A Dominant Reviews 50 Shades Of Grey

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happy Friday everybody welcome back I'm

gonna do something special today I'm

gonna review Fifty Shades of Grey I know

I know

trust me I know I had to watch it again

tonight my eyes aren't bleeding right

now just kidding I had to watch it again

tonight because that movie came out in

2015 and I don't remember a whole lot

about it other than you know some of the

key points that are important there's a

lot of unsure 'ti right now with what is

fair use and what is not fair use and so

I am going to err on the side of caution

here and not be able to show the clips

from the movie I know in reviews you

should be able to do it but

unfortunately there's been circumstances

where people got copy strikes because of

it so I don't want to have to only say

good things so that they don't take it

down I would rather just tell you

exactly what a domme in the real world

thinks of this movie and its portrayal

of DOM and a submissive it's yeah I'll

start from the beginning

so the beginning member when he walks

into the hardware store where she works

and the you asks are for cable ties

masking tape which that's not masking

tape that's called duct tape but I don't

know somebody needs to tell them what

masking tape is and and then rope and

you know and he you know all the nuances

about it and everything I thought it was

cute i digged it that was cool i totally

would do something like that i think

maybe i don't know don't know a lot of i

can't imagine myself in that situation

but if I was who knows maybe I would be

like totally like that too because it's

cute but let's go skip past that though

and let's go to the very first time

which is not long after that where he

shows her his red room yeah yeah I think

we all would agree at least everybody

who's into the lifestyle

whoever in the movie was in charge of

set design or whatever they did a great

job the Red Room is the dream room and

everybody would want something like that

I totally would love something like that

unfortunately I have to deal with just

having a church I do okay and then he

goes on to show her her the bedroom that

she would stay in if she was okay with

her gonna agreement with him and and

they you know she would stay in that

room from Friday to Sunday and that they

would not be sleeping together it's

actually not uncommon to have that

happen that they're like no overnight

you know we can do things together and

everything else but I'm not going to be

sleeping in the same bed as you really

isn't that unusual I've heard of it in

several instances I even had a princess

room here for me and my ex she had her

own space also maybe I snored too much

or something whatever but if for any

reason she wanted her own space or

whatever she had her own room as well

although we pretty much always still

slept in the same bed that was always an

option for her and I kept that as an

open thing for her but a little bit

different in this way where that was a

strict protocol thing that he just does

not allow people to sleep within the

same bed as him but anyway that this is

where the big part is where she explains

that she's a virgin right like nobody

believes that like that's crazy it could


sure it could happen I don't know after

she saw the Red Room and everything else

the chances of a virgin being okay with

that maybe I maybe not I don't know but

let's just say I don't meet a lot of

people that are virgins in the lifestyle

I get it she wasn't in the lifestyle but

I don't know any virgins so I can't talk

to that honestly so let's just leave it

at that so then they go from that first

time where they just have sex he's like

oh you're a virgin oh I'll just

take that and we'll just get that out of

the way and you won't be a virgin


great so the next two times though all

he does is just tire wrists with a tie

like a necktie right and that's it

that's all he ever does you know he does

tell her kind of he kind of insinuates

that he's into something else and he

shows or the Red Room and stuff but he's

not really showing her or explaining

like or even asking like I do are you

okay with pain do you like pain are

there's just enough very good

communication in this and you know

obviously it would have saved him a lot

of time and grief right from the

beginning if he asked these things

because he would find out very quickly

she was not gonna be down with anything

that he wanted to do work technically if

you believe the movie needed to do yeah

but so the next stage anyway they go and

do that contract the contract is it's

just negotiation essentially but you can

do it in writing it a lot of people do

it especially in their case which was

supposed to be an agreement that Monday

to Friday we do our own thing and

Saturday Friday to Sunday you come to my

place you stay there and this is what

you're gonna do and this is you're gonna

serve me and all this they have it they

have it almost like a negotiated

business deal almost and so a contract

isn't unusual but it doesn't have to be

and it's not a norm a lot of people just

negotiate this talk and they just

because even if you have a contract

something you can't call read and you

can't stop something or you can say I

don't want to do that anymore just

because you put it in the contract

saying you willing to do it doesn't mean

