How To Cover A 5 O'Clock Shadow Completely (On Any Skin Tone) | MtF Trans Tutorial

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thank you for tuning in to the pretty

fix I am celebrity makeup artist Melissa

Riddick and this tutorial is for all of

the beautiful trans women and literally

anyone else out there who wants to know

how to cover their 5 o'clock shadow if

you've watched other tutorials about

this online you've probably seen a lot

of really crazy techniques like people

using lipstick which by the way it

contains thick oils that can totally

clog your pores or people painting their

face really orange to where they look

like an oompa loompa unfortunately these

are nowhere close to what you should be

doing if you want a professional and

natural-looking results in this video

I'm gonna drop some serious knowledge

and show you the right products and the

right techniques that you need to make

your 5 o'clock shadow completely

undetectable while also making sure that

your makeup still looks natural and

lightweight I know that especially for

trans women this is a really really

important part of your makeup routine

and I also know that virtually nobody

outside of beauty gurus wants to feel

like they have a ton of makeup packed on

to their face so without further ado

let's get right into it

part of the challenge with covering a 5

o'clock shadow is the often rough and

uneven texture of the skin there so we

want to do as best we can

to start to create a smoother surface

before we begin applying makeup after

you've done a clean and close shave

apply either a post shave balm and/or a

moisturizer to your entire beard area

just as a side note using an aftershave

balm is really ideal because especially

if you find yourself shaving daily to do

this process you need to use products

that calm the irritation and also

prevent ingrown hairs or pimples from

forming in this area now that your skin

is nicely hydrated you want to also

apply a very thin layer of foundation

primer all over your face not only does

this primer make the makeup stay on



also gonna help further create that

smoother texture to the skin there that

we're after

once your primer is in place if you're

going to be wearing a full face of

foundation feel free to apply it as

usual all over your face into your beard

area and down your neck now to cover

your five o'clock shadow you'll need a

liquid or cream color corrector that is

appropriate for you specifically which

I'm about to get into to synthetic hair

domed blending brushes a liquid

concealer that matches your skin tone a

large fluffy powder brush and a loose

translucent powder now just a moment ago

I mentioned that you need a color

corrector that is specifically geared

towards your beard hair and skin color

in most tutorials you're gonna see

someone flat out telling you that you

either use a deep orange or a bright red

color corrector as if that is going to

magically work for everyone which it

totally won't you're going to analyze

what tone is still showing through as a


the three main tones that you might see

are brown greenish blue or blueish grey

if it seems as though you have a

brownish shadow left behind you're gonna

need to use a color corrector on the

pink to red scale the deeper your skin

tone the richer and deeper that color

corrector should also be so for example

if you're fair stick to the pink range

if you have a medium or tan skin tone

start moving to a deeper salmon pink

color and if you have a deep skin tone

you're gonna start edging towards a more

true red shade if your beard shadow

comes through as having a mostly

greenish blue tint you're gonna need to

stick in the range of peachy orange

color correctors if your beard shadow

shows through as a blueish gray tone

you'll want to use orange color

correctors that range from a light

orange to a full bright orange depending

on how deep your skin tone is

just as a reminder I have

recommendations right below this video

so you can have some guidance on what to

get if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed

just look below to start canceling out

your beard tone pick up just a little

bit of color corrector onto your

blending brush and then start patting it

firmly up and down just onto the areas

where you see the shadow coming through

or where you know they're going to come

through later this is a blending

technique we call stippling and using a

brush rather than just a finger is

what's really going to get that product

worked into the skin especially since

this area has a lot of texture be

selective and where you apply the


you don't just want to put it all over

your face you want to use it only in the

areas that really need it try to make

sure that your application of this color

corrector is not super heavy most

tutorials have people piling on gobs of

color corrector to where it's fully

opaque and this is actually gonna make

your makeup super noticeable and cakey

in person

now that you've color corrected every

shadow that you see it's time to bring

your natural skin tone back into this

area using the exact same technique as

before apply the concealer that matches

your skin tone using your second clean

blending brush to go over the entire

area using a stippling motion you don't

have to be so selective and placing the

concealer it's actually totally fine to

blend past the borders of your color

corrector in order to make everything

disappear seamlessly into the skin again

just make sure you are applying a thin

layer and not taking on tons of product

and then make sure that you keep patting

until you see the edges of the concealer

disappear into the skin now only is

powdering going to set the makeup in

place it's also going to take away the

shine which will in turn make this area

look visibly smoother instead of bumpy

even if

have slightly dry skin this is

absolutely necessary just use the least

amount of powder possible if that's the

case pour out just a small amount of

loose powder into the cap of the product

then pick some up onto your big fluffy

brush tap it off to get rid of the

excess and then lightly press the powder

over the entire area you've previously

covered until everything is set in place

once you have gone through one round of

this entire process you might notice

that there's just a few spots that are

still breaking through if this is the

case you can totally repeat this process

just in those areas until everything is

completely hidden now that you have

successfully covered your five o'clock

shadow which is so exciting you want to

make sure that it stays covered so keep

in mind that your skin is a living and

breathing organ and that obviously new

hair is gonna be breaking through the

surface throughout the day so if you

want to truly keep your stubble out of

view make sure that you bring the

products you used with you in a makeup

bag along with a mirror and then do it

touch up a few times throughout the day

as necessary that's really all there is

to it

the more you practice these techniques

the easier and quicker this process is

going to become for you if you have any

questions whatsoever make sure that you

comment them below this video because I

am here to help you also

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