RDR2 Online Posse Creation & Customization! Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

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well hello glorious people of the

interwebs and welcome back to Red Dead

Redemption to today we are going to be

making our online persistent Posse we've

got somebody on our tail right now that

decided to try and troll us and he got

me dead ones but I have since killed him

12 maybe 13 times and kill this horse

that's what you get for being a douche

canoe though I was just trying to live

my life just hunting in the wilderness

and you decided to kill me and try and

hog-tie me and drag me around and you

gonna learn today regardless we are

making our persistent Posse finally most

likely this guy is gonna try and come

kill us again because he's probably

extremely butthurt is he

where'd he go there he is he's way down

there he doesn't have a horse or

anything so it's gonna be a while for

him to come back but regardless it costs

$200.00 to make a persistent posse so I

figured now that I farmed up all the

money required that I would go ahead and

get this created for you show you all

the customization options with the camp

and stuff like that and see just what

all is available for the persistent

posses I hope you guys all enjoy it I'm

gonna try and get to a little bit more

of a safe spot I'm actually gonna call a

camp in and we're gonna chill in the

camp I believe because I'm not really

getting per ansible trying to make this

but thank you all so much for your

support on this series so far you guys

are truly amazing I'll be right back

alright now that we have finally made

our posse I don't think I have to

disband the one that I have currently so

Posse and we're gonna have to abandon

the posse if you're in one already then

we go to form a posse and then we do

persistence I'm going to be doing

invite-only obviously friendly-fire is

off just to make things easier you see

it is $200 camp Cumberland formas can we

change this so we're gonna do a large

camp daily fee of $2.00 and we're gonna

put this one down in let's see here the

heartland maybe I do like the heartland

a lot Rio Bravo the scarlet meadows I

love the scarlet meadows I think I'm

gonna do the heartland though

yeah I like it down there and then we

got to change the name are you ready

all right well big ol meaty clackers

didn't fit and that was what won the

poll that I did on Twitter now my

favorite one was dynamite enema and that

one was pretty high as well and that one

fits in there pretty good so that's what

we're going with we're going with

dynamite enema big old meaty clackers

does not fit $205 well I got 208 dollars

I am gonna be a baroque let's form this

Posse baby then we can see all the

things that we can customize with it and

see if we can set anything so Posse

versus invite to Posse and stand down

temporary close the posse to reform the

later interesting so this is interesting

you can even set an outfit style which

is kind of cool so we can be the big

city the rugged and none big city oh

wait it changes that was weird

I like that rugged interesting it just

keeps changing huh I do like the way

this looks it's interesting that keeps

changing oh look oh that one looks

beautiful oh we're set into that so it

looks like it randomizes kind of the big

city and the rugged this looks baller

though I like that a lot I'm going with

that everything is black with a nice

golden vest white shirt black tie Oh

baby that is beautiful so if it stays oh

that's awesome so we're gonna have to

change up that's beautiful

I look majestic so if you keep cycling

through that you could get probably

something else and you can change that

at any point in time to change your

outfits but that looks really really

really cool oh man I'm excited so

anyways we're gonna go down to our large

camp which is all the way down in East

bumble prick China near emerald ranch

and see what we can customize there so

the large camp is it's a large camp now

if we go here I wonder if there's

anything special we can add to it now

that we have a posse look at all we've

got all those hitching posts over there

a couple beds and stuff so what those

chips have for us there buddy

well the outfitter is now that we're a

little bit higher level too we might be

able to add some new stuff here we've

got the theme here and we can go with

Survivor or the standard I've got the

survivor equipped right now fortunately

nothing else can be done until we get to

a little bit higher level a lot a bit

higher level a flag we can keep as read

I suppose other what everybody keeps it

as equipment fast travel poses level 65

Crips outfits there we go tents that's

what I want to change man it's still

stuck with a bed roll I would like

something a little bit better like a

tall lean so I need to be a little 36

for that oh my god refill your Coors to

45% when entering free room your core is

refill 100% faster when resting at camp

that's actually pretty cool that's gonna

be my goal but obviously it gets better

as you as you level up so not much

customization as far as the actual large

posse persistent posse camp but

regardless we'll be able to fill this up

with people so that's pretty cool

anyways just another quick video to show

the persistent posses what you can do

with them and I hope you all enjoyed it

it's expensive but I do like that you

can make like Posse outfits I wish you

could completely customize it though

kind of just randomly generating it is

okay but it's not what I would have

prefered maybe as the open beta

continues or upon the official lunch

we'll be able to set like a standard

like custom posse outfit I would really

like that

but regardless thank you all so much for

your support on the series you guys are

amazing I'll see you all in the next one