How to Develop an abundance mindset

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what's up fellas me again so I'm here

today to talk about how to develop an

abundance mindset one of my subscribers

on my last video asked me how am I

supposed to just develop abundance

mindset that would be just like you were

telling about mr. Lucario developing

confidence and he's exactly right guys

listen you can't just wake up tomorrow

having abundance mindset so I made sure

I wanted to make this video because I

must tell you how you develop abundance

mindset the same way you have to develop

confidence now it's levels to the [ __ ]

guys you understand what I'm saying if

your God and you ain't had no ass in

five years next week you're not gonna be

me you're not gonna be juggling six

seven eight women it's just not gonna

happen it's a process to this when you

see basketball players in the NBA it was

a process to get them to the NBA and

just wake up one day and was NBA type

players you're not gonna be the type of

player that I am today if you ain't

getting no ass now it's levels to this

[ __ ] so what's the first level I said

over and over again self-improvement

without self-improvement won't men

change about your life listen guys if

you were to force on this guy if your

God ain't had no ass the first time you

need to work on this self-improvement

getting your body right can your

finances right and and improving your

game because you can do all that [ __ ]

if you ain't watching these videos if

you ain't watching mr. locario videos if

you ain't working on your techniques to

improve yourself then won't that change

so you still gonna have to watch these

videos and work on yourself and to

improve yourself so that's the first

step now from that now that you improve

yourself you're gonna start feeling

better about yourself you gonna start to

develop confidence you start looking at

yourself in the mirror and you start

seeing your stomach go down your face

gets smaller your chest in

more muscular you will start feeling

good about yourself you're gonna start

looking and checking your mega condom on

you got one thousand in the bank 10,000

to 15,000 abate 20,000 the main man I

feel good about myself

got a little money in the bank ain't

scratched over nothing

my job is much better I love going to

work I'm loving what I do them on my

purpose all this going on you're still

working on game you still trying to date

best you can just improving yourself so

not a confidence car now you're starting

to feel confident now can go to the next

step women see you confident women see

your lifestyle change

improving women see your body start to

look better now you have more options

understand that now you develop options

you got this one who want you you got

that woman won't you you got a lot more

women want you why you improve yourself

financially you improve yourself

physically and your game is stronger

you're not so needy and why you're not

so need you're focusing on your purpose

you're grinding you're getting your

paper straight so now you're not so


cuz now you work it 60 hours 70 hours 80

hours a week cuz you're focusing on

getting your [ __ ] together so now you

develop more options now you have more

viable candidate two more women

point-blank period I'm only gonna be

real on him I'm not gonna shoot you that

[ __ ] so that's three steps now you

got options

now coms build London's mindset because

now that you have options you're gonna

date with a girl you [ __ ] got six

seven eight girls wanting you you got

abundance mindset you could take or

leave oh that's what that - mindset

comes from that's what a comma fear of

not losing momentum listen guys if you

apply any of these steps that I'm

telling you you very well to lose

momentum if you disappear out a girl

like two weeks three weeks is a very

good chance you're gonna lose momentum

that is true I never denied that it's

very possible

some women if you ain't calling them

every other day you

listen guys to get an abundance mindset

means I don't give a [ __ ] why I got five

other women so you know I called you in

three weeks and then you matter you

butthurt okay all right well enjoy the

rest of your day I talk to you later

you ain't worried about it that's what

the bun is my stead yes but it's levels

to this [ __ ] so let's repeat these

levels let's repeat these steps first

self-improvement your body getting your

[ __ ] together

can you finances together and working on

your game I'm giving you game you can go

that to mr. Lucario and he has good game

second now you're gonna start to develop

confidence why your body looking better

your finances looking better and you're

starting to learn game you're starting

to learn techniques so now you're gonna

drive confidence three now you're gonna

get options why because of the

self-improvement created confidence

confidence is attractive to women so now

you have options you understand what I'm

saying now you have four one in five

women six one in seven women however

amendment you want how many ever women

you want to date now you've got options

one day you just wanna wake up man I got

[ __ ] five girls I'm dating I got 10

girls online that I can't even date

right now that want me to take them out

I can't even do it right now you gonna

start developing [ __ ] arrogant

abundance mindset guys you won't know

who got the most abundance mindset women

you want to know why she never calls you

she hasn't abundance why I said if you

call her fine if you don't she'll lose a

wink of sleep over women have the most

abundance mindset you think they worried

about you not calling they don't give a

[ __ ] she might really like you but if

you don't pursue her in the beginning

she don't care because they have women

have an abundance mindset now obviously

a man is not gonna have as many options

as a woman

but if you work on your body and

improve your finances and you improve

your game you gonna have a lot of

options not as many as a woman but you

will have more options and you will

start developing more of a female mind

towards an abundance mindset women have

the most abundance mindset known to man

you can go out with a girl listen I just

want our last weekend with a girl for

the first time didn't call me all week

we're going out again tonight and then

after that I'm gonna disappear you know

not miss me for a little bit but the

point being is if I would have never

contacted her I probably would have

never heard from again no probably

wouldn't because she hasn't abundance my

said I'm trying to teach you guys to

have an abundance mindset just like

females they not worried about losing

[ __ ] no momentum on attachment they feel

like hey I got 50 guys in my inbox so if

he called him he pursued me fine if not

I don't lose no sleep over

you gotta had a same mindset get your

[ __ ] together that's gonna make you feel

bad about yourself that confidence it's

gonna draw more women to you that more

women to you it's gonna create an

abundance mindset Point Blank period

that's how I worst guys it's no magical

pills Roundhill it steps to this you're

not gonna be me tomorrow you're not

gonna be juggling six women tomorrow

I'm sorry not next week either it takes

time it took me took me years to get to

this place years and it's gonna take you

of probably a couple years to get to

this place not to get a woman but if you

if your girl is here and you wanna be

like man I would I would love to juggle

five six and women at a time that's

gonna take you a long time to get your

game your body and your finances to even

be able to afford to juggle that men and

women it's levels to this [ __ ] guys like

come and subscribe it's 2018 we own that

self-improvement making ah [ __ ] butter

Halle Berry