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hey guys so today is May 8th and it is

the day of my scheduled induction and

I'm really excited because I felt like

this day was never going to get here we

all know I am ready to get this baby out

I am officially 37 weeks in four days in

my induction is scheduled for 8 o'clock

tonight so we're going to try and get to

the hospital at around 7:30 it's about 2

o'clock now and some of the things I've

done today to prepare is of course I

shower and I made sure all of my

hospital stuff is packed and ready mom I

washed blow dried and straightened my

hair and my hair is very very thick and

I usually on a regular basis only wash

my hair about every five days so I

washed it today so that the entire time

I'm in the hospital I don't have to

worry about washing it because it'll

still look clean after about four or

five days I also checked my weight would

it take some pictures of myself today so

that I have a picture of what I look

like on my last day pregnant and I have

tracked of how much I weigh just so that

afterwards I can track my weight loss

and yeah besides that I just have I have

all my stuff packed I have a little

makeup backpack I'm not really sure if

I'm for sure going to use it but it's

there I feel like putting on makeup but

to be honest I really don't care that

much I just care more about having the

baby you excited

oh we just have a huge dinner which is

all a speech was not a good idea

go ahead because now my stomach is so

tight and hard and we're on our way

possible before we go get away how do

you feel I meant not I kind of you know

what he's saying that I miss them all

along my mother would push that baby out

yes and it's seven o'clock right now and

our reduction in suppose that I ate so

we're going to we're on our way there


she probably like Twitter clips yeah

just grab that bag in the side and we

can grab like the tripod we always go





the Sun looks huge huh


important time for us to pick up a bagel

plus the chapel friend yeah I could have

probably got a wheelchair I think I

should walk I wanted to go smoothly

I'm labor for 48 hours yeah ha ha I feel

like I'm literally gonna be in labor for

you there sighs OH cuz I'm everything I

don't even know if we're in the right


oh just kidding

I feel good I'm excited

all right happy all the sudden like

emotional nerve-wracking are you scared

about me

yeah but they got the epidural for that

I'll take care of all that like they

gave me an IBM ready very hurt and I'm

just like excitingly I'd be hurt rather

funny mr. baby out nobody on earth

epidural for the IV you get epidural for

the big old baby canaller induce me as a

very giving me context which they

present I mean are you are you dilated

right now they call me okay can you eat


they heard they're like miles so there

are like people

Lily median maybe this is my monitor is


Carly yeah we'll keep updating when you

get more tired ladies and times and

stuff like that um what time is it right

now yeah and they got you off on foods

now you can use your ice chips

yeah we're just thinking of empty and

cold so a little bit after nine o'clock

like 9:30 ish she gave me this pill

called side effect which is just like a

little village like shove inside me and

it's supposed to start contractions and

induce labor and they're going to give

me another dose in four hours and then

she said if by 5:00 a.m. I guess if

things are like progressed as far

they'll give me pitocin my sister and my

best friend just stopped by owe me like

[ __ ] it's like an hour and a half

and they went back to the hotel and I'm

just going to hang out and we're going

to call everybody when we're living the

combo right now I need a time leap so

it's 10:40 and I'm going to China to

sleep but I know I've actually had like

a couple contractions they're not too

bad but they kind of hurt I'm not ready

to feel the real ones those are her

really bad hi hi

how you feel

I can't wait to hold him huh kids

already chasing me cute wrestler you

feel good lovely I'm sleepy I was having

um like bad study contraction like two

three minutes apart for like six or

seven hours like a very long time but

they were like they're not too bad like

you can like breathe through them but

still is really uncomfortable so she

finally gave me um jeito physical she

gave me some drop in it literally it's

not I think it epidural but like I feel

amazing like I feel like I'm on cloud

nine like I don't feel the pain of the

contraction I just feel very would be

but like not like they wouldn't give you

morphine but it helped me sleep Isha's I

suppose so so good and them and then

they would give me pitocin and still my

contractions are like two or three

minutes part foot I don't feel it and

it's wonderful so I don't know if I'm

going to need a quitter mmm-hmm day that

now and I mean I really feel good like I

feel great

like I'm like but maybe it'll wear off

and then I'll have to get a sort of like

I've been an ecstatic contraction

I haven't checked me recently gone I'm

falling I'm violent a bit I'll see you

guys up here

alright so it is 8:35 um doctor just

came in and broke her water she's only

had a centimeter dilated and could be

the setting face going ahead and ordered

her epidural so she should be coming in

here shortly and giving her up girl

she's not having a good time right now

are you kidding me

Dean Simmons was kept intact

once you've booked the water so after

she broke my water I was having the

worst contraction in the world it was

absolutely by far the worst pain I've

ever felt in my entire life and it was

from the time that she broke my water at

the time the guy came in and gave me

that for girl it was only maybe like a

30 minute period and it was so

excruciating I couldn't handle it I was

crying because you trying to stick the

needle in my back and I'm having super

severe contractions it was just really

bad but now I feel fine because my whole

body is completely numb school like my

bellybutton or like the middle down it's

like a scary feeling that you can't feel

your own leg and you can't feel your

toes and it gives me a little bit of

like anxiety and I can make me feel like

I can't breathe kind of which is kind of

good but it only is because I've never

experienced with you lately

feeling like I have no leg but I keep I

have contractions literally every minute

right now and I don't feel them at all

and they're getting really really high

so I hope this means that baby's going

to do the side of it

so she broke my water at 8:30 and it's

noon right now and we haven't been

checked again to see if I've dilated so

I'm really hoping really checked and I'm

getting somewhere I have to be because

literally I'm having severe contractions

every minute or so so hopefully when

you're pushing out this baby in the next


and I'm starving I can do anything and

Chris said me too bugle


okay it's real possible



Oh beautiful

no sir your mum's debunking photos I

don't understand 2585 11 please only 511


Parvathi Heidi Nguyen creamy beautiful

and I'm on a hurry

hi Meera hi baby girl

there you go happy

around here doesn't what they're doing

she did he owe them over to camera it is

just usually look just like your daddy

or just chin your daddy so sleepy all

the time

beautiful mother-daughter love of his

sight so we really haven't been

recording much of anything because we

got the baby and we're just trying to

spend the last couple days you know with

our baby

giving her all of our attention so we

haven't been recording or paying

attention to this but today she's going

to meet her sister so we're going to try

and get that on video of her meeting her

sister for the first time she's right

there with Daddy

with the neck pillar you see the tiniest

little baby water [ __ ] this is for

the baby time dad you can open it right






didn't you gonna help us raiser

we don't know what to do yeah you're

that's you should do that fall one time

excited you're excited we big sister yes

so much you are you're going to be best

friends yeah you can teach her

everything you know yeah you're gonna be

just like you looker she's here dark

hair just like this