How I Saved Thousands On My Wedding!!!! (Low Budget Wedding)

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my wedding dress was also in the budget

those under $5,000 and we even hit the

$5,000 mark


I'm betting you know a richer so I just

threw on a little blazer moment blazer

turtleneck moment I'm gonna be talking

some little wedding

and right here when I did my wedding in

my video anyways I am doing the video on

like how to have a wedding under five

thousand dollars so like a cheap wedding

ideas because shockingly Ana weddings

range firm like 25k to 30k think is that

average wedding so they go well beyond

that even if I had that money I could

not spend that kind of money on one day

I know it's your wedding day and

everyone sees it differently but me I

see as one amazing day either way

because you're getting married and

you're becoming one with your husband

sorry I have a lava cata toast I'm like

waiting on grant to get home from school

and it's like 7:10 and I'm like hungry

so I need something to hold me over


so number one let's talk about venues

venues is the big price tag that's like

the number one biggest price tag for

sure I think you can easily spend

everyone's the area is different but our

area five thousand easy on the venue for

loans for basically what it costed for

my entire wedding what it costs for my

entire wedding you can easily easily

easily blow on the venue alone so five

thousand eight thousand ten thousand

easy on a venue like that's not even

hard to do something to keep in mind is

like when looking at churches they were

all like over a thousand dollars like

fifteen hundred I said that weird

fifteen hundred for a church which so be

it but since we're only gonna be there

for a 30-minute ceremony I didn't want

to spend them

money and there's a church in our area

that's absolutely beautiful likes

architecture and there's gorgeous I

would have loved to get married there

just because how gorgeous it is and just

really would have set like a romantic

beautiful tone but they were wanting

1504 and I was like I can't do that for

30 minutes 15 that's a lot of money for

30 minutes of your life photographers

and videographers those are a huge huge

price tag where we live I'm just going

to give you the prices of where we're at

in Ohio so it is a smaller talents if

you were in a bigger area obviously all

these price tags are going to be way

more extravagant but where we live like

photographers range for like $3,000 I

would say is like an average

photographer rate and or like a more

nicer photographer Rihanna I think 3000

is pretty typical anyways I know

photographers charge 3000 dollars and so

something that I recommend doing is

looking out in finding photographers

that are starting out working up their

portfolio etc and get them then while

they're smaller that is exactly what I

did I knew that I didn't want to work

with someone who had already been in the

business because I just knew it wasn't

in our price range I knew that off the

bat and I did want pretty pictures and

also people that have been doing

photography especially wedding

photography for so long I think their

style is not what I was looking for it's

just very like structured robotic and

like they've done so many wedding so it

really like blends together and I really

like the like Instagram feel like the

warmth and like just like the real shots

of like laughter and just like real

shots I don't know

and my wedding photographer Eden I love

her to freakin death she's such a

sweetheart an amazing person and I just

love also supporting my lights are going

back right now if it goes out I'm gonna

punch somebody let me try to turn this

up hopefully that doesn't make it worse

but my wedding photographer she's

amazing I love supporting just like

women that are started

like a business project and stuff and

she's just like super talented anyways

she's worth way more than we paid for

her I literally found her when she was

starting out and now she charges like

three times that or something which

she's worth she's worth that much as she

should be charging that much so that's

something I recommend is like be

someone's guinea pig and and start out

with them and I knew just from the

engagement shoot she did with us that

she had an eye for it she had a vision I

saw her equipment and I knew she knew

how to head it so and I just connected

with her so you definitely want to

connect with someone but find someone

starting out with videography I just got

extremely lucky and I want to give away

honestly I wasn't gonna budget and Nev

and loving YouTube and stuff I could not

budget for a videographer because it

gets very very pricey so the same thing

I want to give away in there also

they're like one of the best couple ever

if photos are your number one if venue

is your number one of DJs your number

one if food is your number one whatever

your number one is maybe slurred some

more but if photos aren't what you're

thinking about if you're caring about

that much then maybe that's the way to

go wedding invites actually a video of

how I did my wedding invites they can be

so expensive so wedding invites

seriously out of a crazy amount so I did

