70's aesthetic // Find Your Aesthetic #12

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so hello you guys and welcome to the

twelfth video in my find your aesthetic

series and I'm just so so happy that you

really really like this series and I

think it's incredible that I've been

doing this series for actually three

months now so I think we should just get

right ahead into the video and today's

video is going to be the seventies

aesthetic so I think we should just get

our groove on and get right ahead into

the aesthetic so the 70s study is one of

the most groovy and psychedelic

aesthetics out there which means that

it's all about obsessing over John

Travolta doing the disco and you're

watching almost famous a thousand times

because you really love the sentimental

value of all the songs in the movie and

you also really like the clothing that

they wear and you know like it's a

teenage movie so you can relate a 70s

inspired maybe you're all about having

windows to groovy and psychedelic

clothing in your water and therefore

your water room will consist off some

tight-fitting white play disco pants

that you're all about and they're

probably in this color scheme I did a

sweater or some kind of knitted thing

and that is also in this color scheme a

hundred thousand turn legs that you have

to wear with beach outfit cuz you know

it's the 70s you need turtlenecks they

will also be in this color scheme applet

miniskirt that will also follow this

color scheme suede jacket suede skirt or

a suede pair of white legged trumpet

pants you know what it will also be some

kind of brown from this color scheme and

as a girl you'll probably also need like

that flip around long sleeved Ruby shirt

that tight little knot in the front and

that will also have some kind of

that has this color scheme in it and

last but not least you will need your

long spicy color Rui sure that is super

super tight fitting and that will almost

always be this color scheme or this

pattern cuz you know what the seventies

are all about that because you're hit me

with so much room in your life that you

would have to fight Austin Powers to

fight someone on the same Ruby level as

yourself you will always meet perfect

accessories to match up with your

groupie life and these accessories will

be your peace sign necklace because you

know you're all about world peace your

roller skates so you can roll around

being a roller skater girl like in

Boogie Nights they're a pack of

cigarettes because back then doctors

actually recommended smoking you're a

lava lamp because you know is so groovy

that when you're watching and it's

smoking your cigarette you will feel

like an actual psychedelic God most

importantly you will need your vintage

camera so it can snapshot every minute

of your precious life and feel like

you're an actual hippie that can capture

the essence of counterculture as a

hippie person her favorite 70s movies or

seventies inspired movies will always be


movie night it's Saturday Night Fever

Rocky Horror Picture Show dark shadows

because you know even though it's all

about vampires it's also kind of cool

because they got groovy clothing and

most importantly your all time favorite

movie that relates to the 70s will be

almost famous oh we love almost famous

and because you have watch almost famous

so many freaking times your favorite

music will always be David Bowie John

Lennon because you know God put a peace

sign on that Bee Gees Earth Wind and

Fire Fleetwood Mac the carpenters and

most importantly because you know you

love him with all your heart you need to

be obsessed with Elton John

but after you watch almost famous tiny

dancer became your life yeah so now you

listen to it rigorously and you love it

it warms your heart and you know like

you feel it inside you when you really

hear that a song you're like oh they're

tiny dancer and you're like that was the

video for you right there and I really

really hope that you liked it besides me

being really super sarcastic and

actually roof filming the intro of this

video approximately 13 times and you

know what it doesn't matter I really

hope you like this video and I'll see

you guys in the next video that I do and

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