How to have an AMAZING threesome with two women (S.M.A.R.T.T. Method)

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the menage tois threesome with two women

one of the most common sexual fantasies

for men and for great reasons it's hot

it's sexy there's two ladies bodies

instead of one or instead of zero it's

kind of wonderful and it can be really

wonderful for you and your partner and

your other partner and Men you need to

know that there are some landmines

lining the path to threesome pleasure

town and I am here to share those with

you I'm also going to share with you my

smart system for engineering the perfect

threesome if you follow my exact steps

which I will lay out over the next few

minutes you should guarantee or as close

as security can be made yourself to have

the best threesome ever and you'll set

yourself up to have many more threesomes

which is actually what we want because

it's one thing to nail one threesome but

it is quite another thing to nail it so

well that your wife or girlfriend or

that girl that you just met who invited

her friend into bed with you wants to

keep doing it with you again and again

and what's even cooler is that this

method works even if you are concerned

about your stamina your endurance or

your ability to please both women in a

high-pressure environment if you follow

these steps exactly you should have

absolutely nothing to worry about I'm

going to share with you from personal

experience what things prevent women

from wanting to have threesomes or from

giving themselves full permission to let

go and truly enjoy and I'm gonna address

some of the more common challenges that

have come up in my own sex life and my

own Theresa experiences and journeys so

that you don't have to repeat the

mistakes that I have made alright so if

you've ever worked in corporate America

you know what a smart objective is and I

swear to you this is not that this is

Caitlyn B's smart system for having a


some s sands first stop and check in

with yourself why do you want to have a

threesome if it's to fix a relationship

then I Got News for you that's what

therapy is for not with threesomes are

for different different t actually th e

know th are you stop and reflect why is

it that you want to have a threesome are

you super clear on why it is there you

may be hoping that it's gonna end your

relationship for you're hoping that it's

gonna fix your relationship are you

hoping that it's gonna drag you out of a

sex rut there's no like specific right

reason like you should want to have a

threesome because of this one thing but

if you're hoping that it's going to fix

something more likely it's only gonna

make it worse of you and your partner

not a good place not the best time to

have a threesome wait until you're in a

good place before you start inviting

other people to make things sexier yes

but also more complicated M stands for

make time to talk about it you need to

have excellent pre threesome

communication with your partner about

the threesome itself this includes what

they're into what they're not into what

they're worried about what they're

fearful of when you have a good idea of

all of the things that your partner

again whether you've dated one week or

one year is concerned about like where

are her fears is she concerned she's

gonna see you with this other woman

she's concerned that she's not gonna be

good enough the other woman's gonna want

to touch her the other one's not gonna

want to touch her when you hear those

things out in a safe and non-sexual

environment ie

days weeks or months before you ever try

to actually make the threesome happen

you're creating a safe space for her to

share her individual concerns for me the

first time that I knew I was gonna have

a threesome with my partner I was

actually more nervous about the woman

then I was my partner with her like was

she gonna be into me was she going to

find me attractive what if I couldn't

please her what if she didn't want me to

touch her what if I accidentally messed

something up those were my major

concerns and being able to speak to my

partner about those one-on-one before we

even got into the situation was really

really relieving and the other part of

this is to make time for multiple

conversations now a stands for asked

about boundaries

this is of

critical importance you need to have

from your woman previous to the

threesome actually happening what are

her boundaries ie I don't want you to do

a B or C I don't want to watch you have

anal sex with her okay

I don't want you to reach orgasm or

ejaculate with her maybe with or without

a condom that's something that I want to

share this 'only I want to experience

and maybe it's like I don't want her to

sleep over at our place great those are

just three examples your wife or partner

or girlfriend may have totally different

boundaries that don't even overlap with

those again it's a very individual thing

and that's why you have to ask about

those boundaries and then become clear

that you are going to follow her

boundaries if she's got some like strict

boundaries for the first threesome okay

maybe that's what she needs to feel safe

and in a future through some perhaps she

will relax and change her boundaries and

they're gonna get updated which brings

me to R which stands for relentless

consent when it comes to the threesome

you have to remember especially if

you're in a couple that the third person

that you're bringing it doesn't have the

same sort of power as the two of you

