BUDGET BRIDES: You ONLY NEED These 5 Things for Your Wedding

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well hello lovely humans and welcome

back to my channel in this week's video

we are going to be talking about the

very basics that you need at your event

and this is for all my people out there

who are ballin on a budget and you're

trying to figure out what do you have to

have at your wedding this whole video

was actually inspired by I did a Q&A on

our JW coordination Instagram last week

and someone said I have three thousand

dollars for my wedding what do I do like

how do what do I focus on and that is

honestly kind of stuck with me for days

it's kind of all I can think about and I

thought why not just make a video let's

just make a video and dive into what you

absolutely have to have at your way what

are the basics like what are the things

if you have a very very limited budget

what do you need to focus on so I came

up with five things that you have to

have at your wedding with two bonus ones

but five is catchy er so that's what

we're gonna put in the title okay okay

so without further ado let's just jump

right on into it


if you are balling on a budget and you

want to have a successful wedding day

the first thing that you have to do and

this is gonna sound so dumb okay like

I'm aware of that this probably like yes

everyone's gonna know this but you have

to have a spot to hold it you have to

have a location this can be a backyard

this can be your local church or

synagogue this can be a park a public

park those are very very inexpensive to

get married at but first and foremost

you got to have a spot and when you're

looking around for a place to host your

wedding make sure that that place has an

appropriate amount of restrooms this is

a very basic thing but oftentimes gets

overlooked you will need one restroom

for every 35 to 50 people so if you're

inviting 150 guests then you're probably

gonna need about three restrooms if not

more and picking the location doesn't

have to be expensive you do not have to

break the bank and put $10,000 down on a

venue I'm not knocking those who have

chosen to do that but right now I'm

speaking to my brides and grooms who are

operating on a budget that will not

allow them to do that the next thing you

have to have at your event is some sort

of food and beverage now I'm not saying

you have to serve a five-course meal

absolutely not and I'm also not saying

that you have to serve alcohol but there

is this preconceived notion that people

will be served something to eat at your

event instead of doing a plate of dinner

you can opt for a buffet also when

looking around for food options try to

look for something that's not meat based

whether that's a personal preference or

dietary restriction that's up to you but

financially speaking if you opt for

something that is grain or vegetable

based it's going to be a lot cheaper so

if you go with pasta that's gonna be

super affordable if you go with the taco

guy who supplements the tacos with beans

and rice that's gonna be so much more

affordable than steak and potatoes for

absolutely every guest you could also do

an appetizer and dessert only reception

like you don't have to serve a full meal

you will need to go really heavy on

those appetizers and you will need to

let your guests know beforehand either

on your invitation or on your website or

both you do need to communicate that

this like a full meal will not be served

and the way you would phrase that is an

appetizer only reception to follow nice

easy way of being like we're not feeding

you a full meal okay okay and as far as

the beverages are concerned you don't

have to have alcohol if you choose to

have alcohol I would suggest going beer

and wine

only because that's gonna be a lot more

affordable than trying to figure out all

the hard alcohol is involved and then

the mixers that go with those but if you

choose to forego alcohol entirely you

can just do something as simple as water

ice tea and lemonade's that way there's

something to suit almost every taste and

you don't need to go out of your way to

buy sodas or other fun drinks when

people can hey they can even make their

own Arnold Arnold Palmer hey why is that

so hard for me to say I Arnold Palmer

item number three of what you will

absolutely need for your event is some

sort of seating now you can choose to do

a standing only ceremony and if you do

that make sure it's really fast because

you don't want people standing in the

high heels for forty-five minutes like

that's just cruel and unusual punishment

so if you're going to have a standing

only ceremony be sure to keep it brief

and then when it comes to the reception

ideally tables and chairs with a linen

on top would be the perfect scenario

however if you are staring down the

barrel of a $3,000 budget renting all of

those items is going to be a lot more

difficult so I would suggest when you're

looking at venues look for places that

already have tables and chairs included

and as far as seating goes you don't

even have to have tables and chairs you

can go creative and have a picnic

wedding instead just borrow a bunch of

blankets from your own home from your

