How to get an AFRO (tutorial)

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hello guys welcome back to my channel

I'm Zoe Foster and I'm back today with a

brand new video and today I am going to

show you guys how to achieve an afro so

how to achieve the big Pro alright so it

doesn't matter what kind of hair type

you have I mean I think it would work

best with like type 3 type 4 hair but

you can always give it a try I'm here to

show you guys how I did it I actually

thought I never could achieve a bow with

my hair texture but I did so I'm here to

show that to you guys today so yeah

without further ado let's jump right

into this video

all right so before anything else you're

going to want to detangle your hair all

right you want your hair to be detangled

it's just gonna be easier that way

here I've detangled my hair already

so yeah it's getting its drying a little

bit but i detangled everything i haven't

washed it haven't done anything yet I

just detangle it with water now I'm

going to be adding the SheaMoisture

intense hydration hair mask personally

when I do this hairstyle this afro look

and everything my hair tends to get a

bit dry because I don't put a lot of

product otherwise it's just going to

weigh my hair down so I make sure to

deep condition beforehand and that's

exactly what I'm going to do now alright

guys so I've applied the deep

conditioner and I'm going to be leaving

it on for about I don't know 45 minutes

an hour

and then I'll be rinsing it off and I'll

start styling

all right so I have rinsed out the deep

conditioner that I left on for about an

hour with cold water

I insist with cold water because we want

to avoid frizz and warm water just makes

your hair frizzy alright so with cold

water and I made sure to rinse off every

bit of product because I do not want my

hair to be way down this is really

important because the more products to

add to your hair the more your hair is

going to be way down alright so now I

did put a microfiber towel over my head

and so this is my hair after deep

conditioning it and with no product

whatsoever so it is kind of moisturized

I feel like it's moisturized so yeah

when applying the products you want to

make sure that your hair is not too wet

because first of all it's gonna take

forever to dry and second of all I feel

like it's just ways your hair down I

don't know I just have to try this

couple of times and this is how I do it

and it works best this way alright so

you can take your spray bottle whatever

and just spray just a little bit you

don't want your hair to be too dry so

yeah and another important thing here is

to cause one like round afro so going to

try and avoid any parting whatsoever I

usually have a middle part so I'm just

going to like kind of you know comb my

hair really in all the directions

possible because you want to avoid like

any party otherwise your hair when it

dries is just gonna part on the side or

in the middle or whatever and it's just

not gonna giving you the result that you

want alright so just do that


all right not once that's done you're

going to take your normal leave-in

conditioner oops I forgot it alright so

like I said you're going to want to take

your leave in your usual leave-in

conditioner I'm using this leave-in

conditioner from L'Oreal this elsif

neelix called enough it's a French it's

in French whatever but I will put

everything down below like the link and

everything so you guys can see it's

super light and I insist because like I

said the less product you put the more

volume you get again the bigger the fro

alright and so this is really light and

it still moisturizes my hair so this is

a good one alright so so you're kind of

just gonna want to apply like all over

you know not like me focusing on

definition that's not the point here

cuz you won't get definition don't worry

but we're our main goal here is volume

from the fro

but you don't want your hair to be

looking dry either so make sure to apply

on the ends as well and if you feel like

your hair is getting dry just add a bit

of water

so you see guys naturally my hair is

already starting to part so we want to

avoid that and bring everything to the

front or to the back just avoid any

parting whatsoever


all right so next step I'm going to be

taking the styling cream from diva curl

so yeah this is just to give it a little

bit of definition because I don't want

to have too much risk either but it's

also like product and it doesn't weigh

my hair down


all right guys so I'm done applying the

product so now I'm just gonna be letting

it air dry for I don't know like as much

as I can and then I'll be blow-drying it

just to give it that extra volume but if

you're like in a rush and you don't have

time just like air dried for about an

hour 30 minutes like really try and air

dry it as much as you can and then use

your blow dryer and if you have like all

the time in the world then just leave

your hair air-dry for the whole day but

you know your girls in a hurry so I'm

just going to let it air dry for like an

hour or two and then I'll blow-dry it

and I'll show you guys the lovely

results boom alright guys so this is my

hair after I don't know a couple of

hours of drying air drying this is not

the best result I know the shrinkage is

real like this is real shrinkage alright

but yeah I'm gonna fix it alright so

what you're gonna need is

a blow dryer and a hair bake so first

what we're gonna do or what I'm gonna do

is take my hair blow my blow dryer and

I'm going to put it on like the lowest

setting possible cuz I don't want to fry

my hair okay

so here we go


alright guys so these are the final

results and this is how I achieve my big

fro it's really simple as you guys can

see so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this

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