How To RUN Your First 5K | Running Tips For Beginners

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I sneeze moment I just need a mic just

giving you a name hi and welcome to the

running channel I'm Anna and today with

Rick we're gonna be going through some

top tips to help you run your first 5k

yeah if you're completely new to running

and planning on taking on your first

organized race these top tips will help

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like this one make sure you give

yourself time to train for the run

you'll need at least 6 weeks but

depending on your fitness you might need

up to 10 expect to start with a mixture

of running and walking now if you've got

a fairly solid base level of fitness you

might be able to do this in a couple of

weeks but actually training means you'll

get to the finish line a lot quicker

there are lots of free 5k runs up and

down the country that you can pick one

to fit your timeframe Park runs happen

every Saturday usually at 9 a.m.

these are free fun well organized and

easy to turn up - and they're not full

of speedsters you don't get yourself a

medal at the end have a look for a

training plan there's loes to choose

from online and you can pick one that

you can manage to fit in around

everything else that you're doing as


loads of people when they first start

out running 5k use the couch to 5k up

for example and all you've got to do is

get out there and ticks those runs off

just remember though if this is your

very first time that you're embarking on

a 5k we've got loads of tips for you

just check out our video running tips

for beginners our goals will all take

different forms it might be that you

just want to get to the end you might

want to run the whole way without

walking or you might have a specific

time goal in mind bear that goal in mind

when you are looking for a training plan

and those training plans will take

different forms as well so they might

measure your runs in time or in distance

so for example you might have written

down to run for 5 minutes and walk for 2

minutes or it might be run for a

kilometre and walk for a kilometer if

you're measuring distance for your runs

you're probably going to need a GPS

watch or you could use an app for

example Strava

or map my run on your phone they can

measure your distance for you but don't

worry too much about

if you just want to go out and run for a

specific time for your plant or you just

need an ordinary watch to do that don't

overload yourself you can't be too


although ambition is good if you start

off going in too heavy it's more likely

you'll get injured or basically you just

give up because it's too hard at the

same time don't be too easy on yourself

it's good to push yourself but not too

extreme where you go over the top one of

the key factors to successfully training

for your first 5k is consistency most

training plans will have you running

probably up to three times a week so try

and set your running days for the same

days each week that way you then get

into more of a habit also try and run in

the morning you're then less likely to

put it off for the rest of the day lay

your clothes out the night before get

everything ready and don't overthink it

that way you can just get out and get it


being consistent can be much easier if

you're running with other people set a

date and time every week and that way

you're taking that run off also if you

join a running club many of them will

have 5k beginner programs they can get

yourself started with motivation is the

key to getting you to the start line of

your very first 5k how to think about

the reasons why you're doing it maybe

you're doing it to raise money for

charity or doing it in memory of a loved

one or maybe this is the first step for

you to tackling a longer distance in the

future whatever your reasons are make a

list of bullet points for why you're

running this 5k and stick it somewhere

where you can see it so maybe put it on

your fridge or put it on your bathroom

mirror somewhere that's gonna remind you

because that could be the difference of

getting out for a training run or not on

the flip side though don't lose

motivation if you have a bad run or you

miss one altogether were not elite

athletes and life does happen and

sometimes things will just get in the

way if it's happening all the time

though then you need to think why am I

actually skipping that run

if music helps you make yourself a

killer playlist get some tracks on there

to get you really pumped and ready to

take on the world try something that

really means something personally to you

maybe it's the tune that you always

dance to with your best mate or it could

even be the first song you played at

your wedding whatever it is use it to

get yourself motivated nobody's judging

music perhaps try an audiobook or a

podcast instead we've got a list of our

favorite podcasts that you can check out

to give you an idea or you could try

counting that's paula radcliffe trick or

you can try what's called quiet running

so just listen to your footsteps and

your surroundings and your breathing and

that way you can really get in the zone

whilst you're running when the day of

the event rolls around as well as lots

of butterflies you'll probably have a

lot of questions

Worstell ooh how do I get to the start

line what can I leave my things the good

news is if you're running an organised

race they'll probably give you all that

information in advance all of your

kicked out the night before you don't

want to be wasting precious energy in

the morning running around trying to

find your left sock or a spare safety

pin if you need to pin on a bib number

for your race that way everything is all

ready for you and it's a lot easier and

karma in the morning class

don't treat yourself to a new pair of

trainers to run your race in either

remember the golden rule nothing new on

race day that includes all of the kit

that you're wearing as well wear

something that you felt comfortable in

during a training run that way you're

less likely to get any chafing or

blisters if you're doing a park run as

your first event it's a good idea to

sign up to one as a volunteer to one

first that way you can get to meet some

new people get to know the course and

get to allay any fears or concerns you

have about what's about to take place

also if you get a chance have a look at

the terrain are there any hills if you

get to know the ups and downs of the

course it's gonna be much easier on the

day don't get too carried away with the

excitement and buzz of race day as soon

as you're off and running it can be

really easy to just hammer that first

mile for then you might find the next

two point one a little bit more tricky

because you've used up

your energy reserves the best way to do

this and make sure that you're pacing

yourself okay is not to start too near

the front near those faster runners

unless of course you're going to be

running fast as well but if you manage

to pace yourself correctly you'll have

enough energy left in the tank to start

overtaking people at the end which feels

absolutely great

and speaking of overtaking people when

you're running in a race it'll feel

quite different to when you've been out

and training on your own doing runs on

your own because there are loads more

people around you we're running at

different paces it's a good way to try

and push yourself a little bit harder by

keeping up with somebody ahead of you I

like to call it picking people off

because then when you overtake them at

the end it feels amazing

don't worry too much though if you don't

get your pacing right on race day it

happens to everyone all of the time and

it's just something to learn from and

remember for next time

recruit friends and family to support

you on the sidelines and at the finish

their support is going to mean the world

they're also great for taking photos so

you can brag about it later also smile -

not only will the photos but better but

it will help you relax and actually help

you run better because you'll feel less

tense don't forget to take it all in

when you finish you've just finished

your first 5k and you'll never get that

feeling again chances are it was

probably an early start as well so why

not grab your support crew and head off

and get some brunch after to reward

yourself well done on making it to the

end of your first 5k check out the

running channel for some more tips for

running beginners and we'll see you next