that are in like established couple them

especially maybe if they're coming over

to your house like they are in a

position where you need to ask them over

and over and over again if they are

consenting and enthusiastically

consenting like a hell yes and not just

a hell yes that sounds good I want that

so you need to continue to ask both

women if they're good with and they are

enthusiastically into whatever it is

that you're doing are you into having

penetrative sex are you into giving oral

sex to my wife are you into this and if

it's a hell no great thank them for

knowing their boundaries and get

creative about coming up with something

else which brings me to tea which is

take hosting seriously you are hosting

person you want to make a great

environment for them to be able to relax

and that includes giving them water or

having snacks like reassuring them that

there's no one else in the house or that

maybe lead taking the dog out of the

bedroom so that the dog doesn't erupt at

any point asking them like what kind of

music they like candles that they're

into what their boundaries are what they

do and do not want to experience what's

their hottest fantasy what are their

thoughts on having sexual contact with

another woman what are their thoughts on

having sexual contact with bodily fluids

you know maybe they are like a strict

condom user and in that case like make

sure that you have some condoms around

and I would highly recommend that until

your fluid bonded with that person that

you just use protection because if you

just use protection you don't have to

worry about all these other things like

what happens if the kind of slips

I accidentally ejaculate inside of you

and then we got this third person

pregnant like that's a real concern so

the more things that you can communicate

about before and use safety for and be a

good host you're hosting this woman

inside of your house and she's hosting

you inside of her body so do your due

diligence and make sure that you're

making a great and comfortable

environment let her know what the plans

are for aftercare like the three of us

really plan on like cuddling maybe

grabbing a snack maybe we drop you off

back at home maybe you crash in our

giant new king-size bed with us

if you watched my other video on setting

up my bedroom you know that I just got a

king bed and it is like the biggest dang

thing I have ever it's like it's aside

from my car it is the biggest thing I

have ever owned and it feels like me and

my husband are not like we need a third

person in this bed to make of all that

extra space it's just - I don't sleep

like that weird who's using all the

other space all right the second T is

take care of your woman and that means

dance with the wine he came with in

other words make sure that you

prioritize the needs and the pleasure of

your partner the person that you were

with the person that you're in a

relationship with whether that's your

wife or your girlfriend or just the

first girl that you met at the bar

before you found the second girl it

doesn't matter make sure that you are

pleasuring and pleasing and taking care

of and checking in with her the first

time that I ever had a threesome one of

my biggest fears was that

I wouldn't get my needs met like the guy

that I was with would be so enamored and

excited about having sex with this new

person after basically only having sex

with me for years at that point that he

would just forget about me and I

wouldn't really be involved well guess


that fear totally came true and I felt

like I was just another decoration in

the room watching these two people go at

it like rabbits well it was like I

wasn't even there now I'll tell you what

I did in that moment that helped me to

survive it without feeling frustrated or

butthurt figuratively was I tapped into

what I thought was hot and sexy about

the situation so I was like okay usually

it's me that's receiving that pounding

right there and it feels pretty good

when it's me this is what it looks like

from a third person's perspective this

is what it like I'm usually with that

guy I'm usually where that girl is

okay what if I could watch myself have

sex with him from this angle or that

angle like that would be kind of hot

that allowed me to kind of get into her

pleasure like wow she's really liking

that she's really enjoying that I can

support how much pleasure she's in and

then ultimately that made way for me to

get into my partners pleasure and feel

excited for the pleasure that he was

having and by the time that I got to

that point where I was now happy for her

happy for him and just kind of into it

myself like it was my own private show

that I'm usually the star of but now I'm

letting somebody else be the star and

that was kind of sexy by that time both

of them were paying attention to me

again they were back all over me and I

told them hey guys I was feeling a

little left out you know what they said

to me what do we need to do to make you

feel like the star and then I had to

people's attention focused on just me

and before I knew it I had crossed the

bridge into menage tois

town and I was very happy with my

arrival or arrivals all the times that I

arrived so those are some of the common

challenges that women Express or reasons

that they may not want to have a

threesome some other common ones are

they're concerned about you as her

partner and this other woman falling in


now there are so many different ways

that you can have that conversation like

