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it might induce a little bit of gagging

a little bit of nausea and possibly

bonding and I mean it's never happened

to me because I'm always on top love my

love and welcome back to my channel

thank you so much for stopping by it's

always a greatly appreciated I'm always

like finding myself whenever I'm editing

a video that I've always liked looking

off to the distance in this area and I

mean there's nothing even there it's a

blank wall and I was just looking down

because on the little stand here I have

myself two bananas and you might be

thinking like Charles what are you doing

with those two bananas are you answering

them inside of you are you a practicing

Mel stuff like this what are you doing

like double penetration with fruit no

none of the above

I'm simply here to share these items

with you because you're kind of acting

as props and I've also got a mango but

today I want to sit down and share with

you the how-to in the act of 69 I am NOT

a stranger to performing 69 with a

partner I feel like 69 is a very very

old-school type of sex move and like I

feel like when I was in high school I

remember like middle school I really

don't know we would talk about like 69

and it would be so glorified and be like

oh my gosh you try this did you do this

yet and then when it came down to

performing that act it's like oh so

that's a 69 entails it's still an

amazing thing and a fun act a test and

try out in the bedroom a different

position something you to spice things

up a little bit and obviously it's like

oral for both sides all at once it's not

only one person performing oral I'm here

today to sit down and share with you the

art of performing Anna 69 so I'm you

might be thinking at Chou's like what

the heck is 69 I don't know it is maybe

like you were born in the 2000s and you

have no idea what 69 is maybe it's an

extremely dated sex active form in the

bedroom I mean like maybe I'm extremely

dated and my tactics and ways around a

penis in the bedroom in the oral

Department I have no idea

but I know a lot of us

still enjoy it so basically what 69 is

you and your partner male/female

whichever whatever you're into your

preference gotta cover all bases because

I don't want to offend anybody okay not

into that [ __ ] so like partner wine a

partner to get on top of each other just

like that okay see it's opposite ends is

it gonna work out just fine what the art

of 69 is you're kind of performing you

absolutely are performing oral on one


typically I would say for the female to

climb yourself on top simply because if

you're laying down you have no choice

but to Jeep's throat his [ __ ] it's

unfortunate because like let's take our

friend mango over here I love mangoes

it's not quite ready to eat yeah but in

a couple days I will be indulging that's

like my favorite fruit right now I'm

like you know this is not like how I

wished it could fit and easily like that

but it doesn't so you have to make ends

meet and make things work out so you're

both comfortable so it's like not too

much you're not suffocating one another

no one's vomiting no one's gagging you

have to take the right precautions in

order for the act of 69a to run its

course appropriately and extremely

smooth because let's face it maybe

sometime in the future you don't want to

do this again with a partner your same

partner or maybe a new partner who's

maybe never taken part in 6969 teen is

that a thing as with any sexual act is

seen as what time and place were

currently in in our lives in society you

kind of want to ask for consent from

your partner I just you know you got to

take your precautions ask the individual

just be cool and nonchalant about it

don't be like hello would you like to

participate in some oral intimacy but

we're doing it at the same time now

let's get Olli gonna kill the 5 just be

cool with them you're like you know

let's try 69 you want to try 69 and then

yesterday no you're either gonna get the

red light you're gonna get the green

light as you go and you're gonna have

their genitals shortly in your mouth of

course you want to get into position and

yeah I'm gonna show you guys like mind

my pads because I just wear sweats you

know I'm

fancy when I am filming I'm looking for

comfort here people this is not a

fashion show because I mean like I

didn't even leave my house today it's

just a filming day so okay you're with

your partner and I'm saying ladies when

you are you know getting in going on top

of your partner of course the man can go

on top but be expected to get and take a

mouthful as well as a throat full of

dick it might induce a little bit of

gagging and a little bit of nausea and

possibly bonding and I mean it's never

happened to me because I'm always want

to talk your partner is gonna be

underneath you okay and correct

if that makes any sense I've never given

a full-on tutorial before but welcome to

my world these are the new lengths that

we're taking and the year that is 2020

I'm trying to spice up the content for

you guys you know typically you kind of

just like want to spread your legs a

little bit and your partner's head is

like right underneath you okay and then

you're kind of just going down on your

partner that makes any sense I'm trying

to do like the best gosh darn diagram

that I can and it's hard and damn hard

but we got to put this bed to use

something that's what we're doing today

showing diagrams I'm just sorry yes

we're teaching people how to do things

and you know it's a whole thing so

obviously like that and you can use your

forearms as support and you know it's

we're gonna get up there we're gonna get

up and you are taking in a part for an

acts of something like 69 you want to

make sure that both sides are enjoying

themselves and that ladies you're not

suffocating them with your [ __ ] and man

you are not gagging these women with

your dick if this is laying down and you

insist on being on top because you want

the tip of your penis to touch the back

of her throats this could cause issues

especially if she has a hard time like

getting down on her knees and giving you

a [ __ ] man get in there with your

mouth lick flick suck do all that stuff

to the

get inside the vagina if you want with

your tongue also you can get a little

bit of a hand action in there aside from

being smothered with her [ __ ] juices

you're also gonna take notice that oh my


while she's kind of like riding me but

also sucking my dick at the same time I

her ass is here as well the asses join

the party people so you want to just

like spend a little bit of time you can

rub her [ __ ] a little bit my shirt ask

do whatever you want to do pull her up

and maybe we can take on you know a

little bit of face riding at the same

time let her experience something that

she maybe never has and she's not gonna

think twice about it because she's

simply sitting up but hello a system

you're sitting on his face didn't expect

this but it's something new that you

unintentionally tried and you probably

enjoyed it because a lot of the times

you know I did a whole video on face

city and all I card it up here so you

can go ahead and watch it again for your

pleasure it's gonna be awkward I'm not

gonna lie

to go ahead and just sit down and plant

yourself on your partner's face come sit

on my face baby

going into the act of 69 and

unintentionally sitting up and like oh

my gosh I'm riding his face it's it's

amazing and quite enjoyable people I'm

not gonna steer you in the wrong

direction I'm only here to help you

better yourself in the area that is

sexual intimacy ladies of course if

you're on top and you're taking in his

penis you know you can work the balls a

little bit too but please be gentle I

cannot stress that enough be careful be

gentle ladies men are extremely delicate

creatures we do not need some manhandle

their genitalia to the point of them

having an upset stomach and then you

know what you kind of killed the mood

for the two of you because now he has to

sit up relax drink some water maybe some

saltines I hope you're bringing to him

because this is all your fault I honest

to goodness never expected myself to

give on a full kind of like semi-clothed

fully clothed demonstration in regards

of how to kind of like pop [ __ ] on your

man's face 2020 I hope it's gonna be a

nun enjoy

and a very fun year for all of us taking

part in trying new things and

unintentional things that we're all

probably gonna enjoy and we're just

gonna have fun with that without

thinking too much into the whole

scenario please try out 69 and of course

when you're pleasuring one another with

your mouth on the genitalia keep going

until my another finish or simply til it

leads to other things and it makes each

of you reach orgasm okay simple as that

point-blank why'd it recommend it to

anyone whether you're new to intimacy or

you're a seasoned pro try it out yes it

is a very old and very like I feel like

it's a stale date and moob I feel like

it's also something that we need to

bring back into the mix but that being

said I'm declaring 2020 out of a year of

trying out and enjoying the act that is

69 so you guys did enjoy watching

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careful god bless have a good sex and

I'll see each and every one of you in my

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