you can't stop not doing it so not

everybody doesn't but it does help

because it does is forces you to sit

down and go over every detail and not

skip over or forget something to talk

about so I guess you know that that's

helpful and and that's before he's

willing to do anything other than of

course tire wrist was this contract and

so he finally now that the contract is

oh no the contracts are officially done

but they negotiated quite a bit and but

he puts her over his

and gave her three Spanx and three yeah

and she was like totally out of breath

afterwards like wow I don't know I don't

know I'm a little bit better than

reading it reading a girl than maybe him

because to me that's not somebody's

probably gonna be down with it any more

than that but I digress he apparently

didn't know that then you know so

finally they do the contract and he

finally they're gonna do the Red Room

for real and this one you know he puts

the restraints on her well actually no

first he starts with the protocol so he

explains and this is great and I love

this part and you know this makes it

exciting and makes it fun that gives

anticipation and he tells her you know I

want you naked I want you in kneeling

and waiting and this is how I want you

have your hair you know that's all

wonderful I really love that that's

that's fantastic

and so we explain to all his protocol

that he will requires and then of course

he goes out and comes back and he

restrains her arms and then he gets a

crop and he just you know has it dance

along her skin and slaps her on the hand

with it and proceeds to do a little bit

more of that but essentially that's it

and they have sex and moving on so again

nothing really all that serious at that

point so I'm still you know why don't

when you're watching this I'm still like

when when is this all gonna start and

you know she's already showing signs

that she's not down with most of this

stuff you know obviously when it's just

sex or just sex with maybe just tying

her wrist she's okay with that and she

seems fine but anything past that she

doesn't seem very down with it and you

know it makes me you know worried you

know this is sending a bad signal and

they don't think it should right and

here's the truly bad part comes right

after that and that is where they're

laying down together any

explaining how why he's broken that he

is broken and that he needs this because

he's broken and that it's because his

crack heroin addicted mother who was a

prostitute who he saw untold things as a

small child and until she passed away at

four and because of that he's broken and

therefore he needs this you know like

he's got those cigarette burns on his

chest and you know we and you know I I

just hate to see this kind of stuff

because that that's not not of course

it's not impossible and it could happen

or whatever but it's portraying this is

because he's broken it's not because

it's exciting and not because it's fun

and and adds some entertainment value or

not even attainment

add some excitement to the bedroom and

excitement to your life and gives

structure and all the things that people

love it for no no no it's because

somebody's broken and because they were

abused and you know in never mind that

he was adopted by a very wealthy family

immediately after for his whole life

raised with everything and anything and

a loving family and all this stuff and

yeah then there of course there's that

lady in his life when he's like fifteen

and everything and again like they have

to keep saying that that's not in the

first maybe so I'm just gonna leave that

part out but I don't like how they

portray that it's all because of abuse

that it's only because he's broken that

it's because you know they're portraying

it is a bad thing and even though if you

were just to go based on the face value

of the movie they haven't really done

anything really all that serious so what

you know at that point I don't get it

it's the next time they're in the

playroom she's got the red rope around

her wrists tied up to the bed her back

is arched it's super sexy and and he's

got the flogger and he's just running it

down her skin all over and she's loving

it and then yeah he does you know give

her some swamp right and as you can tell

like this is super soft many submissives

call this a massage for a reason like

ridiculously soft it isn't it's not a

painful even if you you want you're

gonna hit that hard like it really isn't

anything but you know yeah I just don't

even know because she comes out of that

even though it seems like you know that

they're they have like wild erotic sex

and all that and yes seems like three

times that maybe it was for that he had

her on that and again big pauses in

between there's no yellow stop no

anything no red no nothing nothing so

and then to have her come out and just

say why do you want to hurt me like this

and why do you need to do this to me and

you know this upset sort of thing again

and it's like what what

so and then and then immediately after

that they go into this hole

well it's because of my past and you

know he's broken and you know he's

really sorry and he doesn't want to be

like this and he wishes he wasn't like

this again they portray it is such a

terrible thing instead of something

which it really is which is super

beautiful and a great connection between

