4 MONTH PREEMIE UPDATE | 33 Week 4 Lb Baby - Preemie Baby Grows Up

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he met our dog for the first time hey

guys Lindsey likes us here so today I am

just so excited because Dan is four

months old are you 4 months old he's

just he's getting so big and I'm just so

excited because I'm gonna walk you

through basically his entire life from

him being a 33 week preemie - grunting -

now so I'm gonna break this up into four

months because that's how old he is

he's so big now it's crazy so when Dan

was born if you want to see his birth

video it's just up in the iCard it says

when Dan was born he was just so little

and I've never seen such a tiny baby in

my whole life

so he was born seven weeks early he went

straight to the NICU and that was when

we had our first family picture in the

NICU usually you don't have it in the

NICU but that was my experience because

I had a premature baby during that month

he learned a lot of things he learned

how to breathe on his own he learned how

to keep his temperature regulated he

learned how to eat I'm gonna lay you

down right here for just a second okay I

mean I kind of say what he did in the

NICU that for the first time he'd had a

lot of firsts in the NICU and it was sad

and also like really cool so John had

his first diaper change he learned how

to breast feed and eat in the NICU

took a binky for the first time and then

thank you

he gained weight for the first time in

the NICU he slept for the first time in

the NICU he wore clothes for the first

time when he was in the NICU he was on a

feeding tube for the only time when he

was not in the NICU

he wasn't on an IV for the for the time

he was in the NICU for about two weeks

he got off the IV and the breathing tube

for the first time in the NICU

he started formula preemie formula for

the first time while he was in the NICU

he was he was held by his mom for the

first time when he was in the NICU he

was held by his dad for the first time

when he was in the NICU it was held by

every single one of his grandparents for

the very first time while being in the

NICU he met a few of his aunts and

uncles met some of my friends and some

of my very very close friends and family

and he was in the NICU until he turned

one months old I am even missing some of

his first that he did while he was in

there he was sung to by his mom for the

very first time he loves the song baby

mine loves it every time I sing it he

just like calms down immediately and

just oh it's just like his favorite song

a pretty shirt probably because it was

one of the very first ones that I ever

sung to him while he was in the NICU see

I'm pretty sure I sung it to him while

he was in my belly as well so he had a

lot of firsts in the NICU and that was

okay it was kind of sad because I think

I missed a few of them and it was just

it was kind of hard a little bit like as

a new mom you want to see all the first

you want to be there for every single

one of them so there were some things

that not necessarily like his first but

just things he did in the NICU so he

would sleep all the time which is

obviously like he's a baby who's gonna

sleep all the time and I felt like he

was like always sleeping like if he

wasn't eating he was sleeping and even

sometimes when he was eating when he

should have been eating he was sleeping

so he always kept his hands on his face

like you'd go like this sore like

uh-huh hugest dude all the time and we

didn't totally understand it until Devin

like notice that I did it all the time

like I sleep like this you're like I

have my hands like next to my face while

I'm sleeping I don't know maybe it's

just some that he got from me who knows

we also did skin-to-skin in the NICU it

was probably some of my favorite moments

with him like I felt like I connected

with him more when I we were we were

that close I don't want to cry so I'm

not gonna not gonna do all this oh my

gosh okay I don't know if this is

totally like only preemies which I'm

pretty sure it's not but like new babies

but especially Dan when he was a preemie

when he was just like teensy I don't

know what it is but he sprayed his poop

on me like three or four times not just

in the NICU but at home too he did not

once at home and it was like the worst

except in it was horrible

so yeah I don't know it was just it was

not a fun experience the first time Dan

had a bath was in the in the NICU and I

was not there for the his very first

bath but I was there for his second bath

and I actually gave him his second bath

and it was really cool it wasn't he

wasn't like submerged in the water he

was just kind of cleaned off because

they can't really submerge a newborn

baby or creamy specifically in water it

was like once he wasn't on his IV that's

basically I wouldn't pick up taking off

the IV is when he started having full-on

submerged submerging baths and that was

super fun - I loved giving Dan baths it

was just so fun I loved it so Dan

quickly gained weight and quickly

started to learn well quickly it took

him a month to really learn how to eat

three weeks really and then by the four

week mark he was coming home on his

one-month birthday he was coming home so

his second month of life Dan came home

and he was in a car seat heated his car

seat test but he drove in a car in a car

seat for the first time when he was 1

months old he met our dog for the first

time left for the first night in our

house and that was terrifying I'm not

gonna lie it was scary

because I just felt like I wasn't

prepared like is anyone ever really

prepared though I don't know he got his

nickname Kiki McGee because he just

kicks and kicks which he's doing right


and I literally could not I couldn't put

him down like I wanted to hold him all

day long

the only times I would put him down was

when he was like super like sleeping but

sometimes I'd even just snuggle in while

I was sleeping like I was in love with

this little boy I still hang out but he

was just teeny when we brought him home

so he's 65 when we brought him home but

that had been like a couple days off so

he was 613 when we took him to the

doctors the day after so that was

actually his first appointment was when

he got home and when he was one months


he was really grunty but he got the name

billy goat but I call him little goat

because he just grunted like he like

made these goat noises all the time he

had the first time in a swing and in a

bouncer during that month here at learns

that if he cried I would come running he

just he wanted me all the time and I was

okay with it I was fine with him lunging

you know he was still in preemie clothes

when he first got home but about a week

after he

came home he grew out of him quick by

that point he was starting to grow into

the actual outfit I was going to bring

him home in before he was born and it

was a newborn outfit but it was just

kind of it seemed big so when he came

home he had to start doing about 15

minutes of tummy time a day and he hated

it it was not as favorite thing he did

not enjoy the tummy time and he still

currently hates it if I put him on his

tummy right now he would be very mad at