family from your friends and have people

just enjoy a beautiful day lounging on

the grass somewhere on a cute little

blanket because it's such a vibe and

it's really really cute and that same

thread actually kind of skipping back to

the food for just a minute you can do a

potluck style reception if you want to

some people are like hard pass I'm not

doing it that doesn't feel right to me

that just feels weird I don't want

people to bring food to our wedding and

other people are thinking that's genius

especially if it's a picnic it has like

a casual relaxed fun vibe to it like you

know your family and your friends way

better than I do but if they're the

right type of people a potluck could be

a great option for you the only thing I

will say about seating is you will need

to make sure that you have chairs and

tables available for those who can't sit

on the ground or stand for extended

periods of time the floor thing that

you're going to need to have is

something to wear you do not need to buy

a $5,000 dress and then spend $1,200 on

alterations if you choose to do that

with your finances that is completely up

to you but again this is for my people

who just don't have that kind of wiggle

room or I choose

not to spend that kind of money in these

areas of their life you can buy a

secondhand dress I did that and I

absolutely loved it you can rent a dress

you can borrow a dress you can go to

David's Bridal for their $99 sale and

find yourself a gorgeous dress to wear

heck you could probably even thrift a

dress for really really inexpensive and

then get it altered so it fits you like

a glove and still save a whole lot of

money and if you're wearing a suit

definitely rent instead of purchasing

you just need something to wear it

doesn't even have to be white it doesn't

even have to be a dress you can wear a

pantsuit you can wear black you could

wear pink it doesn't matter so whatever

color that is or whatever style that is

that's up to you but you're definitely

gonna want something unique to wear for

your wedding day and last but not least

number five some way to capture the

memories now of course I highly

recommend hiring an experienced

photographer because then your gosh-darn

ear guaranteed to get amazing photos

from your wedding day so if there's one

splurge make it be the one thing other

than the marriage that you're taking

away from this and let it be the photos

now a couple of quick tips to make a

professional photographer more

affordable see if you can cut the amount

of hours that they would be willing to

be there instead of an eight-hour

package go for a six hour package or

maybe even a five hour package I will

say we did the wedding with a four-hour

package and that was a little bit rough

that was like that was a lot to get

through in a short amount of time but

you can always ask a photographer to

come for a shorter period of time the

worst they can say is no and then you'll

find someone else for your wedding day

now if you can't afford a professional

photographer definitely have a wedding

hashtag and encourage your guests to

take photos we all know that I'm a huge

fan of unplugged ceremonies like I'm not

subtle about it I love them but if you

don't have money for a photographer then

you don't have money for a photographer

and that is the moment that you're gonna

have your friends and family take photos

for you instead but if you utilize a

hashtag then that's a great way for to

encourage people to take more photos for

you it also wouldn't hurt to designate

one family member or friend with a DSLR

or some sort of fancy camera and just a

modicum of editing skills to take photos

for you now before I have any

photographers getting at me in the

comments if y'all have been around my

channel for even a short period of time

thing that I will always preach is is

the value of a professional in each and

every field the value of a professional

photographer the value of a professional

videographers the value of a

full-service catering team you guys they

are fantastic companies to work with yes

but if you don't have the money you

don't have the money so I'm not knocking

professional photography if you have the

room in your budget to make that work I

highly encourage you to do so notice I'm

not even saying a coordinator at this

point I'm pushing you towards photo like

if there's one thing that you're gonna

take away from your day it's your

photography so if there's one splurge

with a smaller budget I would say let

that be it and then the last two things

that are kind of like bonus so we'll

call this number six and number seven

number six would be some sort of music

again I think that DJ's are unsung

heroes of wedding days for me working

with a good DJ will make or break a

wedding day like it just is it's it's a

fantastic partnership and I love love

love and just care for and cherish

wedding DJs so much because I love them

so much but if you choose to add music

to your wedding day and you can't afford

to or choose not to hire a DJ you can

use a couple of speakers and a Spotify

playlist in fact Spotify has an option

where you can crossfade your songs

during the reception time where it can

actually sound like it's you know

