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what's up you guys idiot flip Tronics

I'm going to be showing everybody a cool

trick for how you can change the

passcode from six digits to four digits

on the iPhone 10 okay I don't know about

you but this is always a setting I

change when I have a passcode on my

iPhone to do this it's pretty simple and

to tell you what I definitely prefer the

four digit to the six digit makes it a

little bit easier to get in your iPhone

especially you know if you're lazy so

anyways um you know to do this you need

to go into your settings just click on

face ID and passcode so just get into

this little section right here then

you've got all the different options in

here obviously you've got you know setup

face ID turnoff passcode we don't want

to do that but we want to do the change

passcode option so it'll be right under

turnoff passcode okay so now you just

got to enter your old password

looks like I screwed it up right there

as soon as you do this you're gonna have

the option to enter a new passcode but

right underneath it it says passcode

options a little sneaky right there that

they put that there okay so now you have

the option to change it to a custom

alphanumeric code custom numeric code or

four-digit so we're gonna click on the

four digit and let's just you know get

this going let's do a simple one two

three four um yeah use anyways alright

so let's verify it

alright now let's test it out after it's

changed okay let's lock this iPhone up

let's get it back up

one two three four alright we're back in

pretty simple alright so anyways like I

said I definitely prefer the four digit

to the six digit this is always

something you know that I change you

know and any new iPhone I get you know

when I'm using a passcode so I'll have a

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