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all righty we are on the way to

we are on the way to our 38 week

appointment can't believe we made it to

38 weeks we're gonna get a stomach cramp

how big do you think the baby is right



every pose


I think eight one day one


we just found out that the baby is


it set up the top sex female I'm like


Oh No but that so I guess we were a

little off estimates

do you know what it can open link okay

I'm recording


what they down

I don't have babe I mean we're just

throwing short you like you're like

thinking you control the future it's

just a thought

visit some workings you were three

ounces more than me it's not like I was

a whole pound off we're three ounces

more than me come on this is why you

like doing it you like that competition


doos time next week Tuesdays







okay we're gonna go get hey babe




we are enjoying our last family walk as

a family of five to be six of course our

family walks wouldn't be complete

without one meltdown are you guys ready

for the baby to come all right we're on

mom watch day how many days are you in

your pregnancy now we conceived on

thirty eight weeks and five days

pregnant oh we're on water break watch

right now water break your watch folks

it could be any minute now what we're

looking for is science of any kind of