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hello hi how are ya hey guys and welcome

back to my channel today's video is

gonna be a sit-down video I just wanted

to explain first of all if you've been

watching my videos since the beginning

then you know that I've already made

this video before but honestly I went

back and watched it and it was so

embarrassing and this video my old one

got so many views on it so many likes

I've always had so many questions on it

so what are you doing so I wanted to

remake it make it a little bit better my

editing skills were terrible and I was

so like shy and awkward in front of the

camera so I'm just gonna remake it and

today we have miss Charlie with us

because she's a teething little baby and

she's got two little bottom teeth coming

in she's like gnawing on my fingers

right now but she has just been super

grumpy and just wants me to hold her all

day long so that's what I'm gonna do you

ready to get started girl so as you can

tell by the title of this video I'm

gonna be sharing some tips with you some

things that I did that will help you to

conceive a baby girl

I also will be making another one on how

to conceive a baby boy so just stay

tuned for that one yes but basically I

have done this method twice now the

first time I tried for a baby boy ended

up having a baby boy and then the second

time we wanted to try for a girl so I

went through the whole process again

tried for a girl got a baby girl here

all of the research that I've done and

the things that I'm gonna share with you

it's not very complex or anything like

that but everywhere that I've read or

found this information it always says

that there's a 94% chance that it will

work if you stick to this so who knows

maybe me having a boy and a girl was

just coincidence that was just how it

was supposed to work or maybe what I did

actually did help me to conceive a boy

and a girl who knows but I do know that

whenever Seth and I are ready to try for

another baby we will use these methods

again depending on if we want a boy or a

girl and we definitely will document it

all again just to see if it works you

know if it doesn't who cares you know

it's not really about having a boy or

girl you know it's just something fun

like I really don't care if I had a boy

or girl first or second or however it

was just something fun to do you know I

did get a lot of backlash on these

videos to saying that you know who cares

about the gender of the baby as long as

the baby was healthy you were absolutely

right I really don't care what gender my

baby is but like I said this was just

something fun to do just to see if it

worked so we tried it and it worked both

times for us so I'm just gonna share

with you guys what we did and if you

want to try it out feel free and if it

works for you please let me know I

actually have already had two people

contact me saying that they did this

method and followed my meal plans and

everything and it worked for them so

congratulations to them yes I'm just

going to stop talking now and

just basically tell you what I did to

have a baby girl hey this is gonna be so

hard to fill up her being a little

wiggly worm so the three things that you

want to consider when you are trying to

have a baby girl one you want to think

about your ovulation days and track your

ovulation two you want to think about

the foods that you are eating and three

you want to think about the position

that you are in during sex so for your

ovulation you want to track your

ovulation if you don't know how to do


there are plenty of apps out there the

app that I use was the period tracker

app and it basically tracks your period

and it also tells you when your

ovulation is it shows you with like

these little green dots I believe you

can also put in notes you can put how

you're feeling those days you can put

when you are intimate and all of those

things and after using it for a little

while it will start to track your

periods for you and I always found that

very helpful even though my periods have

always been very regular it was still

nice to it was still nice to be able to

track my ovulation on there as well so

that's what I did and I'm so sorry if

she is super distracting in this video I

understand think about how I feel trying

to film it film it if you hear her

making this little clicking noise it's

because of her teeth so anyways yeah you

want to track your ovulation jelly-fish

so you want to track your ovulation and

then whenever you are ready to try you

want to make sure that you try 2 to 3

days before your ovulation now for me I

tried every single day like I tried one

two and three days before my ovulation

so three days in a row we went at it we

tried every like those three days before

my ovulation so the third second and

first day before

if you're wondering why you want to try

on those days it's basically because if

you think about how okay our eggs the

woman's eggs we are we have X

chromosomes and then the guy he's got XY

right well whenever you're trying you

know the X chromosomes are gonna be

slower and they live a lot longer than

the Y so the Y is gonna be a lot faster

but they're gonna die off faster

so trying on those days gives the X

chromosome a better chance of reaching

the egg first so that's kind of why you

want to do that yes ma'am now as far as

the position goes you definitely want to

try something super boring like

missionary it has to be something that's

gonna allow shallow penetration and

that's because the further away from the

cervix the better chance the further

away from the cervix the better chance

that the X chromosome has of reaching

the egg first so if you think about if

they have this far of a distance to

travel and the X chromosomes even though

they are slower it gives them a long

enough period to get to the egg and

since the Y is gonna die off relatively

faster than the X I gives the Y time to

die off like they're gonna be swimming

faster but they're not gonna make it all

the way there because they're gonna die

off because it's just gonna take them

too long to get there and then the X you

know even though they are slow they'll

still be chugging along and they'll make

it to the egg first hopefully anyway so

yeah you definitely want to try some

type of position that allows for shallow

penetration and then the last thing that

you want to think about is your diet for

me I took all of these foods that I'll

probably I'll list them and put a

picture right here so you can see it

screenshot if you need to but I took all

of these food

and I basically created a meal plan for

myself I followed this meal plan for a

month before I even tried before I even

tried to have a baby girl so I ate all

of these spoons for a whole month and

then we tried the two to three days

before my ovulation of the next month so

I'll try and find that calendar with the

foods like the foods that I made and

what I followed and I'll insert that

here as well if I can find it I tried my

best to incorporate a lot of the foods

into my meals like obviously from the

list of foods it's kind of hard to come

up with me is so what I did was just

kind of try to incorporate a little bit

of something in every meal like

breakfast regular everyday so I don't

know if this will help you guys or not

but you're welcome to try it and yeah or

you can come up with your own menu and

your own meal plan but this is just what

I did another thing is I did have a lot

of people asked me before if their

husband or their boyfriend needed to

follow this meal plan as well my husband

didn't really follow it occasionally he

would have some of the meals like

especially dinner time if I were to cook

something for dinner he would obviously

just eat what I had but he didn't

necessarily like follow it to a tee like

I did so I don't really think that it

matters but if you want the extra umph

then I would definitely say go ahead and

let him try as well you also want to try

to avoid caffeine as much as possible

and I know that's very hard because like

me I'm sure a lot of you would like your

coffee or your tea

personally I'm addicted to both so it

was very hard for me but you know I

would say try to limit it to like one a

day maybe I don't know


then that's pretty much everything that

I did to have hey baby girl

I hope that this video helps some of you

guys out I know I did get a whole bunch

of questions on my previous one so maybe

if you guys rewatch it and have

questions feel free to leave them down

below or if you're new definitely leave

questions down below and my previous

video I was saying how when I first

tried this out with my son

I didn't document anything I just did

the process on my own this is before I

even had a youtube channel or anything

like that so I didn't document anything

which I definitely regret now I wish

that I had documented it just so I could

have proof of what I did and how it

worked for me but like I said we tried

it the second time documenting

everything a word and we're probably

going to try it again in the future so

you'll have to stick around to see what

happens and if it works again for us say

that was pretty much it for this video

guys we hope you enjoyed it


that is pretty much it for this video