Men: How to Get the Perfect 5 O'Clock Shadow

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hey guys we all want that five o'clock

shadow but maintaining that perfect

length of stubble it's a lot harder than

it looks

I'm Ryan Nicholas as Ryan driest Ilan in

New York City and I've got some easy

grooming tips for you they're gonna make

you look like you just stepped out of

the barber shop so the most important

thing you've got to have the right tool

I love the two blade cutting systems

icon is it comes with six all-purpose

attachments but are gonna help you trim

your beard your mustache your goatee and

even help maintain that five o'clock

shadow Tom's gonna start with the number

three attachment it's the longest and

hey if you want to take off more you can

go down to the number two following

along the beard against the direction

the hair grows is important for even

results that last going against the

grain is the way to go because this tool

has two stainless steel blades it won't

pull the hair or irritate your skin pull

your lips inward which will stretch your

skin and help you shave easier

now the fact that there's no cord

involved really hubs Tom maneuver the

tool to get in and around the crevices

of his face to clean up the neck area

we're going to use the single blade

attachment this is going to give him a

nice clean edge the last thing you want

to do is reach for that Aaron nose

attachment trimming around the ear as

well as inside of the ear is key and

guys you're going to want to take care

of that ear and nose hair at least once

a week and with just one tool Tom has is

rugged yet style stubble without going

to the barber shop I'm Ryan Nicholas

thanks for watching