was I made my own I will link the video

up here up here I'm sorry to be that

person that does that I'm not sure which

corner it's in but I will link that

video for you guys and definitely watch

the table decor it is something that

really can add up after buying like okay

so say you have 200 people and then

there's what like five people per table

or six people per table or whatever it

is putting centerpieces on all those

tables really really add up in just

decorations in general for a wedding can

super add up go around and find like

greenery like literally go to like

goodwill go to stores like that and find

just greenery pieces you can do so much

with them even if it's like a ugly like

picture of your like even if it's like

an ugly centerpiece or something and

there's some good greenery take it it's

frickin cheap and pick off the greener

pieces even the dollar tree they have

dollar obviously a dollar like leaves

and stuff and I got a bunch of those

from the Dollar Tree Walmart even you

can do a lot with like cheaper things

and just renovating things and like

dahling them up you know and then like

roses go to the Dollar Tree they do

white roses that's what I did once again

if you're wanting to go a cheaper route

I know not everyone's game for that but

if you were to even go to Hobby Lobby

which once again still is some people's

cup of tea but if you were to go to

Hobby Lobby those roses would even add

up just for centerpieces along my main

centerpiece I made even a video on this

I think I ended up not posting and I've

deleted the footage you know I just went

to all I'll have the Dollar Tree and

found dollar glass vases then I went

onto Amazon I bought like label maker

and like labels like big stickers

basically and that you can type on and I

typed out like I went on like a little

editor or you even could go in a word

like any of software that you could type

on and I put like table 18 and then I

put every guy son's name is there and I

popped it on the vase like a logo or

like I don't know yeah like a logo type

thing and it looked really like clean

and just simple and like sleek I really

liked the way it looked and then go

ahead fill it up with some water put it

to you like handle in there and boom

it's a good start to the to like the

centerpiece I'm gonna go check and see

if my dog's doing cuz I'm not sure he's

doing okay

you got just a toy you know mama was

coming to look at you but yeah just be

creative and think of just cheaper ideas

go to the Dollar Tree look and see what

they have good luck kiss oh you're


you're hot you're sexy I love you my

back stay gorgeous okay take two or

ninety-nine take 37 action so food is

another thing

really can rack up the prices so if it's

$10 a plate in 200 people that's $2,000

a lot of frickin Amul out but something

I've been liking lately is like unique

foods to like little sandwiches and like

make it just like little snacky foods or

like pizza bars or like I don't know if

you have like a breakfast theme or

something there's a lot of different

cute ways you can go about it I've never

been to a wedding where I'm like oh that

was a great meal like I think wedding

food is just kind of yeah and wedding

food so unless maybe you go to like

weddings with like Floyd steaks and

stuff like that but I've never been to

one like that all right you got another

issue with my camera so take literally

100 I'm kidding but also how to look at

this footage like on my computer because

what this happen with my camera and I

hate this outfit now that I'm like

actually seeing it like when I looked in

the mirror and in my mind it looks good

but when I'm seeing it like on the

computer I really hate it but I just do

not even have I just can't report this

okay so let's go with it if you don't

like my outfit trust me I don't either

we're good let's keep moving okay stop

food would be Nika unique like pizza

bars I love that idea I really do and

then hair and makeup some brides do pay

for their bridesmaids hair makeup and

some don't

I've been I've done makeup for like

several several several weddings and

I've seen it both ways I don't know if

it's just me and my friends bear it baby

I love for you to eat but right now this

is really the best time I feel

Harrod makeup can so easily be done

without like a professional doing it I

don't know maybe you don't have anyone

in your feelin but I feel like someone

in your family or like some friend has

to be decent I'm doing makeup but for me

like multiple of my bridesmaids were so

that worked down they just did each

other's and like hair it also all comes

down to personal style and preference

but I like a relaxed look like I like a

sleek bun or like just soft curls or

just like really simple things so I

think that's something really easy

honestly even if you're gonna have like

a really extravagant expensive wedding

it's just even an easy way to like cut

on some wedding cost cake and dessert

cakes can be outrageously expensive

especially if you're buying for everyone

we did a cake just for the cake cutting

ceremony which I did is super even care

about but grants mom wanted to get us a

cake can gift it to us so we're like

