5K Race Strategy | 5 Tips For A Fast Run!

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but some guys coach Nate here from the

run experience 5k race strategy is the

name of the game and I'm gonna give you

some tips and some tactics and and some

ways to develop your race plan so that

you can show up to the race confident

that you can have a good plan to execute

in mind all right so when we start

thinking about our 5k race we want to

start to mentally visualize how the race

is going to go and we start mentally

visualizing how the race is going to go

we're in effect planning for how it's

gonna go and we could start thinking

about not just you know hoping that

certain things may or may not occur out

there but we can start to exert our own

influence on it and say hey this is

actually what I want this race to be

like this is how I want it to feel this

is the the efforts I want to go and this

is important if the terrain is different

or the time of day if there's a big hill

in that thing like how are you going to

tackle that so having that plan is is

the greatest place to go now when we

think about this plan we want to think

about a few things across the board

number one is bringing a little patient

especially in that first mile it's easy

to feel really excited and to go

rocketing out with everyone else we have

to remember that you know a 5k while it

is on the shorter side of running races

it ain't a sprint right we're gonna be

out there a lot of us are gonna be out

there for you know 18 to 20 plus minutes

upwards of 30 to 30 plus minutes right

so I need to think about allotting my

effort all the way through how can I be

patient when in that adrenaline is

surging with the gun goes off and

everyone goes by me I stick to my you

know perceived effort I stick to my pace

per mile

whatever I've determined that to be for

that first mile mile and a half and then

what that's going to do is set me up for

success in the second half I'll be able

to really dial in and focus on my effort

through that that bottom part hopefully

catch a few people as I go and cross

that finish line feeling really really

good so the second thing we want to

think about is a warm up are we actually

going to warm up before our run now I

know a lot of what a lot of you guys are

thinking we'll wait a minute if I run

and you know do stuff before the actual

5k isn't that gonna make me more tired

and take less energy

way fortunately not right fortunately

it's actually gonna make ourselves a

little bit better for the absolute race

so what we want to do is give ourselves

you know a one to two mile you know easy

warm-up if you're really concerned do

half a mile to one mile something a

little bit lighter and a little bit more

moderate but just something to get your

heart rate going

get your sell yourselves elevated we

almost have some guests on well we'll

save that for the second episode don't

worry but we want to get our heart rate

going want to get our body temperature

up because is because if we don't do

that first that 5k out of the gate is

gonna feel really really harsh on the

body the other thing we want to do is

add a little dynamic warm-up into our

life now if you've been following us for

a while you know that we encourage this

for all of your runs you're doing some

things to open up your shoulders back

and forth this is gonna promote a little

bit of rotation and arm swing to do the

same thing with your legs some squatting

some leg circles some leg swings is a

great way to open up your hips to

basically unlock your natural stride

that's what we're going for the other

thing that's so great to do before your

race is it burn some nervous energy

we're always a little hyped up before we

go to that starting line so having a

little routine where you do a little

warm-up you do a little stop and

pre-race dynamic warm-up routine is

going to get you going and then finally

I'm gonna finish with a few Striders a

few accelerations to race pace are a

little bit faster I finished that all

about 10-15 minutes before the start of

the race I should show up with a light

sweat I've dialed in I'm ready to go all

right number three is gonna be a little

tough love here especially if you're

focused on having a good race or you

really care about your time please by

all means avoid those water stations we

don't need to be stopping and consuming

a lot of beverages for such a short

distance and race of course there are

caveats to this your 5k is up a mountain

it is ridiculously hot you really need

to stop and drink by all means please do

so but if for those of you out there who

are concerned about your time and you

want to go a little bit faster you know

cut out that time of stopping to

actually drink water if you're gonna

grab water you know dump a little on

your head

that'll keep the body temperature down

and the other thing you could do is

throw a little in your mouth and rinse

and spit it out but try to minimize

those water stops so that you are just

running and focusing on your pace all

the way through my next tip is one of my

favorites is one of the things that I

love to do because when I find this

person out on the course that I and I

find them at about a mile mile and a

half in and we're shoulder-to-shoulder

or pretty close

III glom on to them and I and I work

hard to stay with them the rest of the

event now sometimes they're gonna be a

little faster than you sometimes you

might be a little bit faster into them

to which you can encourage them to stay

with you so you kind of get that nice

you know positive kind of karmic race

experience going for you but either way

focusing on someone else a little bit in

a positive way can help you not focus as

much on your own pain it can get you

open to to racing with your community

and to everyone else around you and then

and then when you really need it

those people can bring a little bit of a

stronger effort and performance out of

you it may be unlock something that you

don't even know what's there pretty cool

finally the last tip guys prepare for

that last mile to hurt like a son of a

gun right it is gonna it is gonna be a

challenge especially if you've laid it

out there you've been patient you've

warmed up you found your race buddy you

skip those water stops and you you've

set yourself up to to really lay it all

out there for that last mile to - half a

mile when we race when we improve racing

itself doesn't necessarily get easier we

just get faster that's gonna be the real

the drill and and in fact the more

experienced you are as a racer the more

confident in your ability to withstand

higher levels of pain for longer periods

of time I know that's kind of

unfortunate scary thing about running

and racing but that's what attracts us

to it in this weird kind of crazy way so

that last mile is gonna hurt mentally

prepare for it once you know it's going

to be there embrace it

by doing that it literally won't be as

bad I promise you you'll get to that

finish line feel high-five your friends

you'll have a great race

take the

tips run with them literally

figuratively you'll love it

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