Birthday Party Ideas for Adults| 30th, 40th, 60th & 50th Birthday Celebration|Bling Backdrop

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hi everyone its Melanie from living

luxuriously for less and today I am so

ecstatic to be sharing with you birthday

party ideas for adult birthday so um

this is a video that has come highly

requested and it's an event that I've

done a lot earlier but I'm just getting

around to sharing it with you but it

definitely encompasses tons of ideas and

tips for celebrating your 30th birthday

your 40th birthday your 50th birthday

your 60th birthday your 70th birthday

and beyond so one of the unique things

about this party is that it was a co-ed

party and they were birthday twins and

they decided to go in and do this party

together so it will encompass ideas for

both men and women and I'm super excited

about that so I will be sharing with you

guys lots of tips and ideas on how to

host this type of party if you're

planning one for yourself or for someone

else so I hope you leave with tons of

inspiration so stay tuned now both of

these birthday twins were turning 50 and

they decided to go in and rent out a

lounge and do their birthday party

together and so I had to come up with a

way in order to combine the two

different themes she wanted more of an

afro centric woman type theme and then

he wanted to do more of a masquerade so

in order to combine the two themes

together flawlessly we decided to focus

more on the color theme for each of the

dessert tables and we didn't want to do

like a masculine color so we did black

white and gold and so for his table he


of The Masquerade type theme we did it

in front of the stage with exposed brick

and more of the rustic look and then we

included all the masks and things like

that and his tablecloth matched the

backdrop for her table and so that is

one of the tips when you're maybe doing

a co-ed party or something for a man or

a man and a woman or boy and a girl

I'm definitely look at combining the

themes together by using the same color

so for him we use masks and for her we

use more of the you know the afro

centric type lady look and they both

turned out super cute and they meshed

together really really well so this is

his party is a dessert table set up

they both hired their own cake bakers

and things like that

and I just set it up and styled it and

I've also done a video on how to style a

dessert table I will leave that link

down in the description box below for

those of you guys who are interested in

that now on his cupcake he wanted to

include a mask and a picture of himself

and then on her cupcake she had the

number 50 so this is what his dessert

table look like


on the guest tables we decided since it

was a lounge we definitely had to bring

in chair covers because they had

different types of chairs and so chair

covers was definitely the way to go to

bring in some continuity in terms of how

the chairs looked so I had the black and

white stripe ones as well as the black

ones and for the centerpieces I just

went with different gold pieces that we

had in inventory it's because I did not

want it to look too masculine or too

feminine so we were able to mix the two

together we use a lot of candle light

and a lot of gold pieces I often find

these at Ross so if you are shopping at

Ross Dress for Less over the holidays

and you are in event planning definitely

pick up these things as you see them

because they are seasonal but they are

also very very very good prices I do

have a video coming up later this month

on different centerpieces and places

that you can find them so definitely

stay tuned for that that's how I did

this table and again this was allowed so

we had to create kind of a seating as

yeah a seating area for seating for all

the guests and then we put the chairs

for the special guests in the black and

white stripes and then the other chairs

were in black so I love the way that

that turned out again this was a really

really really large space so I could not

drape it all off and it'd be within the

budget so up lighting was the next best

and a thing to do and it was also very

cost effective so yeah it definitely

added to the mood once we added two up

lights and then we had the candle lights

and we did the LED candles because I did

not want to burn the place down

because they were partying as well and

then in the far back you guys will see a

pool table but I will share that with

you a little bit later so this was kind

of like another type of space to rent

out but you can still make it look

beautiful although it was a lounge

it was still

beautiful and they enjoyed having the

area for dinner it had a humongous dance

floor it also had a stage and a pose so

this preacher's wife had to get out

before the party started so I absolutely

loved the way that everything turned out

and how we were able to layer the

centerpieces and the candelabras were

actually absolutely gorgeous so I just

kind of played off the placement but

everything turned out absolutely

beautiful and again it was encompassing

for both a man and a woman I did not

want to do anything super super feminine

or super super masculine but I wanted to

intertwine the two and I thought that

using the candelabras look very mature

for both parties so this was their 50th

birthday celebration so I definitely

wanted it to look very mature and very

sophisticated now the black and the gray

in white check area is the dance floor

and then we had just different tables

spread throughout the venue and then as

you can see over in the back there is a

pool table there so those who wanted to

play pool could play pool at the front

we had a kissing booth and all of the

food area and then we also had more

tables for guests that we use like more

of the crystal Shannon and candelabras

and we layered those with the metallic

gold placemat on top of that as well so

there is the other table there and then

on back were like the bathrooms and then

behind this table was actually the bar

area so here's another lustreless tip

you see the little crystal strands that

are hanging from the tree here the metal

tree those strands can be extremely

expensive if you buy them strand by

strand but if you buy a crystal strand

curtain and I will leave the link down