blending from one song to the next that

gives it a slightly more elevated feel

which is great for you just to like

polish it up a little bit just to make

it feel a little bit more professional

and number seven would be flowers you do

not need flowers for your wedding day

you do not have to have them if you are

seating guests at tables though the

table will feel a little empty in the

middle if there isn't something there so

it might be worth considering doing some

sort of centerpiece whether it's those

dollar trees cylindrical glass vases

with some floating candles in them girl

do it that's amazing those are gorgeous

and it's a great way to ground the

middle of your table so they do look a

little empty without it but you don't

need to walk down the aisle with a

bouquet of flowers and you don't need to

get florals for your bridal party either

if y'all owe me flowers are one of my

favorite parts of a wedding day and I'm

full-on giving you permission to say you

don't have to do them now if there is

room in your budget to hire a

professional for any of these categories

that I have mentioned whether that be a

professional venue or a professional

caterer it will be less work for you and

a lot of people will see the

you in that at the end of the day it

comes down to the budget that you have

and your priorities now of course I'd be

remiss if I didn't say this because I am

a pretty big advocate of this the number

one thing that kills your budget and I

did a whole video about it I'm gonna

link it up here the number one thing

that kills your budget is your guest

count if you have 225 people it's gonna

cost you astronomically more than if you

had 75 people just some food for thought

if you are working with a ten thousand

dollar budget or less consider trimming

your guest count because you will be

able to do more with that money now if

this is you if I'm saying all of these

things and you're like just feeling a

sense of relief and like you're being

led off the wedding hook because you

just don't have to do all the things

that you thought you had to do one I'm

so sorry that the industry has made you

feel like you have to spend money on all

these things and two I'm so happy that

you are here in this moment that I can

just give you permission to be like just

do five of these things and you'll be

fine look you'll be totally fine I

created the master plan with you in mind

so if you are if you feel like you are

drowning if you feel like you don't know

what you're doing if you feel like you

just need some guidance and while this

channel I know I'm sure is helpful you

just wish you had something concrete to

work with please utilize the master plan

for those who you don't know I will

leave a link up here it is a it's an

online course that I created where I can

be your online wedding planner for as

little as $1.99 for six months or $2.99

for twelve months it is for the people

who can't afford even a consultation

with a planner it's for the people who

can't afford to hire a day of

coordinator it's for my people because

that was me when I got married so I want

you guys to know that I'm never gonna

lose sight of the budget brides as my

business grows and changes and our

prices rise higher and higher and as I

become less available for people's

events and other planners on my team are

starting to really take over even though

my business is growing like I want you

guys to always have a resource and

that's what the master plan is there's

value in professionals in each and every

field we are in no way knocking

professional photographers or caterers

or DJs I love them they make my life

better but we have to be realistic

sometimes and recognize that 80% of

people getting married in the United

States cannot afford any sort of

planning at all whatsoever and they also

can't afford a $5,000 photographer and

they can't afford a $15,000 venue or

$12,000 catering bill so just keep these

five things in mind maybe seven if you

want to toss those two in and it promise

you as long as you let go of any

preconceived notions that you had for

what your wedding day should look like

and you relax and just enjoy your family

and friends it will be memorable no

matter how much you spent that god that

got a teensy bit ranty um I just I love

you guys and I want you to feel like

your wedding days is a success so if you

just do these few things if that's all

you can afford to do it's going to be a

beautiful day so that's all we have for

today folks thank you so much for

stopping by I hope this has inspired you

I hope it encourages you I hope you

leave this video big like I freaking got

this and if there's still any stress or

any concerns or you want some more

guidance I highly encourage you to check

out the master plan this is like this is

I have like human babies but this is

like my baby I'm very proud of it and I

know it's going to be an amazing amazing

tool for you check it out I'll leave a

link below there's a 30-day money-back

guarantee so if you jump into the course

and you're like nah this isn't for me I

will refund you your money like that's

how much I believe in this if you

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week bye guys