The Sims 3: Blog Artist Part 1 - Protests & Sound Issues

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this is the story of laura laurie

this is her as a teenager with her dad

learning how to drive

her mom is a head chef her dad works in


laura has many friends many


social life her dad has a cute dog

laura has a boyfriend who you can see

we changed his clothes they did some

interesting things together they went to

prom they actually have the cutest

prom photo here's laura all decked out

and ready for

prom and here's her having one of her


kisses playing the piano

learning on the piano she got engaged

she actually is the one who wants to


this is her and her boyfriend on prom

night and this is laura

when she aged up and that is the story

of laura laurie and now she's an adult

and we're going to jump right into the


all right guys and welcome to the

first episode of this many series

so what you guys will see before this or


just saw was some screen shots

of this series and i probably just

explained some of the things

background things um i haven't done the

voiceover for that yet

so i'm not going to pretend like i know

what i had what

has just been said but it's now time for

the gameplay part of it i'm really

excited because i've been playing

this family for um

four weeks this is week four day one

um and so i'm really excited to show you

guys this

family um so quick things

i know i've already gone through

some highlights of what happened

throughout laura's teen life

but um the biggest thing

to know where we're picking up right now


that um we just had laura's

um birthday party last night

and um coincidentally nigel also

aged up just because i think i want to


i it just it just made sense and so

basically um nigel immediately joined a


when he aged up he's in the military

career and that's his lifetime which

um but i think we're gonna go to school


that's something to look forward to but

right now they are required to attend

um graduation

turn my

volume down a little bit

yeah i'm really excited um

i've been wanting to get this content

out for a really long time and i'm still


quite there yet as far as things

go um

oh i'm just not quite there yet because

like i said i still

do a whole voice over but

oh my gosh this rain is really loud

i hope it's not too over powering

but it doesn't look like you guys can

hear anything

oh i know why i'm dumb

i think that was supposed to work

but i'm not sure i don't think you guys

hear anything

um display capture audio capture game


something i know this is a weird

a weird time for me to be

a weird time for me to

be going through my audio

but it normally just works so

this is graduation if it doesn't work

we'll play some

low music in the background but i don't

really know why it's

um digital audio maybe

of course technical difficulties and

we're just starting

all right

they're both graduating i don't know


she has on her head

i don't know what she has on her head

but cool

um really excited so oh there's a

protest happening

oh i was not looking


this is an anti-police

protest um sims 3 you haven't done

yourself with trying to um

incorporate this uh

really great timing okay

you guys can hear it now

so we're gonna quickly have that




rub it up

yeah um so relationships that

laura has um this is her fiance nigel as

i said

before um i've shown probably heard

um good friend chase which is funny

because he is currently dating

stacy who is our enemy

cricket oh my gosh sorry guys

it was our enemy because she used to

date nigel

and i didn't really have any plans for

her to like actually

date nigel but one of her wants was to

like have their first kiss

and then okay their

relationship is funny um i one of their

wants was to have their first kiss

one of her ones was to have her first

kiss and then one of whom once was two

she wanted to be the ones proposed like

she wasn't like oh i want to marry him

she was like i want to propose to him

so she's kind of a baddie so her traits

um speaking of that she's a party animal

irresistible athletic snob and


um so basically like i've said the main

point of this

quick mini series it'll be 15 to 20


is to just try to complete her lifetime

wish she wants to be a blog

artist which is reach level 10 in the

networking skill and create a five star


and so because the blogging skill is

kind of hard to

rank up really quickly i thought for my


like i'm going to be doing a series

where i go through all of the lifetime

wishes that exist on this

um all the lifetime wishes that exist

in this game and kind of try to beat the

game percep

um by doing a bunch of challenges but

this one in particular

isn't super um content

like there's not a lot of content that

goes with it it's kind of what you make

of it so i figured

um since the blog artist lifetime wish

came with university we're going to have

our sims go to university and that'll be

the main part of these

15 series and then maybe a little bit

of parts when they um

leave university and like start their

family but not

much so she's currently level three of

the social networking skills she's going

on level four

she also has a lot of other skills oh my


um she's level seven of the athletic

um skill for charisma she knows a little

bit of piano but her mom is a lot more

music oriented than her she just kind of

did it because there's a piano around

the house

and a lot of skills she learned from


being on student council i think so that

was pretty cool

um she knows how to drive she wanted to

drive i already showed that

i'm trying to think of things that i

probably don't have screenshots of

her favorite music is electric


um she likes stir-fry and white

i'm not really going to talk too much

about nigel because he is kind of

a side character but we are going to

see what um

nigel graduated from the ampersand


stadium with honor is very bright

oh graduated with honors she was

valedictorian though

um and she was also voted most likely to

become a sports star

yeah she has the graduated pretty

um so

we don't really have a go-to career for

what we want her to do that's why i said

her this first um introduction channel i


introduction um let's play um series is

mainly just

me getting back accustomed to recording