me he loves to be facing out looking at

like everything and he goes like this

like that quickly he does that and it's

just hilarious I don't make fun of my

child I promise she figured out what his

favorite binky was and now he doesn't

like it but he loved it then and it was

like his favorite thing he'd suck on it

all the time

so Dan at this time loved to be held

which he still does but I think now he

likes to sometimes like lay back and

like look around but at this time he

loved being held by me by his grandma's

by his dad by his grandpa's if someone

was snuggling him he doesn't mind it so

I am gonna go into the next month so

when Dan turned two months had his first

appointment where he had to have shots

and that was like one of the saddest

days I've never seen him this on half he

continued to hate tummy time he also

grew out of his newborn clothes darted

to where zero to three months and that's

what he's currently in right now - he's

still in 0 to 3 May he continued being

Kiki McGee can see still does it he's

honestly he does the same thing now he

would stay up late playing like there

were times when I would just be like

what the crap are you doing kid like why

do you want to be up right now in the

morning is that what you were wanting to

do you didn't want to eat you didn't

want to snuggle you just wanted to kick

your legs and be crazy so he was just so

silly with his with his leaking

all-nighters he just wanted to pull all

nighter and now he's not that way

but he used to be that way so then he

started loving baths at this time he

started just wanting to sit in the water

and just kick and play and honestly he

started liking playtime he started

liking to play and just like see colors

and see new things so he started growing

his personality and then this is also

when he started liking to eat more I

mean he liked eating before he didn't

hate it and he would eat when he needed

to but this is one like he started

liking to breastfeed more and he started

to get more used to it like the first

two months of him growing was hard like

he he didn't want to breastfeed very

much and he it was hard for him too

because he just didn't have the stamina

he needed to breastfeed took him a

little bit of time and then he like got

in the swing of things and now all he

wants to do is eat and he still loved to

be held oh and then this is also when

Dan stopped eating formula he got to a

certain point he wasn't eating it very

well and I don't think he liked it very

much he definitely he definitely liked

my breast milk more so he would just try

and eat more breast milk when he was

eating and then I'd try and feed him

bottle and he just would not take a

bottle of formula and he's gonna be with

me most of the time anyway cuz of all

the craziness that's been going on it's

worked out really nice for him it's

because he's been able to just

breastfeed so that's been nice this is

when he started getting chubby cuz he

started to like to eat more and he just

started like packing on the pounds annoy

packing on the ounces he did pack on a

couple pounds

he started packing on some weight and it

was really cool to see he started

getting chubby we started making fun of

him more he like started getting those

like creases and his arms and legs and

it was just so perfect and he went on

his first hike for the first time a ten

minute hike and then it was done so he

went on this first hike and then we went

home it wasn't too bad I think that's it

for when he was two months old and now

we're in two when he was three months

old so when he was three months old

we got family pictures again it was her

own Mother's Day and I was like I really

want family pictures I've just does I

need them for me to have so I can hang

them on the walls one day you know like

just things that you want when you're

having when you have a family you want

family pictures so we came in this

backyard took pictures by this tree and

I was happy and so that was his first

family like real family photo shoot

pictures so now at this point he loved

to just hold things like he started

holding people's hair

he starts holding on to my jackets and

my shirt he starts holding on to my

finger like he just doesn't want to let

go still hates tummy time and he

actually started to kind of snuggle with

in with minion like they started getting

a little closer we started getting a

little more content with each other

which is great they would like snuggle

and they would I don't know it was kind

of fun and this is the one Dan really

started to like get into smile he kind

of smiled a little bit before I honestly

I couldn't tell you exactly when his

first smile was I wish I could but I

can't because he smiled so much and it

was just so precious to see him smiling

all the time when he turned 3 months is

like when he really started to smile

everyone he really started to cry a lot

too when he turned 3 months he knew who

to call

he started breastfeeding like a champ

and he's like he's like mom why aren't

you feeding me now he's like constantly

moving three months old he's constantly

moving ok I didn't mention that one he

was 2 months old that he started to get

addicted to the TV he started looking at

screen but he's gotten better and he

doesn't really do that as much when he

was 3 months old he went to the beach

for the first time and it was cool he

was like almost 4 month old but he went

to the beach for the first time so this

is when he's like started losing

interest in his binky I don't know what

it is I think it's probably partly

because he stopped drinking from a

bottle like whenever he would get that


and as now it wouldn't produce milk ever

so it just lost its exciting

factor I guess this is when he started

to like find his voice too he started

crying more and I mean there's some days

when I'm like sad and I'm like as there

normally is when you have a baby but

he's literally like the cutest kid ever

and it's very far and few between that

he's crying so I'll take that he's

drooling more but he's not teething like

I chew keep checking his mouth to make

sure he's not eating because I'm kind of

nervous for when he starts teething now

he's like loving music he I think he

always did but I think I'm just noticing

it more he also like if he's like sad if

you put a screen in front of him a he'll

stop like just calm down or if you play

music he'll calm down it's just crazy I

don't know he's like a he's like an

adult it's weird honestly I am very

lucky with him because he is such a good

baby like I've been filming for a long

time and most of the time he's pretty

darn happy and he's been awake this

whole time he's not sleeping like he's a

very good baby and still he loves to be

held he would be held all day long if

you'd let him but I love seeing him just

just get bigger and learn his way and

figure out his personality I can't

believe how big he is he was born in

some kind of scary circumstances and

it's just awesome to see that he can

like like a phoenix he can rise from the

ashes of such a scary situation he's

becoming such a good little boy and I

just I am so grateful for him so if you

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