Medical Abortion

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a medical abortion uses medications to

end a pregnancy the most common product

is a combination of two drugs

Miha Prestone and misoprostol and they

are up to 98% effective if taken in the

first 10 weeks of pregnancy

Miha Prestone is swallowed with a glass

of water it blocks progesterone

which causes the lining of the uterus to

break down some people have light

bleeding but most don't feel anything

misoprostol is taken 1 to 2 days later

by placing 2 tablets in each cheek pouch

for 30 minutes meats apostille causes

the cervix to open and the uterus to

contract heavy bleeding starts within 3

hours may include lemon sized clots and

should only last a few hours the

pregnancy is usually expelled within 24

hours misoprostol can cause diarrhea

vomiting cramping tiredness and fever

for 24 hours useful over-the-counter

treatments include loperamide for

diarrhea and dimenhydrinate for nausea

expect strong and painful cramps which

can be managed with naproxen ibuprofen

or a prescription opioid seek urgent

care if any of these occur soaking 2

maxi pads per hour for more than two

hours clots larger than the size of a

lemon for more than two hours pain that

doesn't improve with medicine or fever

of 38 degrees celsius vomiting diarrhea

or weakness more than 24 hours after

taking misoprostol medical abortion is

not an option when a person has one of

the following uncertainty about having

an abortion an ectopic pregnancy an

intrauterine device that cannot be

removed uncontrolled asthma a bleeding

disorder or blood thinners serious

anemia Addison's disease porphyria or an

allergy to myth a proced own or

misoprostol a surgical abortion may be

preferred in some of these cases