How to Upgrade Windows 10 32-Bit to 64-Bit (Free)

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to be honest there is no trick or tips

to convert you are Windows 10 32-bit

operating system to 64 bits you need to

make any solution bootable pendrive or

you need to download a is a file right

now I am using 32-bit of operating

system Windows 10 and I want to convert

the 32-bit to 64-bit so I will show the

simple way as I said there is no cheat

or notice this is a simple installation

what you do as a normal so open Google

and search for Windows 10 download open

the first link now you need to download

the tool so click on download tool now

this is a media creation tool

save this file

okay it's complete

click on the file to open setup

so now survivors ready okay now click on


come on

yeah so now check on create any solution

media to another PC let's check on

create installation media - for another

PC and next

here select the language

and now select risk just uncheck first

before you're going to uncheck this use

this recommendation option for this PC

uncheck this option and now select the

64 built in architecture okay

and then simply click on next

so one message will appear because I am

using 32-bit and it's saying you are in

32-bit and you are going to download

64-bit so just ignore and ok this

message so now it's time to insert your

USB Drive so at least you need 4 GB of

free space

select the user slash type

and simply click on next so it will

auto-detect you are you have the

pendrive it's better to format your

friend I we were you going to make a


so I have it already as you can see my

pendrive is empty so make the format and

or select

the pendrive and simply click Next

so now relax it will take some time okay

and it's reached now as you can see here

your reply to every study so now if you

need click on finish and remove your USB

Drive and reconnect your USB Drive and

restart your PC

ok so connect your USB Drive to your PC

now and you start your PC and go to your

boot setting like Simo setting by

offsetting I don't want were studying

futures ok and take the first boot as a

pen ties so here you can see click on

first boot and this is my first boot

device the pendrive every flash so you

read the instruction as per your given

motherboard instruction so by offsetting

ok so I'm going upside my pendrive

generate pendrive ok

you're upside so my fault default boot

devices pendrive

so now save it yo setting and click yes


okay now it's ready to install your

windows select your languages and time

and currency format and keyboard ecology

to default as you can see here ok us us

and click on any stock now


setup we start now

it's occurring the por aqui so I have

product key but I will enter later all

right now I'm going to skip this click

on S cube

and click on I accept the license terms

check on this and click on next

and now click the custom and install

windows only advanced click on this

okay and this is the important thing you

you must have to know which day you are

going to install the Windows 10 so

partition 2 is my C Drive so I am going

to install in those genders C Drive so

you must to format this so I'm going to

format the C Drive that is partition -

ok is formatting select and click on

format and as you can see here the total

size and three size is same twenty nine

point two GB and 21 point 2 GB okay so

I'm installing the understanding this

partition so click Next now okay this is

the installation process going on I am

going to fast forward some video here

because I don't want to feel bored ok it

will take some time to install this



if almost done

Jenny for some future updates and the

final Aegean

so all this thing is it will install so

it will ne reboot your system so don't

press any key lady to do the window

insulation so it's now you can see the

ice ready getting ready and if I can

again product key

and I will do it later here so click on

do this later

click on use Express setting as you can

see here click on use that's the setting

ok so your system will restart several

time you don't need to press any key

just do it - what even though the

insertion going on ok


look at that and now talking to his on

this PC I click on I on this and click


okay I don't have any account I don't

want to clear it right now in account I

will create later so we skip the I stop

we gonna skip this stuff here you can


okay good your PC name like whatever

your home office our business

so until your PCM here do that name


and if you want you can give the

password but I don't want to do the

password so click Next

ok the final moment is going on to start

the Windows 10 soon I will get the

desktop of Windows 10

ok setting some things for me if showing

for you or me okay

so as I said it will restart several

time you don't need to press any key

don't press any key

so it's known setting the apps


yeah that's it I got the Windows 10

desktop now the windows attorney

successfully installed into my desktop

PC so these are forces are shown is

solve Windows 10 your PC after this you

can enter your product key later and you

can activate your windows 10 so this

software thanks for watching and if you

have any question you can ask me in come

out so see you next video thank for

watching please remember like comment

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