How to Plan a 50th Birthday Party for a Female

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hi everyone my name is Nicole Nassif

from the wedding league in Los Angeles

California and today I'm going to be

talking about how to plan a 50th

birthday party for a female so the first

step when planning your birthday party

is to really just sit down and map out

and just really think about what you

want your event or your birthday party

to to look like to feel like what kind

of a venue do you want to have it at how

many people would you like it there is

it going to be adults only are there

gonna be kids

indoor/outdoor so all sorts of things so

start to think about what you really

want to see it your event and write it

all down the next step is to come up

with a budget for it so whether you're

paying for it alone or maybe other

family members are helping you pay for


really figure out how much money you

have in the very beginning so that you

don't end up spending five thousand two

thousand dollars more here and there on

things that you could have spent a

little bit more wisely in other areas so

definitely have a budget whatever

planning a birthday party or just a

party in general the next step after you

come up with your budget is to come up

with a theme for your birthday party so

it can be as as grand as a let's say an

over-the-hill birthday party a fifties

decade birthday party you can really

have a lot of fun get people dressed up

and person aiders all that kind of fun

stuff or it can be something as simple

and laid-back as maybe a garden party or

a classy cocktail reception type of a

thing definitely take a look at what you

want that really is gonna reflect your

personality the next thing to do is then

to send out the invitations and this is

great once you've already figured out

your theme then your invitations can

reflect that so send it out to all those

guests the next thing to do is to make a

list of all the vendors that you will

need in order to get this party up and

going so if you need a photographer a

caterer a rental company an impersonator

write all of them down and then go ahead

and just Google online and you will be

able to find some local vendors that can

help you out the last thing that you

should do is in this way to a little bit

closer to the to the party is to create

a timeline that just hits all the basic

points so unless you have a lot of

different activities going on

should look something like cocktails for

maybe an hour or so then either a dinner

that served or a buffet maybe some kind

of entertainment maybe a band or a DJ

for dancing all that kind of fun stuff

so and the last thing I wanted to talk

to you about real quick is I know this

is gonna sound like a shameless plug

here but hiring an event planner can

really make your event planning process

just go that much smoother they are

passionate about their profession and so

they already have systems and processes

that can help you pull out the theme

that really reflects who you are and

just make sure that the entire event

goes smooth so that you don't have to

worry about running around you can

actually sit back and enjoy your party

that you spent so much time putting

together so those are some tips to get

you going on a fantastic fiftieth

birthday party and I just wanted to

thank you so much for watching this

video my name is Nicole Nassif from the

wedding leak and this has pin how to

plan a 50th birthday party for a female