonna be able to

manifest that vision that you have and

you know having said that that can bring

us to tip number three which is

unconditional giving and love and you

know investing your partner might be

something that's a little bit hard for

you to do in the beginning you might

have some barriers with that but really

to have an amazing relationship you just

have to give that unconditional love in

whatever form that might be for us we're

always giving each other love we never

hold back we never deny each other of

anything and knowing how to give that

person that unconditional love is very

important as well

yeah and that requires you just having

the courage to give and just be

vulnerable and love that person no

matter what so there might be times in

your relationship where you feel

insecure you feel afraid you feel

vulnerable you feel you know a little

bit selfish at times or maybe you're not

you know you're upset with your other

part your partner that you're with and

you want to punish them or hold back and

withhold your love and anytime that you

withhold your love you with whole

old you've giving unconditionally then

you're hurting the relationship you're

actually hurting the whole cause and and

what you guys are in this for and so in

a relationship you have to be more

mature even at times more spiritually

mature where even though they might not

deserve it even if you're upset even if

it's unfair even if they're trying to

hurt you even if they're reacting

they're stressed whatever it might be

you have to make sure that you remove

yourself and you focus on serving your

partner just loving unconditionally and

meeting their needs and that requires

you to understand what their needs are

and meet what their needs are not your

needs because sometimes we give what we

think you know what we want but your

partner might have a totally different

needs that need to be met that requires

you to get outside yourself and focus on

you know what does she really need for

me you know how can I love her how can I

support her how can I give to her

unconditionally and and it requires

effort requires work it requires a new

standard but it's that standard of both

people giving unconditionally to one

another that's really gonna create an

amazing relationship and I mean for men

and women but I can definitely speak for

a woman sometimes when you withhold love

there can be a sense of power to that

and really that power stems from

insecurity and it's really you you need

to understand that that is the worst

thing that you can do for your

relationship in the moment it might feel

like this is the only way to protect

yourself as a defensive mechanism but

really withholding love in any form is

really such a disturbance to a healthy

relationship so we make sure to never do

that and if it does happen at some point

in time we openly communicate that which

brings us to point number four is

communication it's such a simple term

such a simple concept but so many

couples have such challenges with

communicating healthly in their

relationship it becomes such a problem

because one partner might not feel the

open space to freely communicate their

emotions and feelings but how does that

happen how can you know people being an

amazing relationship but one person

feels afraid to communicate something

to their partner how does it get to that

point yeah I think a big part of its

fear you know a lot of people they're

afraid to really express themselves

because sometimes if you might

something's bothering you

you know maybe something that your

partner did or said is bothering you or

affecting you or you might have a

different vision and they me up they

might have and in order to just to

please that person sometimes you might

not bring that up you might not want to

offend them you might not want to be

able to cause any friction in

relationship but what happens is when

you don't communicate that then it

builds and it can often build resentment

within yourself and eventually gets to

that point where you just explode on the

person it comes out of nowhere because

it's been building up whereas if you

have open honest communication from the

start and you express it and and they're

being fair to your partner as well and

it's gonna help you be able to have

actually have a discussion of

communication about that and resolve

things and just make sure that things

don't get worse than what they need to

be it's much easier to deal with a

problem when it's small versus when it's

when it's a lot bigger and unfortunately

that's what happens and a lot of

relationships is the problems grow they

big they don't even talk about or

discuss you know a lot of these things

that are very important and one thing

that's helped us is having a system for

communication so every week or every

month actually having a ritual that we

have to actually check in on the

relationship just like you might with a

business goal you know in business

you've got goals and you do a regular

check in with your team you can

communicate you discuss your resolve

things doing the same thing in a

relationship where you check in and just

find out how their needs are being met

or what challenges or problems or how

can we grow our relationship and having

that open communication so that you can

proactively move towards our vision in

the direction that you want to go and

have that amazing relationship but also

address anything that might have come up

anything that might be bothering you