two people and you know like the fact

that you have a dominant personality and

a submissive personality and they can do

so much more together as one as instead

of two separate people because you know

especially the Smiths a person they need

somebody strong in their life that's

what they look for and and that will you

know look out for their best interests

and they can they can do so much

together as one and I just hate to see

it being portrayed this way like it's

not this big negative way it's super

consensual and it's you know everybody

is so great in the community and we have

such a great time and and we have so

many safeguards that don't exist in the

vanilla world vanilla dating do not have

our safeguards this is much safer than

the things that can happen in a bedroom

with somebody that is not part of any

type of lifestyle anyhow then they move

into the final big scene I guess and

that is the spanking with the belt so

she's you know after he's telling her

about this is and I'm broken this is

what I need and everything and she's

like well I want to give you what you

need so I want you to just show me show

me show me it don't hold back just show

me and he's like are you sure and you

know she literally is begging him to do

it I wanted to do it and so he's like

okay and he gets her to bend over use

the belt and he's hitting her and it's

not like he's doing like crazy

whatever but still it's a battle team

owned belt is is gonna be a bit more

than a hand or something like that and

and he gives her six she and she counts

so they're quite quite a bit of pause

between and and he has her count and she

says one and two and she's not screaming

she's not anything and she's certainly

not telling him yellow not

you read all the things he's asked it in

the movie

what are your safewords he says it to

her and she says what they are and he's

like okay make sure he used them and and

of course he never does and then after

that is done she gets so mad and she's

she makes him feel so guilty and how

dare you do this and this is what you

need you horrible look basically saying

you horrible beast of a person and and

leaves and doesn't want anything to do

with him anymore and then he goes on to

be sad and everything and you know again

it's not supposed to be a bad thing it's

not supposed to be a negative thing it's

must be consensual it's supposed to be

exciting for both parties honestly it's

probably in my opinion from all the

girls that I know I think they even get

more out of it because they get a lot

more pleasure and in their vanilla sex

they find that the male partners are a

lot more selfish and it's more about

them and in this lifestyle it's quite a

bit the opposite where there's a lot of

tension spent on them they get a whole

scene and then they usually could you

know not doesn't have to be but could

have been you know also get full-on sex

and maybe many more orgasms and

different kinds of play that involved

like orgasm control and toys and all

kinds of stuff not boring

vanilla dating so my opinion I like some

of the parts of the movie I thought some

of its great I loved the Red Room but I

think it doesn't actually even portray

much BDSM other than showing us what a

Red Room looks like and again how it's

supposed to be from mainstream media so

obviously they couldn't show everything

in the lifestyle but I think they can do

a little bit more than just tie up her

hands and you you could always do things

in a way where you know you don't have

to show it but you can see he grabs it

and that's what he you know and then you

don't have to show the act itself I

think they could have done more to maybe

explain the rest of the lifestyle if

they had done the research they would

have found out

like how does this missive gain it's not

just a one-sided thing where you know I

get to be you the end or in their case

was everything as the end goal is only

to [ __ ] you like the end goal is only to

have sex with you like that that isn't a

true portrayal of the whole lifestyle as

a whole and I wish I did a better job on

it and I thought they would have it

could have done better research and

things like that and the books actually

have more than what's in the movie so

again it might have been just because

the studio is like oh no that's too

risky that's too risky that's too risky

but I don't know I know either way I

like some of the stuff that they showed

it was really cool I wish I had some of

that stuff so it was cute but for the

most part it portrays us poorly it it

says it's a negative thing that it's

based on people that have been abused

only is the only reason they want it

this girl really wasn't into it and it

should never have been with her there

are lots of people out there that would

have been totally down with it and I had

what enjoyed it and it would have made

this movie different I get it that's not

the point of the movie I guess I don't

know so I don't know what do I give it a

to give you stars like what am I

supposed to use do a two ball gags out

of five is that even maybe someone

should you give it one so all in all I

give this movie let's say a one gag out

of five is that fair I think so that's

what you get for portraying our

lifestyle as a terrible thing

stay kinky stay free see you tomorrow


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