The 90's Aesthetic // Find Your Aesthetic #9

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oh hello guys welcome to another video

on my channel and today's video

is going to be the ninth video and might

find your study series and I cannot

believe that we're already on the 9th

video I feel like it was yesterday that

I started by making the first one you

guys I have changed so much since I made

that video so it has been forever since

I made the first video Wow me talking is

not a good today next week is going to

be the tenth video in my series and I

want to do something special about that

I want to do maybe find your aesthetic

special and I happened like this really

fun idea and it's about someone you know

maybe someone similar you know some

special aesthetic you'll see by next

week I promise you it's gonna be fun for

now I think we should just go ahead and

get into this week's the study this

week's aesthetic is going to be the

long-awaited 90s setting and a lot of

you guys have literally been begging me

to do this a study and I know I haven't

done the past little anime study yet but

I promise you it will come when I get to

know a person who actually has an

aesthetic because I know no one who has

the anime pastel Kawai I said I

literally know no one who has an

obsession with anime there are people I

need to go find someone and then get

into the stereotypes before I do that

but without further ado and ending this

super along ranting intro I think we

should just get right to the 90s

aesthetic video yes girl BAM so to start

out with this is that it is one of the

most celebrated aesthetics out there in

the world today and this is mainly

because it's super retro nowadays to be


and also because movies like clueless

and serious like friends are still

rolling and you're still super obsessed

with it it's also kind of because you'll

really love Beyonce and you want to be

like Beyonce and Destiny's Child she was

too young and you want to be like that

babe it's all about that

study your fashion icons basically cut

cyst off mary-kate and Ashley Olsen The

Fresh Prince of bel-air share from

clueless Monica and Rachel from friends

and therefore your closet most likely

consists off a black skirt a v-neck top

a flannel shirt so you can be like

radish in retro and also kind of

lumberjack a denim jacket so you can go

all-in about that denim a pair of denim

shorts that is super super oversized and

that you tuck in with a like really

really old animal horse I spelled a -

where that is preferably and like dull

color so you can match the Grunch

emotional aesthetic of it a parent of

grease because you want to be Rachel and

you want to be Monica and you want to be

everyone in the 90s that more grease and

also for sure a pair of corduroy pants

cuz apparently that's nineties because

you need to be able to look like your

favorite spice girl at all given moment

you need to have your perfect

accessories sorted and these accessories

include your color Sunny's cus other

Sunny's Rock the 90s or Kurt Cobain

studies as Kurt Cobain is grunge in 90s

and also your spiky Sunny's kiss that is

something Victoria Beckham would wear

and most importantly in the 90s

aesthetic it's super important that you

always remember your vintage dat belt so

you could tuck in those denim jeans or

denim shorts that you're always wearing

your ghost shoes will always be your

tall leather boots you're tall vinyl

boosts your white night looking sneakers

that you wear with white tennis socks

your chunky AF units good shoes that you

bought from Univ and they're super super

expensive or also your super rec

converse if you're like into the grunge

thing your favorite activities include

watching prints for fashion inspiration

watching full house for fashion

inspiration watching The Fresh Prince of


for fashion inspiration watching

clueless for fashion inspiration and

watching ten

things I hate about you but not actually

for fashion inspirations but most

importantly because you actually love

that movie and you know you also pretty

much obsessed over Rachel and Monica

from friends and you definitely know

that one girlfriend of yours who is your

Monica or Rachel when you get a

boyfriend or if you have a boyfriend

you're definitely trying to be as iconic

as Johnny death yeah Kate Moss and you

also probably already plan with your

friends who you're gonna be in the spice

girl group if you're dressed up as Spice

Girls and most importantly you'll have

to obsess over some guys from the 90s

and that will either be Justin

Timberlake with his curly ass noodle

here or scrawny ass Leonardo DiCaprio

who died freezing in the water in 1997

Titanic last but not least because

you're a nice girl you like to keep life

simple so you have to a little CD player

and your CDs and you're always lasting

tunes and you were blasting your

favorite CDs and this music include

NSYNC Eminem Destiny's Child Backstreet

Boys TLC near vana and most importantly

of all 90s music that could appear in

the late 90s you're like super super

super super super obsessed with young

Britney Spears cuz young Britney Spears

is your teenage icon even though she had

that like really really wrecked face in

2007 where she shaved her head off we're

not talking about that we're

focusing on hit me baby one more time

Brittany's videos and let that thing in

let that sink in before we end this

video okay actually this video is ending

now so guys that was basically this

super super well-organized and super

super trashy

studying video but you know everything

has this place and this video is super

probably gonna be super embarrassing for

me to watch in about a year or so but I

don't care right now all i care about is

thinking about justin timberlake's and

noodle hair and how it has become a meme

in today's society besides that i really

want to say thank you guys for watching

this video and it would mean the world

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we're growing all the time and I'm so

thankful for you guys and all I can

think about this actually the fact that

it's you guys who brought me here so a

major thank you to you I hope you're

looking forward to next week's video

it's going to be a special with the

funnier setting series and I hope you're

really really looking forward to seeing

what a setting it's gonna be I love you

guys see you in the next video bye