you can never really promise that you

won't fall in love with another person I

parentid I guarantee that you didn't

mean to fall in love with the person

that you're in love with right now like

you might have fallen in love with them

and you weren't even trying to fall in

love like how could you promise that you

can't what you can do is you can promise

to always put your partnership first no

matter what comes up another common fear

for women is that she's gonna be hotter

or better-looking or whatever and that's

something that you can also address by

just reaffirming for her constantly all

the things that you find sex and the

reasons that you want to share her with

another woman and then finally another

common concern is around bisexuality so

statistically women's sexuality has been

determined to be more fluid over their

lifetime that means that more women

experience changes in their sexual

orientation from maybe being primarily

attracted to one sex and then primarily

attracted to another or mostly attracted

and then a little bit and then a little

bit more all it means is that women's

experience of sexual attraction is more

likely to change than a man's so what

are the primary reasons that threesomes

are so much fun is that if your woman

your partner is interested if she's like

a little bit bisexual and she's like a

little bit interested in what it's like

to be intimate with another woman this

is the perfect place you're there to

support her in this exploration and if

it turns out she's like not really into

it then you're there to keep things

heterosexual for lack of a better word

and if she's really into it and you're

really into it then you're just there to

be the supportive audience that's just

cheering from the sidelines like whoa

yeah honey you get that that's hot or

yeah babe I'm so proud of you for using

that fingering technique that Katelyn

taught us or oh honey you're gonna go

for the squirting you can't do it so

your job in that instance is to be the

most supportive cheerleader known to man

while you're watching these two hot

women may be cheerleaders may be all

three of you are cheerleaders but

they're playing the game mode that falls

apart they're the football player

be a good supporter is all I'm trying to

say all right now what to do if you

accidentally do step on a landmine well

it can be very challenging to just check

in with your partner sometimes like

mid-coitus without somebody feeling

strange or left out but if you need to

do it

do it make communication key I like to

have a little hand signal or another way

of letting my partner know or getting

his attention if I need to communicate

with him so sometimes that means I just

give him a little pinch somewhere on his

body and all I mean by that is hey I

need your attention over here then once

I have his attention I can communicate

something like I'm feeling left out or I

kind of want to do this but I'm afraid

to interrupt or I just need to check in

with you and I just need to hear that

you love me you're not wrong for needing

support she's not wrong for needing

support knowing what you need and asking

for it before it becomes an issue is way

better than just festering with it and

letting it bother you and then bringing

it up the next day or like on Friday

when you have couples counseling and

you're like you ignored me during the

threesome and I hated it I'd never want

to have fun again we don't want that I

don't want that I was so sorry I even

put that idea in your head instead of

that communicate communicate communicate

it is the answer communicate often and

frequent and then at the end of the

threesome here is a secret trick for

those of you who made it all the way

through the video this is just for you

my friends the best way to make sure

that you have more threesomes in the

future is by celebrating what went right

as soon as the three of your bodies

separate on the bed or the floor the hot

tub or wherever you are as soon as your

hot sweaty bodies they're all finished

touching each other and giving each

other pleasure talk about what was

awesome about that experience and

literally I would use that language what

was awesome about that for you great

what was awesome about that for you

great what else was awesome about that

for you keep asking until they can't

come up with any more answers my husband

and I do this after ever

more than just sexual stuff we do this

all the time what was awesome about that

any time that we go through something

that was even kind of challenging like

what was awesome about that what is

awesome about that what is going to come

with us what do we want to take from

this experience when you're always

asking what was awesome what worked what

is worth celebrating you're putting your

mind and your lizard brain which needs

to be redirected constantly towards

what's working instead of what didn't

work or what wasn't awesome and when you

cement that in when you take the time

needed to permanently etch into your

brain what was awesome about this

threesome you will open up the door for

having more threesomes and that my

friends is the most important part now

one last thought if you are concerned

about your stamina or your endurance

there's a couple things that you can do

number one you can share that you can

bring lots of toys with you and you can

rely on the two of them to please each

other if you've had that conversation in

advance but if you really want to arm

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