okay well we would appreciate that and

it was beautiful and I loved the cake we

had it was just a really pretty piece I

it was just like a wedding party cake

just how cut we did donuts for the rest

of our guests what I was gonna do was I

was just gonna go to Walmart and get

like a round like plain white cake just

stick some flowers in the top because I

like the simple look if you go to

someone who is like a wedding cake

specialist the title alone bumps up the

price but I literally was so okay with

going to Walmart and getting a plain

white cake cuz that's what I like and

like decorating it myself

next is bar so drinks is something so

expensive if you're gonna have alcohol

at your wedding

it isn't very very very expensive so ask

your venue about this for sure our venue

we have if we're gonna have alcohol at

all we had to use their bar and their

bartenders so that was paying for the

bar paying for the bartenders I was

leaving the tip and that all you had to

do and then you could either have an

open bar which is gonna be like 2,000

like over two thousand dollars close to

three thousand dollars I see

and that's just like outrageous to me

like I just I can't do that like just

for alkaline I just can't do that but if

your venue does allow you to bring

drinks from from like outside and bring

them in that's like a great way to do it

it still is gonna cost adding it up but

something that's nice to do is like a

complimentary drink for the guests which

we didn't end up doing that my parents

paid for that portion and that's

something that was amazing like so I was

so grateful for that like for my guests

even my parents buy wine and beer with a

keg of beer when I was gone he was gone

and actually I thought I was gonna be

gone like in the very beginning like

first sure it actually lasted the whole

night I literally still to this day I

don't know how but it lasted the whole

night and just put it on the invite that

you know ahead of time bars are just

something that's either not needed at

all or like they're just very very very

expensive open bars are very expensive

lastly is a DJ we actually did like

splurge on it's something that was

important to myself is just having like

a good DJ if you didn't want to splurge

on that you could get on like make a

playlist even or something and then have

speakers and like go that route like

I've heard of that and that could work

but something is like what if something

went wrong or the speakers didn't sound

that good DJs is like they have their

lights and stuff and it really like

gives it a feel and like a party feel

and that's something I was really

important to me is I really wanted the

reception to be fun like that's

something I kept saying is I just want

people to be up and dancing I want it to

be fun I don't want people to be

standing around staring at each other

like not doing anything at all

wedding dresses is another thing my

wedding dress was also in the budget

those under $5,000 at whim and hit the

$5,000 mark grant - grandma was able to

actually make my wedding dress so I just

went to jo-ann fabrics and I found

fabric that I liked and I bought the

fabric in like buttons it was like just

a thousand dollars like just under a

thousand dollars have heard of like

consignment shops that I feel like you

could go

and like find a wedding dress and then

like go to someone pay for someone to

like tweak it a bit you know some in my

town they're decent they're like good

very good priced so I think you could go

to refight like a retirement shop or


find a good dress or like not a good

dress but like a wedding dress for under

five hundred dollars or even something

online that they sell and then just have

it tweaked to you I feel like that would

be a good way to go about it and

bridesmaids dresses I know that's not

something that you would pay for as a

bride but to help your girls out I got

our bridesmaids dresses on the loose and

there were only 50 bucks over 49.99 I

liked the idea of not so like

bridesmaids II like I went to a bridal

shop and I got a bike me it's Jess I

think I don't like that um so like more

chill casual dresses I love for

bridesmaids in for weddings and you can

find those for so cheap so don't think

like you have to go to all the wedding

stools and try stops wanted to make

everything look what as cheap as humanly

possible and they could and then our

parents wanted to help us and they

wanted to gift us some money to help

make our wedding day what it was so I'm

so thankful for that and what they did

give us because once again five thousand

dollars I'm saying as a cheaper wedding

but that is still five thousand dollars

like that's still a lot of money for

once again one day not even 24 hours so

um just enjoy your time it does go by

fast and no matter what if you're

marrying the right person for the right


then like it's gonna be like the best

day ever and at the end of the day

you're married you're husband and wife

I'm gonna go get in the shower because

my back is killing me

thank you so much for watching please

subscribe to my channel it means in the

world to me appreciate it so much and I

do have a blog coming out very soon I

don't like this outfit either so we all