and um

diving into some story gameplay that i'm

most comfortable

with doing and then kind of letting her

lifetime wish be

one of the things we work towards but

here's the house

um i didn't build this house it came

like this

i just added a few things we have a cute

little dog named shiba

so i added like the pet bed um we're

gonna have them take their

applique test right now

i added the pet bed um in the kitchen

nothing is really different

except for i added this like baker's

table because the mom

is in the um cooking career and she

loves to bake

um both the mom and dad are elders i

started the game with them being elders

because i had

an envision oh my god the dog barks a

lot i had an envision

on them being older um

and um wanting to establish their career

very early on

so the father is in the business career

and as you can see he's level eight so

he's already completed his lifetime wish


i don't really count it because i

started it with him being like level


or six or seven or something oh

so he doesn't really count as far as

very likely


um well she only got partial scholarship

i feel

i find this very interesting because

um that she didn't get a full

scholarship because she's literally

level seven of the

physical education i mean the physical

the athletic career i mean skill

like i just feel like that's

weird to me but okay

um but the mom like i said she's level

seven of the

um cooking culinary career and he's

level eight of the

business career and um nigel

is gonna go to work i mean he is gonna

go to university

um but yeah it kind of just um

we're gonna go to a university and

right after we find out what nigel's

aptitude scores are

oh he has nothing i don't really know

anything about nigel that's part of the

reason why i didn't really want to go

into depth of what he does but he looks

like he has

three handiness and three painting um

good for him you are not gonna go

swimming cheeky mia

oh my gosh so the thing is

i don't know i kind of want to take all

of her awards with her in case

i forget later i just feel like i'll

have like a

so she has this from a field trip

um so it's her high school diploma this

is her

valedictorian and most likely to become

a sports

sports star this is her um driver's


certificate and then she has oh the

prompt photo i know i concluded it in

part of the screenshots it is one of my

favorite things i've ever seen in this

game i didn't even know that was like

a picture that could be taken so yeah

let's see


we will check back in when they're like

officially enrolled

and yeah we will go back in when they're


enrolled in university all right

and we are back so

we are in the lovely university

world um i had them get a house

because i don't know

laura's a snob and they're also engaged

so i felt like

first i was thinking like maybe in

dormitory because you know sometimes

people go to college with their like

significant other and they live in dorms

and they

visit each other in the dorms but then i


that yeah they're they're

they can't do that so we live in this

somewhat large house i didn't realize it

was going to be this

big because it was two bedrooms so i

thought it would be made for two people

but this feels like it's made for like


um and we have garage space which is

nice because we do have people have cars

um she has her jeep wrangler and he has


sloppy jalopy i think yeah so because he

wants to be

in the military career track he's going

to school for technology

um i don't really know what

well let's look at this classical we got

full class loads my friends

methods of practice and language 101

risk and slacking off on two exposition

in lunacy one on

two um so that's what he's got going on


laura actually will like complete her


just by going to university once

um she's got a study of fitness 201 a

history of language 201

so she's not in like beginner classes

but she will finish her degree

if she does all of this um

she already has 18 credits towards her


so um we're doing two terms

and yeah that's that's what's gonna

go down um we're gonna have laura we

don't need story progression

on in university it's already whack as


i don't have my timer on but i'm not

going to talk for too much

longer probably only like three more

minutes or so but

um oops

what happened are we froze um i am going

to go to

laura and show you guys her blog she's a

broken phone i thought it added

character and pizzazz

to her character so

oh we can ask her followers for help

with donations

i mean with academics that's kind of


um we are going to check out her blog

just so you guys can see that and then

you're going to end this

episode this is just introductory and

we'll have a lot more gameplay

in part two all right so blogging about

workplace shenanigans i don't know why

it's called that

i was pretty sure i it was supposed to

be called

ll diaries and i don't know at what


it shifted and changed because

yeah but she currently has one star 104


the last post all did great as you can


um so she that's when she got engaged

can't wait for the rest of life with my


today was a snow day took my act and did

pretty well thinking another business or

pe that was when she

took her aptitude test the first time

and did pretty well

um but it was like a few days

passed so um i just had her take it

again in case you would get more

scholarships and she actually did

and then prom was incredible nigel and i

are official so they went into prom as

romantic interest

as shown in previous little situations

and then they left

dating and it was really cute so um we

blogged about it so

i don't know if this is gonna go well

but it's been hit or miss doing these

blog posts but we are going to do one

right now

um and then we'll end up soon but this

is our

little little situation i'm excited

for this series i think it'd be really

fun i think my

setup plan for it was really good i

think you guys will like the intro

um nigel and

i just moved in

things are looking

great all right i think we'll lose

followers but

okay oh we gained seven followers

great um and with that i'm gonna end

this episode

um thank you guys for watching the first


on my new and improved

um channel so

see you guys next time bye