know the other person if you regularly

do that on a weekly or monthly basis

then you know you'll ensure that there's

open and clear and honest communication

in your relationship and it's not going

to get to that point where it's you know

something happens

nowhere where things get bad or

uncomfortable whatever it might be yeah

so let's break that down just real

quickly for them we mentioned our

relationship Journal this is this is how

we create that space so maybe throughout

the week you're not really feeling in

that safe space to openly communicate

about something that's really heavy on

your heart but if you're dedicating one

hour per week and you have it in your

calendar both you and your partner or

maybe it's once per month and in that

moment in that timeframe you're able to

then have an open discussion about

whatever it is that's been bothering you

that week and just really open the space

so that there's no judgment there's no

criticism and what we also do is

something that might help you is dyads

so diods is a great way that we learn

that's really enhanced a relationship

where one person speaking and the other

person does not respond we have another

video on this that goes more into depth

maybe we could create a new one

but basically the dyads allow for that

open communication without any reaction

really from the partner and sometimes we

don't communicate because we're afraid

of that reaction yeah so that's a that's

a great tip for you guys look at more

into dyads because it's definitely gonna

help ya Nick the key to that is not you

know when you give your partner that

space to express or share your job isn't

to debate or argue or have your opinion

that's irrelevant all you're gonna do is

just let them speak let them share and

just thank them for that

you know give them that that that space

to be able to communicate without you

reacting in whatever type of way and

you're giving them that space and then

they give you that space as well and

it's a very effective way because your

job when they're sharing and they're

opening themselves is not again to judge

or yell or argue or say you're right or

you're wrong it's just to love them and

support them and focus on what they

really need and just serving them the

best way that you can and kind of leads

to the next point that I want to throw

into the next tip that we got for you

guys is to really know your partner's

intent and to really trust that fully

because in order to have a really great

relationship there's gonna be times

thread relationship where your partner's

stressed or they're going through a

tough time

and often you know when you're stressed

or tired or whatever it is you might be

going through you might react in certain

ways you know your partner get up might

get upset with you or snap and say

something negative or say something mean

you might be hurt by that and it's

really important to understand and know

and trust your partner's intent fully

you know I know that no matter what

tatianna does I know her intent is pure

she's amazing she's honest she's loving

I know who she really is okay I've

decided on that a long time ago so no

matter what she does I'm gonna always

know her intent and love her

unconditionally you know it might come

up in certain behavior where she's

stressed and reacts a certain way but I

know that her behavior is not really who

she is that's just a manifestation of

the stress that she might be going

through or you know an insecurity or a

fear or who knows what that is so when

you really know and trust their intent

that allows you to understand that no

matter what's going on I'm gonna still

continue to love this person I know

their soul I know their spirit you know

that we're you know we're gonna be

together we love each other and when you

know that you trust that that gives you

a sense of certainty and confidence in

your relationship that no matter what

goes on you're gonna still love this

person no matter what yeah absolutely

and we follow this 100% so I mean by no

means is any relationship perfect and

neither as ours but by knowing that we

come from pure hearts and we both love

each other so much and we have a great

and honest intention for each other no

matter what happens we know that it's

okay it's it's not what's happening in

the moment it's like okay we understand

that you might react a certain way to

whatever is going on in your life but we

know that your intent is good so if I

for example you know feel very offended

by a way that he spoke to me because I

know his intentions pure I might say

okay right now he's not in the mindset

to be having a discussion about this

with me but maybe at the end of the day

we can talk about it and then we can

have that open discussion because I know

his intent is pure it allows for that

open discussion so everything kind of

flows together and that's why it's


to kind of that's why these tips are on

this video because we feel like

everything is so valuable in our

relationship for sure so we've got five

more tips for you guys but we actually

decided to break this video up and do a

bit of a collaboration so in order to

follow the five additional tips that we

have I'm gonna link to the second part

of this video that's gonna be on the lux

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head on over to Lux health and you can

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head over there right now awesome thanks

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